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ardentika 06-09-2019 09:20 AM

North Node and South Node - always working together
I don't know if I've made a similair topic before, excuse me if I had.

In all astrological websites and pretty much everywhere I've read about the nodes, the south node always gets a reputation of a locked down experience. Whereas the North node is where we need to go. I've never found this to be true.

From my own chart and all other charts I've seen and people I've observed, both nodes always work together.

It's true that the south node is something we are familiar with but in a way that we still can't fully get it not comprehend it because if we fall too much in it , we will still be miserable cos we are missing the North node. However too much north node will always make us miserable for we miss the south node. Somehow the lesson seems to be about balancing both nodes and combine them into one. Make them work together in order to fulfill our desires.

I've never seen a person to fully abandon their south node. As a matter of fact the North node works through the south node as if it wants to consolidate that thing we never fully learned in a past life or our childhood.

If the south node fully represented a fully learned lesson from a past life , we wouldn't be born with that nodal axis at all but with something completely different. However, there is something missing and something not yet learned.

Why is it that most astrologers say the south node is a position of separations? A comfort zone we must leave ? It's as saying that you need to fully abandon your 4th house and follow only the 10th since it's the one representing your development as an individual in this life. Yet no one ever says that and the 4th house is still as important.

The North node and south node are an ultimate lesson to be learned of balance. You can't have one without the other and yet both are equally important.

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