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Astrodawn 06-10-2014 09:50 PM

Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?
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Please could someone give me some advice with this chart and its current transits.

My BF has been self employed and has worked for himself successfully for the past 20 years. He is a specialist in what he does (builds koi ponds with waterfalls etc) and has never been short of work, especially at this time of year where he makes his main income to last him through the winter months.

For some unknown reason for the past few months he has had no jobs at all?? He has come to the end of his saved money and is becoming very anxious and depressed about the situation, worrying about losing his home and feeling helpless. It is not like him to be like this as he is a fighter but it seems very strange that no jobs are coming in like usual, and it is having a significant effect on his wellbeing.

Could someone look and see what is causing this and if possible say if/when things might improve financially.

He does have pluto transiting his sun at present and i know that breaks down structures that are no longer working, is pluto trying to stop him building, as it has been causing him serious back pain for a few years although he has just worked through it?

Please help Im worrying about him :-(


Krewster 06-10-2014 10:10 PM

Re: Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?
What an exciting Grand Trine (Sun-Jup-Uran); and what symbolism for the Jup oppo Nept to almost Kite it (as if his smoothest past to success is through social integration via water related activities....;)

And how great (for "success") to have not only Sun 120 Jup but also Ven blessed by Jup and Sat (via a 72-144-72 triangle).


1. that "almost Kite" is being Kited these past months by T Sat coming and going over 14 thru 16 Scorp; and

2. his Sun tightly midpoint/apexes his Moon 45 Merc/Ven to make a micro-T-square type config (22.5-45-22.5) which T Uran has been "red" quadrangulating from 13 and 14 Aries.

Astrodawn 06-10-2014 10:45 PM

Re: Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?
Thanks Krewster

You would think that grand trine would help towards success but he wouldnt agree as hes been dogged by bad luck most of his life! But your right about the water theme.

So you think its mainly transiting saturn thats causing the problem? Ive just had a look and saturn is currently retrograde when it goes direct its still going to take some months for it to cross neptune again if this situation remains in effect it will finish his business and his passion in life. I cant tell him that :-(

Krewster 06-11-2014 10:21 PM

Re: Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?
Well, the Kite would be created by transit when T Sat is around 14 thru 16 Scorp (not when going back over Nept). But the only tough part of such influence would be T Sat's oppo to Jup (restriction on social integration?) while the rest of the influence would theoretically just make him work hard or feel focused about a life purpose upgrade.

I'm more worried about all the worrying he will do because of the above mentioned T Uran influence on his micro-T-square (and T Uran's associated frazzling of his Ven the first peak of which was in April from about 13.15 Aries). Bear in mind T Uran will make such a semi-octile transit to that config roughly every 5-ish years and so its not a uniquely negative period for him transit wise.

and puzzled, as are you, about his Grand Trine not representing a lucky life (though some grand trine people I know are just easy going, rather than lucky and, in fact, this GT's only personal planet -the Sun- has as its only other aspect(s) the mentioned micro-T-square (my temporary label and so not net searchable)).

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