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love-thinking 09-17-2019 04:53 PM

Medical astrology
Lately I've been studying biology and with it, I've decided to delve a little into medical astrology and here's the reading I found:

So this is what I've found out: I'm not going to summarize the entire book but my thoughts and what I've found to be true. Hopefully it'll help you guys a little.

So before we get into whether or it works, and I don't want this to be a black or white thing either because whether a planet is debilitated, or where it's dispositor is is highly important, and whether it's connected somehow to the 6th house is highly important.

And this is just my theory based on this book so feel free to challenge this.

Things to take into consideration:
the liklihood that this will occur if it's be connected to the 6th house is highly important(maybe 8th). Either through dispositor etc.

Venus ailments
Venus in 6th or in bad aspect to the asc or venus's dispositor being in the 6th house if it's in hard aspect to the asc

At worst, this can give diabetes especially if it's in the 6th house in a bad sign with another malefic.

In the middle it can give ecezema, and skin conditions.

At best, it can cause minor skin irritations and reactions to cosmetics. It also gives a yellowish complexion in accordance to one's ethnic background.

Example: I have ecezema and my venus is in aquarius trine asc, and saturn is in pisces in the 6th house.

My friend has venus with saturn in her 6th, and she has diabetes.

Neptune ailments:

minor allergies, malnutrition, myopia (especially if you have moon in taurus in aspect to neptune), other eye issues if you have sun in aspect to neptune.
It can also lead to psychic disorders if your moon and/or asc is n hard aspect to neptune (including sleep paralysis and hullucinations)

I have myopia as my neptune in the fourth house trines my moon and conjuncts my sun

My friend who has moon oppsing neptune and squaring her asc has a history of sleep paralysis

So this could just be helpful in recognizing people as well. I will bet the sensitive looking boy that gets bullied for wearing classes is a neptunian.

The eye issues make sense as neptunian people are delusional, and don't see things clearly. I don't know why this wouldn't mimic their physical realities in the sense that things look clearly on the surface, but if you look further, things may not be as they look. It's like a mockery of their tendency to wear rose coloured glasses.


Someone that's always cold, may be anemic, there were other ones

Mars: fevers

Other than that I don't remember

They didn't include pluto but I have my little theory on pluto.

I think Pluto covers autoimmune disorders, and infections, and personality wise, they probably are higher in neuroticism. If neptune covers allergies, and the sensitivity and fragility of the natives are shown openly. Pluto goes on overdrive, and destroys themselves and everything else whenever their fear is triggered. What are autoimmune disorders? The body relying on the third line of defense, everytime a pathogen it doesn't know enters whether it is harmful or not.

I would also argue that moon-pluto natives and this notion of them inheriting this aspect probably inherited generational methylation on genes that respond to trauma and genes.

Holocaust survivors although the sample size was small; their kids had more diagnoses of PTSD although they themselves had been through little trauma. Researchers are still studying this. There's also this emergence of resignation syndrome that is starting to take place within Sweden among refugees.

Just a thought.

Honestly, I don't know what is connected with cancer in medical astrology.

Got chiron in the first house btw. :) Glad to be serving my astrological community. Love the wounded healer within me. :)

CapAquaPis 01-27-2020 02:45 AM

Re: Medical astrology
Currently, my Uranus being my sun sign ruler is in my 11th and I the sign Taurus which rules the eyes and vision abilities. I'm almost 40 and my 20/20 vision was reduced to 20/30. Also Taurus is a sign of overweight issues and obesity, and due to more life stress, I gained almost 10 lbs in 2019 to around 185. And finally, it is opposite my natal Uranus in the troubling malefic sign of Scorpio.

CapAquaPis 01-27-2020 02:50 AM

Re: Medical astrology
*Honestly, I don't know what is connected with cancer in medical astrology.*

The disease cancer in ancient times was thought to been influenced by the very sign with the same name rules by the moon. For biological females, the sign and certain malefic moon placements, aspects and even signs represents pregnancy, birthing and postpartum health issues. And the moon conjunct sun in Aquarius 8th is my placement, they struggle with past ancestral traumas like 2 world wars on my French father's side and the trail of tears and dust bowl from my Oklahoma Cherokee grandpa's family on my mother's side.

CapAquaPis 01-27-2020 02:55 AM

Re: Medical astrology
Last post for the night: Venus in the 10th as well the 4th...I had the MC placement of Venus on my very first days of life and I was born with a slight yellowing of my skin. You're right about that, and there's more in medical astrology like Mercury, Jupiter and Lilith in natal charts to indicate mental health, overall physical strength and risk of death by a certain disease respectively.

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