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silvermaven 01-10-2019 01:36 AM

Need Help Please With This Horary Chart
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Hi All,

New to this group and I need help with this horary chart, please!

My work badge/ID card just vanished today! I tried reading this chart but can't seem to locate it. I'm reading it as ruler of the 2nd is Taurus and the ruler is Venus in the 8th. Moon in Aqua in the 11th. POF in the 2nd. I have looked everywhere. Garbage cans, file folders, people's desks, POOF! Gone.

Can anyone help? Thank you!:confused:

Inquisag 01-17-2019 06:03 AM

Re: Need Help Please With This Horary Chart
I have a simplified version of William Lilly's rules for finding lost items on my blog - https://ingressus15397045.wordpress....-hydrogen-ink/. I have applied those rules below and a couple of other rules.

Venus, the planet ruling the 2nd house is your significator. Venus is “in a house ruled by the planet ruling the Ascendant.” Your badge is in a part of your house which you normally spend a lot of time.

Venus is in Sagittarius. “If the significator is in fire Signs, then the thing is near the chimney, or where Iron is, or in or near the walls of the house.”

1. Sign on the Ascendant; its nature, and compass direction. Aries, East
2. Sign on the house where the ruler of the Ascendant is found. Pisces, North by West
3. Sign on the 4th house. Cancer, North
4. Sign on the house where the ruler of the 4th house is found. Aquarius, West by North
5. Moon’s sign. Aquarius, West by North
6. Sign on the 2nd house. Taurus, South by East
7. Sign on the house where the ruler of the 2nd is found. Scorpio, North by East
7. Part of Fortune’s sign. Gemini, West by South

Aquarius shows up twice. I would try looking West by North (approximately 47 minutes clock position) from the center of the room.

Venus is in the 8th house, so your badge may have fallen in a garbage can or be with items set for disposal. Venus is not in mutual reception with another planet, suggesting that your badge has not been moved.

Inquisag 01-17-2019 06:11 AM

Re: Need Help Please With This Horary Chart
I forgot to add that it is likely to be above ground (Aquarius), so forget about the garbage can. Plus, you already said you searched it.

silvermaven 01-25-2019 03:08 AM

Re: Need Help Please With This Horary Chart
Thanks, Inquisag. The badge was found the next day. Here's what happened.

I felt it never was dropped in the garbage but I went with that since Venus was in the 8th, although I knew it was out of sight. I found it on the floor below me (straight south direction), in the mail room where there are administrative people, papers, computers, (Venus in Sag) and then I used the Moon as a co-ruler which told me that it would be near a computer (Moon in Aqua), near a friend (11th house placement), in a w-s-w direction. It would be near a ledge, wall, divider, shelf or door (both Venus and Moon 2 degrees from a sign cusp). I went to my friend's desk, search and found NOTHING! She is a Cancer (and Cancer rules the 4th, ending to a matter) called me an hour later and said that she found my badge [I]under her computer stand, completely hidden.[I] She had moved some stuff around on her desk and saw it. It must've got shuffled around when I was down there processing checks!

Thanks again for your input! :biggrin:

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