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vanila 05-06-2015 07:22 PM

Hi all, :)

Oddity 05-06-2015 10:51 PM

Re: Why
Because he doesn't. And I don't say that to be harsh.

Synastry can show you how you'd get along in a relationship, at least as a rough guide, but it can't show you if you'll actually have a relationship with that person.

rahu 05-07-2015 01:29 AM

Re: Why
post a midpoint composite


rahu 05-08-2015 06:50 PM

Re: Why
the composite shows mars opposed to venus so there is definitely a emotional connection. oppositions can go either way so I assume he was sifting through his feelings for you. satrun is conjunct to venus which also can go either way.either a sense of give and devotion or a sense of restriction from the relationship. as he has contacted you, it seems he has acknowledged to himself the potential of this relationship.

mercury is square to Neptune. this is not usually a good aspect for a internet relationship as it shows that all the cards are not on the table.
this would support your feeling he is hiding his feelings but it can also mean he has misrepresented some aspect of his life.but Neptune mercury a;lso could be symbolic of the spiritual teacher you feel.

my opinion is that since the transiting node is conjunct the composite south node and the moon, he is deeply affected by your emotional and spiritual essence. so he might have taken time to really sense who you are. the node transited the composite pluto in January so this might have been when you first connected with him. pluto would indicate that there wee powerful unconscious dynamics around him. possibly a death of a friend of a relationship, but anyway it shows a deep profound mental perspective in that period.

this seems a very favorable composite especially as he has contacted you now , when the nodal axis is conjunct the composite nodal axis.


Dirius 05-08-2015 10:41 PM

Re: Why
As Oddity mentions, a synastry chart only shows compatibility, not actual love or feelings.

Looking at your horary chart, in the horary section (that concerns this man), is he divorced...?

kshantaram 05-09-2015 03:37 AM

Re: Why
both cap asc ambitious, hardworking, wanting to make it to the top.

sun cancer-scorpio trine the inner soul in sync, watery, sensitive, sentimental. suns wanting to move the path, but moons virgo-scorpio stuck.

both scorpio stelliums secretive, occult-research aptitudes, sentimental, suspicious.

his lords 1/7 sat-sun opp prone to conflict in relationship.

self 1/7 sat-moon conj seeking union in relationship, but separative ketu/the node conj prone to separation,
moon-sat-ketu scorpio occult aptitude.

self venus-rahu taurus 3rd creative expression, love of food-comforts, etc

both sat-venus mutual attractions craving for romance, but restricted, prone to mutual disease-health issues in relationship-marriage.

moons virgo-scorpio 3/11 inclined to friendship but unfriendly lords mer-mars, covertly supportive relationship.

virgo intellectual, critical, perfectionist, meticulous. scorpio secretive, sentimental, suspicious, etc.

moons virgo-scorpio basically not emotionally compatible the first step to begin the relationship-marriage. mere friendly inclinations,
covertly supportive/dutiful.

hope generic observations-inputs enable reflect further, pick as relevant. could share specific feedbacks in confirmity.

wishing well,


Dirius 05-09-2015 10:59 PM

Re: Why

Originally Posted by vanila (Post 613868)
He told me that he has 22 years marriage .... and is still married....but i can't be sure

You see, in the horary chart, Saturn (him) is in mutual mixed receptions with Jupiter, with Jupiter being in Saturn's detriment. This could imply a certain relationship with someone, but a bad one, most likely a man estranged from his wife (thus my question if he was divorced).

Certainly, things with his wife are not well (thus why he didn't exactly "reject" you), but he is still married, and can't really act much on it.

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