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Bizz 12-30-2018 08:40 AM

All things Pluto
Iím having some difficulty understand the role Pluto has in my natal chart. Pluto is aspected by my Sun (2į opposition), moon (7į conjunction), ascendant (0į45 conjunction), inconjunct Mercury and sextile both Uranus and Neptune.
Despite the intense Pluto placements, my actual planets are in light signs. Sun in Gemini, moon & rising in sag. Mercury in Taurus, mars in Virgo and Venus in Gemini. None of my inner or outer planets are in water signs. Considering this, how would such plutonic placements play out? Will I have strong scorpionic traits despite having no water in my chart? Is it possible I come off too intense to people and Iím unaware because of my gem & sag energies?

I have a hard time being vulnerable enough with men to express the dark plutonic vibes. I have always longed for a sexually intense relationship (Iím 21) but have historically only let my guard down for mercurial and Saturnian types for some reason (Saturn aspect moon and in 4th house). I suspect my sun & Venus in 7th house would like to sexually submit but my Pluto rising hates to let men who have a dominating presence into my life.
Ps my 8th house is in cancer if thatís of any relevance.

brion 02-08-2019 02:10 AM

Re: All things Pluto
A moon/Pluto conjunction, in any sign, is still going to involve matters of trust. Just ask Barbra Streisand, who has a Moon/Pluto conjunction as well. Pluto is Pluto, and control is the order of the day in order not to be destroyed. People hear "control freak" and don't realize that the control freak had a childhood where life wasn't safe a lot of the time, and they're just trying to keep from being killed (metaphorically). So, they control people to be sure that that doesn't happen, not realizing that they just have to find the right people, and even those people may let them down sometimes.
So, despite the "light" signs, which, will, of course, manifest differently than if Pluto was in a water sign, there are usually deep issues of trust.

Cary2 04-05-2019 10:36 PM

Re: All things Pluto
The Sun/Moon/Pluto formation is a large dose of Pluto in the chart -- especially with regard to intimate relationships. You are a participant in these troubles. I'm sure you are tired of domineering folks, but I bet others you have related with would have stories to tell of power struggles with you. With Pluto, it is usually subtle and indirect power struggles that are involved.

I think there is a therapeutic clue in understanding how your parents related with their power struggles. Much of your behavior in relationships is directly involved with this. One person may be stubborn and domineering and the other is stuck in an unconscious groove of manipulative behavior. I think the overt domineering behavior is easier to solve than the unconscious behavior.

You are a transformative person who will be very different later in life than earlier in life. You might benefit from counseling.

waybread 04-06-2019 03:44 AM

Re: All things Pluto
Welcome to the forum.

People with sun opposite Pluto often had a dysfunctional relationship with their father. (If Dad was absent this could be a step-dad or Mom's major romantic interest.)

See if this was true in your life, and whether it makes you wary of getting into a relationship with a very dominant type of man.

Pluto conjunct moon often indicates a troubled relationship with one's mother. So also think about what Mom was like as an adult female role model.

I don't know what you mean by "sexually submit," but this doesn't sound healthy. What about a tender, caring relationship between two lovers, who come from a place of mutual respect?

It would be helpful if you posted your chart.

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