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Darth MI 03-11-2014 12:20 AM

Why signs with conflicting traits don't aspect each other hard IG Cap and Aquarius?
I already know signs that square or oppose each other often have a lot of contradictory personality traits. For example Aquarius is friendly and openly social while Scorpio is secretive and a lone wolf, Cancer is homely and emotional while Aries is brash and aggressive, and so forth.

But I do wonder why some signs that actually have strong contradictions in personality traits and life philosophies aren't traditionally aspected hard towards each other.

For example Capricorn and Aquarius are OPPOSITE each others so many ways. Capricorn reveres traditions and worship those they see as authority figures. While Aquarius is a nonconformist individualist who frequently rebels against those in charge,often just for the hell of it. Capricorn is concerned about financial security while Aquarius revolves around intellectual superiority and often is ideological to the point of sheer stupidity and nonsense. Capricorn is patriotic while Aquarius is anti-country and anti-state (unless they embed into specific ideologies).

Another example is Aries and Pisces. Pisces is mellow and introverted while Aries is a brash braggart attention seeker. Pisces is so incredibly weak physically and sports are the last of their activities. In fact Pisces share sooooo much in common with Libra such as love for art and many of Pisces hobbies go into conflict with Aries's interests. Yet they don't traditionally square, oppose, or inconjunct.

Gemini is sneaky and two faced while Cancer is often sweet and loyal, respectful of authority figures. And so on.

So I cannot understand why there isn't an hard aspects for signs that actually contradict each other from a personality perspective. I mean I honestly think Aquarius would have a much harder time getting along with Capricorn than Taurus (a sign that it squares). Same thing with Aries and Pisces-in fact Pisces is inconjunct to Libra (an aspect some astrologers believe is actually harder than opposition)-but Libra shares so much in common with Pisces especially their hobbies I cannot understand why they traditionally aspect each other hard (inconjunction) while Pisces doesn't have any aspect with Aries.

Can any astrologer explain the logic behind this theory and compatibility?

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