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passiflora 09-08-2019 06:02 AM

This house?
Should we buy this house?

It needs work, I know. Venus in Virgo in the 8th. But I can imagine being happy here. Horary Venus is conjunct my natal north node.

helike13 09-08-2019 08:12 AM

Re: This house?
Will you take a loan?

waybread 09-09-2019 10:02 PM

Re: This house?
Passiflora, possibly your timing is off for the moment of your question. But as this chart stands, it looks negative.

You are symbolized by Saturn, your partner/spouse by the moon. Both these planets are in the 12th house, with the moon in detriment. The Part of Fortune in the 4th house looks good, but the significator Venus is in her fall and in the traditionally un-wonderful 8th house. Saturn is already past its trine with Venus, and the moon has to bump into a few more planets before an aspect with Venus can perfect.

The 8th house location may indicate some financing issues.

As someone who has bought and sold a few properties, including old houses, I would suggest that if you go ahead with an offer that is accepted, that you make the final sale contingent on a satisfactory contractor's report.

waybread 09-10-2019 10:18 PM

Re: This house?
A traditional meaning of the 8th house was money from a marriage or partnership (2nd house from the 7th.) Possibly your partner is worried about the cost. My husband and I have done some major renovations, as well, and there can be a lot of hidden costs once you get into a project. Or just the typical up-front costs of hiring an electrician or plumber. If the house needs re-wiring, that's a couple of thousand dollars right there to get up to code, let alone not being a fire hazard. Then note all of those planets combust in the 8th house.

If you have the skills to do major renovations yourself, that would be a money-saver, but if you have to hire people to do the work, it gets expensive.

In a situation like this, I would urge you to use all of the hard facts and good professional advice at your disposal for your decision-making, however, not an amateur's horoscope reading.

waybread 09-11-2019 05:25 AM

Re: This house?
My principle concern would be that combust planets are weakened. A planet in its own sign (here Mercury) would fare better, but the significator of the house (Venus) and the 8th as the house of your partner's money are real considerations. Even if we use the 4th from the 4th house as the ruler of this home, the 7th house ruled by the moon in the 12th and in its detriment doesn't look like a piece of wonderfulness.

With Neptune in the 2nd house (squared by optimistic Jupiter) your money may be an issue, as well.

Possibly this isn't the only handyman special on the market that would meet your needs.

I think I've bought and/or sold 10 houses in my life. Some were real dumpsters: none was new. With 3 of them, we were lucky to have a neighbour who was a contractor who specialized in restoring old houses. He walked through these places with us and saw all kinds of things, both good and bad, that I would miss.

With one house, I vividly remember that we didn't make the sale conditional on a contractor's report. A few months after we moved in, the chimney fell down during a thunderstorm. The bricks continued to fall in the driveway subsequently and could have killed someone.

Sellers' disclosure, yes. But they may be unaware of everything wrong with the house. Stuff like faulty wiring, because it is hidden behind the walls.

Hopefully your experienced friends know how to look for dry rot, carpenter ants, termites, evidence of water damage, the age of a furnace and water heater, evidence of a former grow-op, the condition of the roof, and so on. Even better, one of your friends might be a licensed contractor.

You don't mention if you are working through a real estate agent. They generally have contractors to recommend. Then a minor expense, if you are not (and it may be required in your jurisdiction) is having a lawyer review the legal transaction. At some point the sale involves a title search and determining if there are any liens on the property.

When a sale is contingent on a contractor's or home inspector's report, and s/he finds something fairly major, generally you have three options: ask the home owner to fix it prior to the sale proceeding, make a new offer at a lower price, or walk away-- with a return of your earnest money.

Then if you are getting a mortgage on an older home, the mortgage lender may want to send out its own appraiser, because they don't want to lend money on a home they expect to depreciate.

I hope I'm not sounding too grumpy about what may be a real steal of a deal-- just that I don't think this chart is giving you much encouragement.

Good luck Passiflora-- I sure hope you and your partner find the home you love.

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