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applesand 11-16-2019 07:53 PM

Have you experienced a good side to 12th house venus/hard venus-neptune aspects?
I have venus square neptune (3rd), (also venus square uranus, which is also in the 3rd) and, for bonus points, venus is in the 12th :w00t:

I hear people talk about saturn being a scary planet but from experience I find neptune to be the scary one. There have been so many disappointing, deceptive or downright bizarre experiences in relationships that I now fear even going on a date. Saturn can be harsh and pluto dramatic but at least they don't lie. In some ways I like the benefits; I feel I am compassionate (especially to animals), spiritual, artistic etc. and can't stand to see suffering, but it is hard to get over the feeling of being doomed in relationships.

There have been positive manifestations, like musicians, secret admirers, spiritual love interests and such, but almost every negative possibility has also applied, like love interests being drug addicts, alcoholics, cheats etc. and sometimes worse. These things are always eerie surprises or sudden shocks that leave me feeling like the ground got pulled from under my feet. The rose-tinted glasses go on and somehow all the red flags just look like flags, until one day they don't and then I feel stupid. Its not even that I'm looking for some amazing glamour or beauty or fairytale; I understand love is often mundane and difficult and you have to take the good with the bad. I would just like to experience what its like to date someone who doesn't have some kind of dark secret or 'deal breaker' that will ultimately destroy the relationship.

I read a short story once where a girl goes to a club and drinks too much. She goes home with a charming attractive stranger, only to find in the cold light of day he is actually a corpse wearing lifelike makeup to look human. This pretty much sums up my experiences of the venus-nept-12th house connection. I've never dated a zombie in disguise before, but at this point anything seems possible.

Does anyone have any positive experiences of the hard aspects of venus-nept or venus in the 12th house? Do you feel channeling the energy into charitable or artistic pursuits really does create a healthy outlet for it?

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