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sealion1 08-11-2018 11:14 PM

Can someone help me with my chart and my future wife chart
Hi there.

Thank you in advance. I would like some help with my natal chart and my sagie natal chart. The issue here is that i dont really know my exact birth time because my national birth certificate say i was born at 6:00 am, my mom says it was 6:40, but not sure again. Although it is not such a diference, it changes my rising sing and houses placements according to cafeastrolog website. So, ill pass my two possibilities and my sag birth chart.

Me 1:
Funchal city, Madeira Island, Country: Portugal. 4 august 1986 6:00AM acording with my birth certificate

Me 2:
same but hour is 6:40.

Born: Toronto, Canada 26 november 1980 08:45 AM

So here it is. Hope ill get some insight about this partnership, long term, major issues and also compatibilities.
The diferences between the 40 minutes include moon and mercury house placements, it goes from first house to 12 house, and ascendant also difers from leo to cancer. I identify myself with a leo rising sometimes. Other important point is that with mercury in 12 house i have trouble to comunicate and thats kind of true, but again, not sure. Also im very interested to have professional astrology help, but everybody are welcome to share knowledge.

Thank you

ElenaJ 08-12-2018 06:49 AM

Re: Can someone help me with my chart and my future wife chart
Can you post the charts please?

sealion1 08-12-2018 11:46 AM

Re: Can someone help me with my chart and my future wife chart
me 1:

Sun Leo 1133'
Moon Cancer 2337'
Mercury Cancer 2548'
Venus Virgo 2606'
Mars Capricorn 1154'
Jupiter Pisces 2203'
Saturn Sagitarius 304'
Uranus Sagitarius 1835'
Neptune Capricorn 329'
Pluto Scorpio 439'
Lilith Gemini 1740'
Asc Node Aries 2332'
Ascendant Cancer
2 house leo, 3 house virgo 4 house libra, 5 house scorpio 6 house sagitarius, 7 house capricorn, 8 house aquarius, 9 house pisces, midheaven aries, 11 taurus, 12 gemini.

Sun leo 1134'
moon cancer 2358
mercury cancer 2548'
venus virgo 2608'
mars capricorn 1153
jupiter pisces 2203'
saturn sagitarius 304'
uranus sagitarius 1835'
neptune capricorn 329'
pluto scorpio 439'
lilith gemini 1740'
asc node aries 2332'
ascendant leo, 2 house leo, 3 house virgo, 4 house libra, 5 house scorpio, 6 house capricorn, 7 house aquarius, 8 house aquarius, 9 house pisces midheaven aries, 11 house taurus, 12 house cancer.

Sun sagitarius 429'
moon leo 119'
mercury scorpio 1628'
venus scorpio 306,
mars capricorn 326'
jupiter libra 522'
saturn libra 723'
uranus scorpio 2625'
neptune sagitarius 2145'
pluto libra 2319'
lilith libra 2619'
asc node leo 1322'
ascendant sagitarius 1928' 2 house capricorn 3 house pisces 4 house aries 5 house taurus 6 house gemini 7 house gemini 8 house cancer 9 house virgo midheaven libra 11 house scorpio 12 house sagitarius

Hope it helps. Really apreciate help.

ElenaJ 08-12-2018 12:48 PM

Re: Can someone help me with my chart and my future wife chart
Can you post the charts?

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