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WannaBeSag 02-26-2020 08:46 AM

Saturn transit natal Moon in Cap opposite natal Mars in 29 Cancer
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I felt very off, the last few days especially, wanting to crumble, isolated, sad and very dark. I'm playing martyr and princess, trying to blame others for my problems and obstacles, thinking no-one likes me and working to get out of this money hole I'm in.

Saturn in Capricorn is currently transiting conjunct my natal Moon in Capricorn (almost exact, just a few days more). Then it's retrograding back over it in May ready for a final hurray in October. This is a theme and an opportunity for me to balance my emotions and cure this underlying depression weighing me down all my life.

Having a Capricorn moon already makes me heavy by nature and I'm prone to melancholy. But I’m at least prepared for this Saturn transit as I know what happens when Moon and Capricorn come together. I just want to cry but I’m going to be strong, I will share my feelings and vulnerabilities and show myself.

I’ve been hiding my hurt feelings forever for fear of looking weak.

This current Moon/Saturn conjunction is also opposite my Mars in 29 Cancer. I've been working hard on balancing this tight Moon/Mars opposition in my natal chart, as it makes me immature, passive aggressive and spoiled. And I’ve heard 29 Cancer is one of the worst for Mars. And it's sitting right on my midheaven. How can I overcome this? I'd love to hear what you think about this.

This sounds rather glum but as you said I take this as an opportunity for emotional maturity.

Do you have any input? How can I best deal with this? Anything in my chart that balances this? I'd gladly hear it!

Thank you so much

P.S. I attach a chart (inside wheel is my natal chart), outside is the planets today

OuterPlanets89 02-27-2020 06:56 PM

Re: Saturn transit natal Moon in Cap opposite natal Mars in 29 Cancer
Looks like you're going through some tough transits -- but I'd say many of us are with the current planetary configurations in the sky.

Along with your Saturn/Moon transit, it looks like Pluto has been squaring your Libra Ascendant (which is the same transit I'm going through right now (my Libra Asc is exactly square Cap Pluto currently), and it's one of the toughest transits I've been through.

What you said about feeling unusually vulnerable and not being able to hide it (especially with your Libra/Gemini/Capricorn Asc/Sun/Moon trio) is exactly how I'm feeling too (I have Libra/Libra/Virgo -- also not outwardly emotional signs). It's been frustrating to have my emotions on my sleeve, when I've been so good at hiding them for most of my life.

I started seeing a therapist, and something I learned that has helped me a lot is to stop trying to fight it. If you need solitude right now, so be it, but the constant fight of trying to cover strong feelings up just causes more turmoil inside (and outside). Your Cap Saturn transit over your Moon and opposite your Cancer Mars (on your MC/IC axis) seems to go hand and hand with that same lesson -- this seems like a time where you transform how you deal with emotions, and also how you express them with others.

As for how exactly, that's something only you can know, but I'd say to focus on healing your Moon/IC (private self), and address/feel out the emotions however you see fit. From there, your Cancer Mars/MC will likely be more freed up. Good luck!

Lin 02-27-2020 08:53 PM

Re: Saturn transit natal Moon in Cap opposite natal Mars in 29 Cancer
I can't read that chart. It's a much less than ideal form. I need to the the planets inside the circle in the correct houses with the degrees of each planet and the TRANSITs (since you are discussing transits) on the outer circle.
Please use a better chart form. Possibly from

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