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NEHAAAA 03-18-2020 04:31 AM


Thank you

creativei 03-18-2020 06:18 PM

Re: wealth
Hi nehaa how are you :)

Businesswoman ?? wow i thought u r in home ;ppp

todays women are well educated earning hands full but only thing is they are not successful in relationship , what ever lord vishnu said about kali yoga is coming true , major things happened already ,society got destroyed half , still little more left .

Your born in revathy nakshatra revathy means "wealth" person is blessed in terms of wealth , physical happiness and comforts .

As per your chart you are meena lagna meena rasi . 2nd house is wealth , 2nd lord is in 9th is very good , indeed you earn well . but not now in later part of life , as years pass your finance too improves . 2nd lord in visaka star ,so this gives results only later part of life , that too experiencing many setbacks .

venus as lord of 3rd and 8th gives self earned income but only after facing some loss .

mercury in 2nd house is very good for income . u also get gains from landed properties and gains from husband too . mother side gains is also good .

sun as 6th lord in 2nd exalted gives many debts and diseases ,. esp eyes take care of your eyes . govt may fine you , they may seize your assets , beware of tax , tax department always has an eye on you . ready to take your hard earned money anytime , so keep all papers clean .

saturn is your 11th and 12th lord for you , so whatever he gave will take back oneday . its good if you suffer upto 35 , so that rest of life will be good . else if he gave you gains in the beginning itself means then be prepared to lose it . whatever it is saturn as 12th lord aspecting 2nd is not good for monetary matters . after each gain , expenditure follows .

Yours is not dhana yoga chart but fairly good .

As per parasara sun in 2nd house aspected by saturn person faces penury . your sun dasa gona come so take care of your savings . sun saturn are dead enemies , heavy expenditures on health will be there , possible on eye sight , so please take care of it .

2023 to 2029 will be testing period for u , sun dasa , as lord of 6th he does his duty .

2039 to 2046 will be golden period . over all financial success . very good happy life .. mars dasa ! lord of 2nd and 9th .

currently you are in venus dasa which lasts upto 2023 . after that sun dasa . engage yourself in spirituality and take proper care of your eyes .

in between moon dasa is good . lord of 5th . good things happens related to kids and mind business gets sudden rise , you will be lucky over all .

if you mange to survive in sun dasa then mars dasa you even write book about your life ! ....

creativei 03-18-2020 07:16 PM

Re: wealth
Hmm yes moon is in 4th lord constellations , things happens regarding childrens mother and husband . since moon aspects 7th u be in forgein country only , here forgein denotes other states too . even if u stay within india some where u will indeed visit many countries .

since 5th lord aspects 7th u get love too . romantically attracted to someone .

in moon dasa u get wealth progress in business , happiness from spouse and childerens . etc .. but moon dasa may give maraka to mom . because 10th lord guru aspects 4th 10th means karma . right to perform last rites .

creativei 03-18-2020 07:40 PM

Re: wealth

Originally Posted by NEHAAAA (Post 1033724)
again Thank u,

through astrology I can know who my husband is? his face? character? his job? wealth?
really I am afraid about divorce or series problem with him in Sun dasha

sorry to say u also have chances of divorce in sun dasa ,since 7th lord with 6th lord and also saturn aspecting them . saturn is lord of 12th separation . s take neccessary care in relationships . but whatever it is sun dasa is troublesome . after that coming dasas are nice , will make you successful .:)

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