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Julietsbrainlessboyfriend 03-15-2019 10:26 AM

Karma in the astrology chart.

So I'm very interested in what will happen early 2020. When Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn meet in the chart. In March Saturn will also be aspect Chiron.

If I were to read this I would say political changes will cause some underlying change in the social running of things. Jupiter I think is particularly interesting in that it is implicated in the bullying of groups. It would be the one most associated with that 'mob mentality'.

So with the two social planets and Pluto hitting each other that would be Pluto: Deep darkness in society. Jupiter: Everyday party socialising that doesn't consider higher things. Or in some cases does; like church. Saturn: The rules that need to be enforced to keep some of the excesses of the other planets ethical.

And VERY importantly in this regard, Chiron. Which is where the people that have been falsely claimed to be perpetrators by narcissists (who have falsely claimed the status of victim), are now pushing back as it has entered Aries.

So what could this be? ... Some sort of societal change where the normal rules of socialising which in some cases lead to bullying undergo a radical change because of changes to the grand societal scheme of things?

watcherofthesouth 03-15-2019 11:55 AM

Re: Karma in the astrology chart.
Hi JBB, I'm sure you will receive some insightful responses regarding your questions and many of us are certainly wondering the same.

I believe that a few things will happen - Saturn, representing seniors/elderly and the poor as well as minority groups will be reinvented but I do sense a danger with Pluto as you do (Pluto can be a point of trouble). Our country is about to enter into Sade Sati (the karma period - referencing your subject), the dreaded 7.5 year timeframe when Saturn eclipses the moon ( Venezuela is now in Sade Sati where it is literally plunged into darkness [Saturn] and in a "blackout" period with no electricity). Germany (identity crisis) is also going through Sade Sati not to mention other European countries. Americans are about to experience intense hardship (in my opinion) - but with that creates powerful reinvention. The "old" will not stand (think old white people who are out of touch in Congress and other leadership roles in corporate America, perhaps). Chaos seems to be manifesting in the form of cyber attacks, bullying, fluctuations in the market (although Uranus a factor there), and SCANDAL. The big institutions (education/universities, sports & religious organizations, airline industry, internet providers) will suffer and play a big part in a combined catalyst that rubs society the wrong way and creates more chaos.

Addiction is another theme - whether opioids or young people addicted to their devices - that will also come into play, I believe.

With Chiron as you mention, Aries can mean head, automobiles, "business" and "fast" as well as "sports" so there may be more sports scandals - yet people may be turning to alternative "healing" methods as well ("fast" healing remedies?). Note that there are now 2 women in the top spots at GM. Will they harm or hurt? Time will tell. The business world will undoubtedly continue to be affected (Wall Street). Among many others, we should keep an eye on fixed stars like Alpheratz (14 degrees/Aries), Baten Kaitos (20 degrees/Aries), 13 and 26 for additional predictions.

I think you are correct in your assessment of "Deep Darkness" which is the epitome of what Sade Sati is.

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