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sranda01 12-12-2009 07:53 PM

Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?
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Hello! My name is Susan. I'm sorry this message is so long, but I figure if I give enough info that people would be more willing to help me. I was hoping someone could give me another perspective on my birth chart. I'm wondering if it's possible to tell a person's destiny via their natal chart.

The situation and the reason I'm asking the question:
Yesterday, I was reading Astrology and Your Past Lives by Jeanne Avery. On page 83, Avery talks about people who have Saturn ruling the first house, and how they eventually get tired of the self-punishment they endure and choose to get on with their destiny. I'm at that point right now. In my life, I've been struggling the last 8 years with trying to get some high paying employment so I can fund my projects and pay my bills. I even studied to be a medical assistant and graduated in 2005, and the only thing employers are willing to give me is temporary, minimum-wage employment. Now that I'm in my 30s, the employers are now picking the younger Medical assistants. I'm still very pretty, and I've been learning and applying new ways to sell my job skills. It's very demoralizing that I still have to ask family to help cover bills. Recently, I've had people from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and Neurological Rehabilitation Services (NVS) judge me as a person who doesn't commit to a job. I would commit to a job if someone would offer me good paying work. I lost close friends to the Iraq War. A teacher I admired criticized me as a person with no talent and allowed me to be bullied in class. The list goes on and on.

My interpretation of the chart:
I'm a Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn rising, Gemini moon, and I also have Uranus in Scorpio as the heart of my horoscope. The reason Uranus is the heart is because it is the only planet in a water sign, and it's in an angular house AND it's conjunct both North Node and Midheaven.

Transit-wise, Saturn in Libra (transiting 9th house and conjunct natal Pluto) is wrecking havoc on my school relationships. I had the problem with the teacher during Fall Quarter 2009. The whole quarter was a complete disaster! Pluto in Saggie (transiting the 12th house) has been a nightmare for the past 8 years and the current Pluto in Capricorn (conjunct natal Mercury and Ascendant) seems to be a bright spot after all the stuff I've been through. I've been using Pluto in Cappie to communicate with politicians regarding the health care and jobs issue in my area.

I'm really interested in seeing other perspectives on the destiny situation. I've including my birth chart for everyone's review. I really need the opinions. Thanks in advance for your help!

lillyjgc 12-13-2009 03:07 AM

Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?
Susan, a warm welcome to the Forum.

Joseph, firstly may I compliment you on this thorough and succinct delineation.

Susan, I too have Saturn ruling my Ascendant. That in itself is not good for the physical body but Saturn's house and sign placement and aspects become of critical importance.Yours is sextile the moon in h6.
Now that sun moon opp takes place across h12/h6 aspect and in h12 (how we sabotage ourselves among other things) is sun closely cj Neptune. This could make you very meditative, a daydreamer, loss of concentration, fatigue. self deception, but opposite the moon in H6 will most certainly adversely affect your physical being/. Mercury related illnesses are most likely.
Jupiter rules your 12th, and is in your fifth,trine venus in your first. This suggests to me that you might be a very creative person (jup in Venus's sign).The link to the tenth suggests a person very much involved in creativity or work with children.

Jupiter's supposed square to saturn is too wide an orb imo. They are both retrograde, and slow movers at the best of times.
Mercury is certainly the major player in your chart. I suspect you have well developed psychic abilities too.(Ever thought of working in that area?)
With Chiron trine Mercury you are possibly inclined toward telepathic healing as well.(Reiki comes to mind here).
I think academic pursuits may be difficult for you.Mercury rules h9 and is not strongly enough aspected (imo) to make it focussed and directed. I think you will do better with freedom to explore the things that interest you, and learn about those.
The ruler of your third is jupiter (the piscean version) thus relating to the sun/Neptune conjunction in h12. This places the focus on an internal journey where work needs to be done in seclusion (and in your home, going by Jupiter's placement there-in h5 but retrograding into h4).
There's a lot more that can be said here but I'll leave that to others.

Nexus7 12-13-2009 09:55 AM

Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?
Sun in the 12th conjunctNeptuneand Mars, in very tight opposition to your Moon?

There is a great deal of sensitivity shown by this configuration, perhaps no wonder youmay be sensitive to the cruelty of the world - I suspect many people comfortably insulate themselves against the reality of how cruel the culture we live in can actually be, and how much they themselves may actually contribute to it.

Have there been situations before when somehow you ended up being the 'fall guy' for other people's failings?

At the moment, maybe your conscientious hard-working Capricorn Ascendent is still somewhat Cinderella-like in accepting thankless conditions. But your chart ruler, Saturn, makes an 'easy opposition' to your Sun/Moon and Neptune, so surely the potential for turning around the more difficult manifestations of the Neptune/12th House themes in your chart, does exist.

It may still mean that somehow in many ways, you may always feel somewhat like a channel for something greater than yourself - in the fashion of many kind of creative person or healer - but somehow (thinking of your Mars too), you will,need to, find ways to assert yourself more without necessarily feeling selfish, in the face of the bullies.

Sagittarius/Gemini looks tome to bea hugely versatile combination, where the Saturnian self-discipline exists to make the most of these.

The Pluto transit may bring up a huge amount of stored resentment against those who may have exploited any lack of self-esteem (Saturn co-rules your 2nd House too) or your better nature - unpleasant for the time being, but all forthegood ultimately in helping you to reclaim your power.

astrologer50 12-13-2009 10:34 AM

Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?
Unlike the first two members that responded who are Traditional astrologers, I use Equal House system and am a modern astrologer. Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all that there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few more.

Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more……. For more information on these go here.

It's only with study and research will you be able to assess where your planets are deposited and in which houses... thus see which 'glove fits'

Now your chart ruler Saturn is the main focus and is square to uranus, this suggests issues to do with freedom (uranus) v convention, hard work, duty, responsibility (saturn) connected to 8th and 11th house matters, as Uranus/node is in 11th house and your Pluto is Angular, giving it much more importance in the chart.


I was hoping someone could give me another perspective on my birth chart. I'm wondering if it's possible to tell a person's destiny via their natal chart.
A person's destiny could be defined as N Node (what your soul wants to grow and evolve) and yours is in scorpio conj Uranus which is strong in 11th house, uranus at 'home'

Cos scorpio is ruled by Pluto and pluto is angular and strong we need to look at it's aspects. With 4 sextiles and trine is well aspected. Pluto trine moon (I have this) gives intense emotions ‑ believing that thoughts are living things. Not satisfied with superficial investigation, we dig deep. Anything hidden engrosses us and we find an almost magical attraction in unsolved riddles, mysterious old civilizations, the world beneath the ocean and the deeper layers of the mind. It does not take much for our interest to be aroused in such things.
By letting go of the strong desire of getting what we want in the here and now, satisfaction will come more easily as we find that we get what we need. Our personal relationships and romances will suffer when we take things too personally, and expect others to follow a certain script that we have unconsciously written for them. Learning to let go of the need for drama and attention, and moving towards a more objective approach to our lives, as well as cultivating true friendships, will help us to achieve a greater sense of balance
A tendency to be overly self-reliant and set in our ways, to cling to our possessions (material and otherwise) and habits, to be too fearful of crisis and overly focused on security, and to attempt to achieve success through sheer will rather than listening to our sixth sense are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to loosen the grasp we have on the things and people around us and open ourselves up to our soul's need for transformation, change, and regeneration.

So the conundrum of N Node scorpio and strong Aquarian/Uranus energy needs further research. Also to understand our life path and Lessons for learning, it's important we recognise and see where our early 'wounds' come from and we do this by looking at chiron and yours is conj IC/home roots/family with a square from venus to chiron.
Chiron thread

Further discussions on AW and links from this thread….

astrologer50 12-13-2009 10:45 AM

Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?
Notwithstanding all I said earlier your sun conj neptune in12th house is very important and suggests a person with a rich inner life and quite poss much psychic ability....

12th house planets/aspects

Research threads on AW

EJ53 12-13-2009 11:58 AM

Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?

Originally Posted by sranda01 (Post 175135)
...I'm really interested in seeing other perspectives on the destiny situation...

Hi Susan......Welcome to the forum.

I wonder if your "destiny" might be defined by the natal chart Cradle configuration......Moon/Saturn/Pluto/Sun+Neptune(+perhaps Mars)......Just as a baby must leave the security of it's cradle to develop by exploring the world outside it, your spiritual development/purpose may be to explore the areas in the half of your chart which lies outside the cradle configuration.

Nexus7 12-13-2009 12:04 PM

Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?
Yes, usEs Placidus as the default system. Personally, I am a complete agnostic as far as house-system choice goes, and prefer to keep an open mind, regarding which is likely to Be more valid, or less - or for that matter, more 'modern.' There are other schools of astrology that can produce good reading, whilst doing away with Houses and Signs altogether........

Glove sizing, whatever, msybe the proof is in whichever pudding seems most satisfactory to you....

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