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mihail 08-22-2018 01:55 PM

Question about my chart?

Timmytwothumbs 08-26-2018 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by mihail (Post 909827)
Hello all. I'm so depressed again. Considering I dislike the effect of living on my Jupiter line, it is not a good/strong planet in my chart, right? I have like anxiety on my Jupiter line and it's impossible to find a good job or make friendhips. So Venus lines are out as well due to Venus/Saturn opposition, Moon lines are out (too moody), do I even have a planet that is not bad?! Been looking for a job since many months and nada. No one takes me seriously in those corporte jobs. Ideally, I want to do acting/singing but I have no connections there.

I am currently looking for a doctor to prescribe me an antidepressant as I cannot feel happiness at all without medication but most of them have failed me in the past. I have Scorpio moon so medication is a must for normal life.

I didn't like my moon line too much either but I lived there in and out for about 12 years. I especially don't like opposite that my Chiron line they are almost right next to each other. And I've lived along both of them and hated it. I didn't care for Neptune&Saturn too much. I was arrested there multiple times and it was a very racist state and I was subject to a lot of prejudice. Kind of what Neptune is doing currently by transit in Pisces.
I absolutely loved Neptune&Uranus. They are conj in my chart and living between the two lines in real life is awesome. I always love visiting Venus lines it's my birthplace and the curved Venus line is my mom's birthplace which is where I'm moving too next. I don't care for sun lines too much and Pluto lines are powerful indeed. Never lived there but I had a very powerful 2 day stay on a Pluto line. It changed my life forever. I like Jupiter lines though. Under the right circumstances I think they could be very beneficial. I was just so young when I lived there that I don't remember too much. I did learn a lot though. By far the best place to go to school.

Andrea_ 08-27-2018 07:50 PM

Re: Question about my chart?
Your chart has many unique patterns and strong points, but obviously the good angles wouldn't exist without some bad ones... mathematics, to which we love giving interpretations.

You hate living on the Jupiter MC line because you are not supposed to live on it in the first place. Notice that the opposition is inside a Kite formation (check whether the orbs/planets are applying or separating). This does not dictate your life, but defines the struggle upon which the other energies are built on and start functioning. In other words, you can fix the emotional struggle you feel and get the necessary energy (dignified Mars) for self expression (dignified Sun) by taking matters in your hands and solving what the positions of 3 other planets suggest and are connected to your moon. These would be Saturn/Uranus, and Venus.

Now because the planet of opportunities sides with the point of opportunities (jupiter mc conjunction) but oppose Moon, you cannot stand there and wait for something to happen but instead take the responsibility in your hands and ignore fear or feelings of self-depreciation "i can't do this, i am bad, I shouldn't do this, this is too risky" because this seems to be something that sets you back. Diminished self-confidence. By thinking the opposition is the focus in your life, you are doing exactly what the aspect says: and then you get stuck there. You need to go for something that breaks the mould instead of a traditional path, maybe. Your chart seems really nice for acting to be honest, did you ever go to trainings, workshops or courses? Do you have any special skill that would let you land something in a related field (tv commercials) ?

I believe you need something that reassures your self-worth. Quick answer would be "if I got an answer from a job I'd be happy." But to get to that simple thing you need to do some internal work first, because even if you got one you'd further be unhappy.

Your communicating abilities seems like something that will help you on your path. Mercury is also the planet of your ASC. Maybe something related to the sign language? Or maybe writing, or for this age we're living in, typing. You can put Mercury to good use. Mercury and Sun both in the 11th, and it semi-sextiles Venus in the 10th, which means that something having to do with the betterment of a social structure, working for a charity maybe, somewhere where you can communicate your ideas and create relationships with people, can help you. Have you tried something to do with acting or whatever, with/for the community? (old, young, kids, any age?)
Only you can tell us if these ever crossed your mind. If you want to start on a new career path, think about how you can bridge your current experience/s and situation to the desired new one, and avoid desiring too much at first.

I see Saturn in the 4th House which in itself is a generally pretty difficult position and affects your home and familial views/relationship with your parents. It is very possible that your family was the one who pushed you towards a career that does not match your ideal of self-expression (either physical, verbal, or maybe artistic!), but also remember that parents only want the best for us, and generational differences shape our thinking. Without them it wouldn't be better, but worse, there would be no structure. So all in all, you are better than you might think, because they also gave your life more structure, practicality, which I have to say, are very important elements early in life. You might feel like they even held you back or judged you. This in turn affected your relationships. It starts with Saturn, as the bigger planet will come with "karma" or elements out of your control, that you will have to tame and manage using your personal planet, which here is Venus - by doing something that warms up your soul. So you have to break free from the feelings of "Can't do this and that, nothing works" by going on a different career path, the one you want. This decision alone might be enough to spark the other planets in your chart.

Why? Because this was also the time of your Saturn return in the chart. It asks you... What have you been doing? Where do you want to go? Your Chiron is also there, in the 10th. And you are free to reconsider.

Go for what Saturn in the 4th signifies for you, solve it/the issues there involved, this will alleviate your moods and lift your spirits a bit, and this will give you a clearer sense of what your self-worth is based upon and how you can be empowered, job-wise. Use your ability to communicate for to solve it (Merc). Oftentimes we isolate ourselves thinking other will not understand us, but I think you can convey your feelings with energy and accuracy, without coming across as impertinent or antisocial.

Remember, these are only possibilities and suggestions. You have a Scorpio Moon so contrary to what half-assed piece of paper you might have read, hanging onto anti-depressants is the exact opposite of what this perceptive moon needs. I suggest you go for something that affects your mind and body less, such as plant-based alternatives and smell therapy such as lavender, and drinking a tea or two. I can see the medication taking the energy away from you, not making you any lighter in the long run. Do you know about the drugs and medicine/pills market? Be careful of Walmart licensed doctors out there prescribing anti-depressants like morning coffee, especially as you seem to be looking for them. If you want to believe something, believe 'Saturn' can hit you hard. Have you tried... any interesting games? Something immersive.

watcherofthesouth 08-29-2018 04:16 PM

Re: Question about my chart?
Andrea - wonderful reading!

Andrea_ 09-05-2018 10:47 PM

Re: Question about my chart?

Originally Posted by watcherofthesouth (Post 911227)
Andrea - wonderful reading!

Looks like it was "too good" for my own good, so mihail deleted everything, lol. Np though :)

No to anti depressants is what i will always and with no exception say, because i think that there are so many other alternatives:
-plant based smells, oils or whatever, music, tv series or internet channel, foods, drinks, such as certain spices (curry and coconut milk dishes?), a certain type of tea like matcha or black tea, (real, not sugared) honey stuff, a certain type of meditation, funky drawing/painting or crafting or dancing or singing, buying some flowers to put in your room or around your house, or even a "bonsai" to take care of daily, taking pictures of things you find interesting, exercise of some kind, buying yourself skates or a bicycle) I feel like if you have money for a year long therapy with pills, first try to spend on something from the earth, all of these are able to help your mood in such special ways, but not all at once, of course! ;)

IleneK 09-05-2018 11:21 PM

Re: Question about my chart?

Originally Posted by watcherofthesouth (Post 911227)
Andrea - wonderful reading!


Seems like the only one who can judge if the reading is wonderful or not would be the person who posted his chart. And perhaps it IS wonderful... but as to whether it is accurate?
Only mihail knows....

Andrea_ 09-06-2018 11:19 PM

Re: Question about my chart?
Is there such a things as a perfectly accurate reading though? :)

There are a couple if I think about it, or they only hit certain spots (such as family and early life), yet cannot tell the outcome of the others, only the possibilities. I like to believe in the freedom of choice in one's destiny line.

watcherofthesouth 09-06-2018 11:55 PM

Re: Question about my chart?
I made the comment for the simple reason that it was well thought-out and it took some time and thought to write. Also, I've seen similar aspects from clients like Saturn in the 4th (and I, myself am a Scorpio Moon) so I thought there were some good explanations in general. One of the reasons I come to this site is because the responses often go past helping the original poster.

greybeard 09-13-2018 01:29 PM

In the Bhagavad Gita (2:2,3) Krishna (God) speaks to the warrior Arjuna (You), who has just thrown down his weapons and refuses to fight, and says:

"Whence this lifeless dejection, Arjuna, in this hour, the hour of trial? Strong men know not despair, Arjuna, for that wins neither heaven nor earth. Fall not into degrading weakness, for this becomes not a man who is a man. Throw off this ignoble discouragement, and arise like a fire that burns all before it."

The moment you begin taking drugs to cope with life you forfeit completely your ability to grow and find the joy of life.

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