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polypode 06-28-2019 12:43 PM

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I would greatly appreciate your interpretation on a synastry and composite chart.
I am a singer/artist/songwriter.

From the month of October until March I went through a very difficult time with lyme disease.
I have never been so ill and thought I was going to leave this World.

When I started to feel somewhat better with ongoing treatment, I had an enormous urge to start singing again.
It's was as though a force much greater than anything that I have ever known magnetically drew me to these auditons.
That's where I met him....

Since participating in this project (and looking after myself), I feel more in tune with my higher self. It's also as if his energy has helped me regenerate, he has played a huge role in my well being.

We have a sense of the deepest spiritual connections, it's purely transcending for both of us.
It's as if our encounter was meant to teach us something important in order to help us grow. A sort of mirror into our souls, where fate is inter-linked...

If you have any insight that could help to understand this connection better from an astrological point of view, I'd really apppreciate it.

On my behalf in order to be together, it would require taking some important decisions, stepping out into the unknown and making sacrifices, which doesn't scare me, however there is a lot to take into consideration...

Thank you so much in advance !
All the best :)

LiberatedLotus 06-28-2019 07:31 PM

I'm leaving a comment, because I'd like to follow this thread. I've had similar experiences that are near & dear to my heart.

rahu 06-28-2019 10:43 PM

Re: Destiny/Karma/Fate/Nodes/Sun&Pluto...
hi polypode
( I added a few more symbols. if you could add the vertex to the composite ,it might shows more up)

the first aspects that pertain to your query are the mars conjunct to the node and eris conjunct the south node.
the mars/node gives a "magic" to the relationship. your auras are strong and you and he seem to generate a separate reality from those around you. often you can see each other's aura shimmering around you heads. usually close friends can also see/feel this unusual magnetism surrounding you.
this aspect is extremely sexual and can lead to tantric planes of union, sexual union that opens up greater spiritual realities for you.
eris is conjunct the south node with also is extremely sexual. but in this case eris is usually more concerned with the physical nature of sex rather than the spiritual side of sex, With the south node there is also a opening to other realities but her there is also the possibility of energies or feelings that can confuse the spiritual with the physical. but again feelings of tantric sexual revelations are possible.
Eris and mars are ,in some mythological tales, were brother and sister so this relationship could bring out feeling of greater intimacy if there is a past life together.
Juno is square to the node and mars/eris which show there is a great desire to form a committed relationship between you
With venus sextile to mercury and trine to mars and pallas ,the emotional connection is very joyous and affectionate. With pallas , you feel you life empowered with ambitions and the ability to reach your goals in life.

Uranus is conjunct to Lilith and the pluto is square to orcus .these two planets can symbolize past lives and they are square to each other and the midpoint is square to Uranus and Lilith. Uranus/Lilith shows that the astral plane emanates from within this relationship. with the past life symbols square to Uranus, it isvery possible that you are experiencing intimacy you shared in another life. Uranus will Lilith can give common dreams, vivid dreams with both of you in them. It can give a psychic connection that allows you to know what the other is thinking and feeling.
pluto and orcus can be very healing with would go along with the feelings you have describe.
the moon is conjunct to Saturn which is symbolic of great devotion and fidelity to each other. but this aspect is not always discriminating. once love is given, even if circumstances are not what were first thought, the moon/Saturn will stay with it's commitment through good or bad.
Currently the transit node has been activating this pattern of aspects.
The node transited by square pallas in may as well as being semi-sextile to venus at the same time.
I would think this is the period when you and your beau first noticed each other or met. But the emotional energy has taken off since then and this emotional/spiritual connection will only become more encompassing as the node squares mars and eris in late august and the first of September.thisspiritual/sexual attraction will continue to overwhelm through the entire month.
But there are aspect that show the need to be cautious.
Jupiter is square Neptune, which can add to the spiritual feelings and knowledge you receive, but psychologically this aspect is associated with false promises.
In addition nessus is square to Saturn. This can shows the potential for healing transformations but it psychologically often shows a deep,cold and distant void inside of him.
These aspect can be very selfish and deceptive so I suggest you keep you ”feet” on the ground and not let yourself be swept unthinkingly by you passions.


polypode 06-29-2019 11:59 AM

Re: Destiny/Karma/Fate/Nodes/Sun&Pluto...
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Thank you very much Rahu !

I really do appreciate you taking the time adding the other symbols and making a very detailed description of the aspects in the charts. I hadn't yet taken all the symbols into consideration. It has given a whole new dimension to the charts and the description deeply ressonates with what we are experiencing. Plus in regards to the timing mentioned with the transit, it's spot on...

I have added the composite chart with Vertex, Lilith, Pallas and Juno symbols. I forgot to add Orcus which is 7.27 Leo in the composite mid point chart.

Looking forward to hearing an interpretation.

Thanks again !

polypode 06-29-2019 12:20 PM

Re: Destiny/Karma/Fate/Nodes/Sun&Pluto...
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Hello again,

I think this is also important to mention:

In my first post I said that in order to be with this new person of interest in my life it required making an important decision.

I have been in a relationship for 10 years with a person that I love tenderly. A great friendship. Our relationship is very comfortable and loving (with ups and downs), but there is not this very special bond that I feel with this new encounter. I have been faithful and not had eyes for any one until now... Is it that I'm starting to discover my venus in 12th house pisces in my natal chart?

I have added both the synastry and composite chart of my present relationship. Are there any strong karmic connections? I don't want to make any hasty decisions, nor rush into things... But I do feel that astrology can help to get a bigger picture...

Thanking you all in advance !

rahu 06-29-2019 08:56 PM

Re: Destiny/Karma/Fate/Nodes/Sun&Pluto...
I thought that the vertex had to have part of your feelings because you posted:
I feel more in tune with my higher self. It's also as if his energy has helped me regenerate, he has played a huge role in my well being.

the moon is conjunct to the vertex and Venus is square the vertex.
the vertex bring an energy that is both vital and "supernatural". often with a vertex flow occurring the partners feel a since of destiny at work because other worldly feelings and experiences have happen to both of you. these unusual occurrences are so singular that one doubts anyone else could understand these effects. but both of you have had experiences, different, but the same in the way they opened you up .this similarity is part of the sense of destiny between you.
here emotional love and attraction is the channel that these higher similarities are instructing you.

but I have to caution you again.vertex energy is very difficult to integrate in a "normal" relationship. that is the energy that vertex promise do not always fit in with one's earth destiny. here I mean the extreme sexual/emotional attraction might not lead to a consolidation of the relationship. sometimes the magic of the vertex can not be put in a bottle.


rahu 06-30-2019 10:16 PM

Re: Destiny/Karma/Fate/Nodes/Sun&Pluto...
sorry I didn't see the added chart when I last posted. if you could had the same other symbols ,it would make a complete comparison better.

but I will say now that I understand your situation, that the venus/moon/vertex aspects of the first chart should not be used a reason to end a 10 year old relationship because you don't have the same intense feeling with him in comparison to the new guy.... again the vertex energy is difficult to integrate into a relationship. the energy you feel will probably not be sustained by the new guy. i can't in good conscience say to end the old for the new because the new is more than likely a cosmic whim.


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