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byjove 11-12-2011 12:17 AM

Astrology (Western) Used in Norway
Hi guys, just found a Norwegian astrology site in English, which could give interesting insights into Placidus etc. in the far north, as well as the sources of this astrologers info. (very northern astrology) etc. I've just opened about 6 tabs of interest, I could be here a while. Some people may find this site interesting.



- he got an official letter from the Norwegian govt. recognising his contribution to the country through his astro. work and they talk about astro's contribution to

- he uses placidus for natal and regio for horary, and without a thorn in his side, covers these issues (in northern countries, comfortably)

- he's a tropical not sidereal guy

- he discusses the outer planets and "the 10th planet" etc. he doesn't sound like a tin-hat conspiracy guy though...very down-to-earth...and 'western' in his astro. thinking....

dr. farr 11-12-2011 04:01 AM

Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway
I have a great deal of respect for Mr Bevan-we had many interesting and constructive discussions in the Mundane astrology forum on skyscript (where he was one of the moderators) when I posted on that site. Mr. Bevan knows a great deal and has an excellent record of accurate delineations and predictions (certainly in the Mundane astrology field)

byjove 11-12-2011 10:58 AM

Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway
I'm fascinated by his choice of example of a system subject to interceptions, and he uses this a far, far northern astrologer! He also handles the complexities of far northern astrology with the calmness of someone simply listing the alphabet...he does indeed seem to have a very thorough knowledge...he references. He does however, curiously, refer to the exaltation degrees e.g. 19 degree of Aries, to have a kind of orb; any planet within two degrees of such a degree is in it's exaltation and I think he's claiming that the planet is then under the domicile of the related planet - that is the Sun in this if Mars is at degree 18, he is under the domicile of the Sun...I'm taking this to the appropriate thread! How curious, never seen that about the exaltation degrees having a kind of orb and domicile.

dr. farr 11-13-2011 02:06 AM

Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway
There is a reference to this kind of orb relative to exaltation and Fall degrees found in Al-Biruni's "Book of Instruction", where Al-Biruni discusses the various practices then current regarding the issues of exaltation and Fall; one of the practices he mentions was to consider the exaltation or Fall to be the degrees of the sign leading up to and including the exact degree of the exaltation or Fall; another practice was to consider the exaltation or Fall area to extend a couple degrees before and after the exact exaltation or Fall degree: neither of these practices considered the entire sign to be the exaltation or Fall of the planet. I believe that Mr. Bevan derived his orb concept from Al-Biruni (or from sources that Al-Biruni was using in his description of the variant consideration re to exaltation and Fall)

byjove 11-13-2011 12:40 PM

Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway
That's interesting, and good to know. While Mr. Bevan references the vast majority of his work, I didn't see a reference for that. Am I correct in understanding the domicle effect; a planet within 'orb' of the elevated degree is released from their domicile and then under the wing of the planet which exalts there? (for better or worse). Actually, I think we're getting into good discussion about this on:

dr. farr 11-14-2011 03:45 AM

Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway
No-I am not aware of such a doctrine in the literature, and I myself do not follow such a concept. Even when the planet OF the exaltation degree is IN that exaltation degree, it is STILL disposited by the lord ("ruler") of that sign.
Example: Moon is in the 2nd degree of Taurus* and therefore in its degree of exaltation; nonetheless, the Moon is STILL DISPOSITED ("in the domicile of") Venus (lord of Taurus), and although the Moon is exalted it is not free of either the influences of the sign, Taurus, nor is it free from the ramifications of Venus (sign "ruler")

*note that the exaltation and Fall degrees must be moved back by 1 from the lists found in Traditional astrology, because of our modern sign numeration: they used signs from 1 to 30 degrees, modern sign numeration is from 0 to 29 degrees)

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