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Squapius 07-10-2009 10:17 PM

Dream of my second sister
Hello astro members.

Today, before I´d wake up, I had a curious and special dream, and not like the ones I use to have.

In this dream my second sister was born. I just have one younger sister (we toghether are two siblings), and in this dream was born my second sister, that my mother did give birth to. She was a tiny girl, in the dream she looked already 2 years old with very curly, short brown hair identical as how my real sister looked like at that age. She was like a second Rosita (my real sister´s name), like the new sister was a copy of her, but undoubtedly a new and different person in herself.
There were some wierd elder oracle voices saying that she had a lot of saggitarius in her chart (her hair slightly more reddish) as well as leo and that she had the power to carry the destiny or fortune of entire nations on her shoulders, command their armed forces with her great sobereingty.

After being pissed off by irrational reasons in the dream, I remember that my second little sister was left alone in a room, and I had the impression she was crying and maybe hungry. Like abandoned, left behind. She wasn´t really abandoned by her mother, but I felt it was like that.

My true sister is a leo sun, she is very leonine.

In the last part of the dream, I was inside a videogame (inside the game) with my friend Ayra, and I was hunting an alive hair creature climbing up a coconut palm tree. After that, I sliced the hair creature with my knife sword and gave it to her as a gift. She said: "Hmm you may be of use to me".
Then I woke up.
I add this last part because it was funny, the part of the second sister is the one that I really care of.

So, I wonder where is this second sister, and what does her birth mean. Is she a person that will come to me? I felt I loved the girl, therefore her symbolism is important.
Maybe is a reflect of my own transforming feelings, maybe is indicating that somebody or something will come to me. Maybe is a confrontation of a buried feeling.

The chart of when I woke up is this one: CHART
Look at the 3rd and 4th houses placed both in saggitarius. "The second sister had a lot of saggitarius in her chart".

So, what do you think of my dream?

Squapius 07-11-2009 07:23 PM

Re: Dream of my second sister
Hello Charmvirgo! Iīm glad you posted your reply :smile:

Originally posted by Charmvirgo:

Can you tell me if the Moon in Aquarius 6th describes your mother by coincidence?
That placement of the moon by sign and house can describe her perfectly.
She has adopted the duty of restlessly working on domestic and routine tasks that are absolutely the kind related to 6th house type of work, and she sacrifices herself and well being in detriment of her ego, for the love of others and for causes that may not always work in her own benefit and included fullfilling her needs; which is very aquarian in nature.

She is a piscean woman. I have suggested her many solutions, tried to make her feel happier, Iīve tried to help her But she keeps on saying that sheīs happy and the only thing that I can give to her is a big smile... And I say to her: "What the hell... Do you want me to be a selfish *******? A mediocre giver? A horrible and deficient sore person? Do you want me to not love you? Do you want me to not care about you?" And she has heard this and says that whatever those faults I have seen in her she wants to make them right and to fix them. She may be not ready to release herself from her fears, auto-indulgent and self deceiving systems of defence; I totally comprehend it (I have seen her chart and she has told me about her life), so, for that reason Iīll respect her and wait until she is ready. But the problem is that in the meanwhile the exagerated working and the detriment of herself keeps going and hurting her. The thing that desperates me most is thatīs like she didnīt wanted to be helped, like she didnīt wanted to be fine, and like she couldnīt be able to see that she needs things and she is not doing anything for herself.
And she is the supreme queen of delays, when she delays she makes other person that is organized (like me) to fail here.
I do my own domestic stuffs my own (like reasonabily the thing anybody should do while sharing a house), but the other persons here do not and let her to keep going with a system that is detrimental for herself and ohters around her.
Well, as she has big defects she has enormous virtues as well. I always recall and remember her by the goodness and positive things in her. I love her even with her defects.

AquaScorpio 07-17-2009 12:41 AM

Re: Dream of my second sister
That is an interesting dream. I've never had anything "astrological" happen in my dreams but that would be cool. Although I do believe some dreams to be symbolic, or even helpful, what do I make of the ones I have that seem like really long popcorn flicks? Seriously, I'll have what feels like a 5 hour dream that is similar to an action/drama/horror movie, and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my life or not. Everyone dreams differently, maybe my subconscious just has a complex way of letting me know what's going on.

I had a dream along the lines of yours last year. In the dream, I found out I was having a baby girl, even though I wasn't planning it. I felt panic, and I had no idea what I was gonna do. 2 months later I actually DID find out I was gonna have a baby and I pretty much reacted the same exact way. That dream was easy to interpret (even tho I thought nothing of it at the time) but most of mine are not.

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