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meg96 03-19-2013 10:19 PM

Can you help me to read my dads chart??
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My dad committed suicide when I was 9 and at 17 I want to learn more about him. He was an alcoholic with bipolar disorder (which is obvious in his chart due to all the uranus hard aspects and the only conjunction being to mars). There was a lot of stress between us and things were not perfect but apart from everything he was wonderfully witty, charming, and he loved me so much and to me that is what matters the most. I am certain his spirit is with me reading what I'm writing and I want to say how much I really love him and admire him for everything he was and everything, were he here today, could be and could have become.

I'm not sure what I want out of anyone who wants to give this a go, but are there any chart factors indicating suicide? Addiction? Wit? Great capacity for emotion? It's not that I haven't looked and found anything, it's just that it's hard to read objectively.

I would like to point out he has sun square Pluto as well as I, and we both have strong mars/pluto aspects. He has mercury square uranus and I have mercury conjunct uranus. It really gives me faith in astrology, and even if I'm being foolish I can't say it hasn't been an enriching experience to get to know my dad all over again with a clear and objective perspective.

meg96 05-30-2013 01:19 AM

Re: Can you help me to read my dads chart??
If anyone is interested in this still, just bumping it up!! Thanks as always :)

Also, I know it's a lot to ask, but if anyone knows how to determine a birth time, that would be really cool. I don't expect it at all though and I'm aware it's not 110% accurate!!

waybread 05-30-2013 02:05 AM

Re: Can you help me to read my dads chart??
Very sorry for your loss.

I think you've handled the main things. While I don't think you can predict death, you might look at your father's progressions and transits for a few weeks leading up to the day he died. They should suggest any particular strains he was under.

One thing I picked up from the aspectarian is that your father had a lot of quintiles in his chart. This suggests he was both talented and ambitious. If he couldn't manifest his talents and ambitions in a constructive way (perhaps due to his mental health) he may have felt like a failure. I note he was born in NF. I don't know if you were living there when his suicide occured, but you might also consider the state of mental health services and the economy (employment) at the time it happened. Sometimes people cry for help but can't find or won't use the help lines available to them.

I note that your father had Venus and Saturn dignified in their own signs, as well. No doubt he was a talented person.

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