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mahaira 12-28-2019 10:26 AM

I lost my job... what kind of a job should I be looking for?
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The firm went under and I lost my job. I have no idea what to do next…
Having a career has always been a problem for me, my North node in the 10th conjucting Pluto, no surprises there.

I have always had a lot of different jobs (teaching, translating/interpreting, organizing/coordinating other people’s work, massage therapist, nanny…).

One would say that my interests vary (Mars in the Gemini, 3rd house in Aquarius), but I mostly do what I have to in order to survive (hence changes in direction) and the fact that my interests do vary is helpful in the sense that it makes me flexible. I’m not saying I can do everything, but I can learn, and I have, a lot of different things.

These past couple of years has been though (arthritis, weight-gain (Jupiter tyransiting the 1st), hubby had some legal problems…). Losing this job is actually a blessing in disguise. It was a dead-end job with such a low salary. Actually, it COULD be if I make steps in the right direction. But which direction is it?

I am really lost…

Do I have prospects for writing? How about a career in psychotherapy?
The ruler of my 6th house (Venus) is in the 8th. No, I’m not a sex worker ;), I have never ever dealt directly with other people’s money (well, I managed a database of financial resources for artists). I did however have relationships with my colleagues and I married one :)

The ruler of my 10th (Mercury) is in the 9th house. I have always worked with foreigners. I used to travel to some extant for certain jobs but It’s difficult when Sa turn is in the 9th conjucting my Sun. This has also generated a lack of self-confidence, not ideal for an academic career.

So… what do I do?

Write romance novels? Screenplays? Self-help books?

I’m stuck and I think that the stress is now really beginning to gnaw at me.
Should I get any job just to earn some money and write on the side?

Should I get a certificate in some form of therapy and open my own “practice”?

Should I do something else altogether?

Thank you guys for your advice!

waybread 12-29-2019 03:42 AM

Re: I lost my job... what kind of a job should I be looking for?
Unless you're really super good at it, writing or becoming a counselor with minimal academic credentials will probably not pay very well. Becoming a clinical psychologist, for examples requires a Master's or Ph. D. degree plus passing a licensing test. Of course, if you don't need the income, you have some freedom to try something new.

Otherwise, your horoscope suggests a Mercurial profession in which you have experience-- teaching, translating/interpreting. Mercury is domiciled in Virgo and conjunct your MC. The moon conjunct MC might tip the balance toward teaching.

Your t-square will probably always give you itchy feet, so far as your career is concerned.

mahaira 12-31-2019 08:58 AM

Re: I lost my job... what kind of a job should I be looking for?
Thank you so much waybread for your reply!

I have a master's degree in writing, but up until now I never had an opportunity to stop and think about how to use it.

I do need the money, but I've been paying each month some sort of insurance for this situation precisely and now I have two years of coverage to find a new job.
The coverage is not enough, but it's something that could allow me to forge my way.

Happy holidays!

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