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Gapage23 07-25-2018 08:14 PM

Could She Be the One for Me?
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Hello everyone!

I am a newbie when it comes to relationship astrology. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I've met a wonderful woman, and I don't think I've ever felt this comfortable with someone in such a short period of time. The first time we spoke, it honestly felt like I knew her from another lifetime.

I've definitely had painful experiences with relationships in the past (but who hasn't). Since astrology has opened up my eyes to my own inner/external workings sooo much in the past year. I figured synastry might help understand how this relationship could work out.

I'll be posting my chart first, then hers, and finally the synastry chart.

Please provide any insight you gather from the charts or your own experiences. Thank you ahead of time beautiful people!

rahu 07-25-2018 11:16 PM

Re: Could She Be the One for Me?
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hi Gapage23

I ran a composite on your relationship with your new love interest.

it does have a few rather subtle, spiritually attractive aspects.
\eros is sextile to psyche,almsot to the exact arc minute. this can show there is an element of destiny working betwenyou. but these symbols are very etheric, that uis they reflect a attraction on refined emotional plane, not always a lower,sensual/physical plane. here the midpoint is conjunct to the sun, so you feelings about the potential are addition the sun is sextile to ceres which gives the relationship a inherent sensitivity and supportive quality to it.
in addition psyche is conjunct the vertex which really accentuates the feelings of destiny and associated expectations. ceres is square to the vertex and psyche so the feelings of support and nurturing each other are very strong.
the mars/venus midpoint is square to the node which shows the physical/emotional attraction is also very strong. this is very favorable because the eros/psyche spiritual attraction does is not always associated with a physical/emotional attraction, but here both spiritual and physical compatibility are shown.
Jupiter is conjunct the descendant which is favorable for marriage and the Jupiter/juno midpoint is loose conjunct the south node which is favorable for marriage also. though the south node can show rough patches.

but as you have already allude to,there are problematic aspects as well .
nessus is conjunct the sun and pluto is square to liith and the mars/chiron midpoint is opposed to Lilith.

these aspect are all very abusive, emotionally and likely sexually. so she may have very deeply seated emotional issues about trusting and giving love to others. you also would reflect these issues.

the mars/chiron/pluto aspect suggest that you can destroy this relationship unconsciously by being to possessive and controlling. too concern about you own emotional. sexual needs and not considering her feelings.

in addition the moon is square to Saturn and the midpoint is conjunct the ascendant. this is not a favorable aspect generally because it shows a difficulty in exchanging emotional feelings.venus is opposed ot the moon and square to Saturn which again oft times shows harden emotional feelings.

so the picture developing, is one of great love and sensitivity that is fragile. that could shatter with the smallest insensitivity or emotional transgression.

in addition moon is conjunct to sedan and square to pholous. this places great weigh on honesty. if you have skeletons in your closet, you must reveal all, even if you fear she would reject you. honesty is foremost of her qualities for a husband, if you deceive her even by omission, you will be the one to blame for a failed rendezvous with destiny .


Gapage23 07-26-2018 06:08 AM

Re: Could She Be the One for Me?

Thank you for your insight!

I can tell you that I have had issues trusting/giving love since my last relationship. But when I do I'm fully in. It's too soon to tell with her, but she seems to be fully committed to us already.

In regards to honesty, I believe my previous relationship was a lesson on being completely open about who I am and honest with the other person. Both of us were not honest throughout the relationship and it caused us much pain.

Both of us are very motivated in our respective fields (me = filmmaking, hers = medical). Is there anything that would denote how we work together to influence each other in our careers and/or benefit our achievements as a couple?

We both have made it clear to one another that our careers are important to us. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you again Rahu!

rahu 07-26-2018 09:10 PM

Re: Could She Be the One for Me?
the Jupiter/juno midpoint conjunct the south node would also apply to professions ,so this aspect can be interpreted to indicate great material success. Jupiter sextile to Pluto also bodes good career success.
pluto square Lilith often shows a underlying selfishness or professional ambition. this can often come in between emotional relationships so it is very favorable that you both have made you individual careers as important as the relationship. this eliminates future misunderstandings.


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