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deedee23 08-20-2020 11:15 AM

we will be together again?
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I have a question.. I am very curious to see if he is gonna be with me in the future or not.
We broke up a couple of months ago.. but I didn't "recover". I'm still there:))
So... maybe someone can help me to interpret this chart.

Thank you in advance! :)Attachment 86496

Pls, answer me :)

deedee23 08-25-2020 12:06 PM

Re: we will be together again?
Can someone please answer me?
Or tell me if I did something wrong while making the chart?

scahm 08-25-2020 12:45 PM

Re: we will be together again?
Venus and Mars will aspect one another in a square, but combining this with the mutual adverse reception suggests that any coming together results in friction that neither of you will appreciate.

Catimini 08-25-2020 02:42 PM

Re: we will be together again?
Would need somebody more experienced in horary to confirm (and please don't hesitate to wrong me!) but here are my thoughts:
1. you are Mars in Aries, ruled by Mars, so you are strong here
2. he is Venus in Cancer, no aspect between Mars and Venus, even if there was an aspect no reception because Venus in Aries would be in detriment and mars would be in fall in cancer. To sum it up, you are each other better separated than together.
3. Moon is your co-ruler and aspects Mars with a weak sextile but it is separating, means it is the past
4. Moon doesn't make an aspect to Venus before leaving the sign so nothing else will happen
5. You are in house 5 of romance and if we reverse the chart from his view point, you are house 11 of friendship (please correct me if I am wrong because I am still not sure about this flip^^)
6. He is in house 8 which represents accepting loosing everything if you are willing to or that he is hidden (from what: your social circle, family?) , so from his point of view he will be in house 2 which represents material possessions. Maybe he is more focused accumulating wealth building a career right now than starting a romance?

Well, I hope it helps and that somebody else can highlight you. But it seems that you are strong enough to move on.

deedee23 08-25-2020 03:09 PM

Re: we will be together again?
Thank you for your response.
I have a question.
When you ask a question in what do you choose?
I choose Free chart selection, today date and create Natal CHart wheel.
I am doing something wrong?

Catimini 08-25-2020 11:58 PM

Re: we will be together again?
You do right, just put the time you ask the question.

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