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moonmoney 03-22-2018 06:06 PM

Is this a good match?
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Very recently started seeing a Scorpio. If I'm reading correctly, his sun in in my 8th house and mine is in his 4th. Moons are trine in fire signs, but I know some who are more experienced read these differently/use different house systems.

We haven't known each other very long but there is really intense attraction, crazy sexual chemistry, and what seems like a feeling of mutual familiarity.

Is this a good match? Please tell me what you see and why. I would really appreciate the help!

rahu 03-22-2018 08:37 PM

Re: Is this a good match?
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hi moonmoney

well first off there is a really strong emotional/sexual attraction here a s eris is conjunct the ascendant and ceres opposed to venus on the descendant
with the node Uranus midpoint square to venus et/al. ,the attraction was intense and immediate. with Uranus/node ,there is a electricity and and strong mental and psychic connections between you. this can give auneal physical passion. but when urnaus is involved the intensity doesn't usually last. I compare this to a comet , the attraction comes suddenkly and intensely but all diminishes quickly afte r the "thrill "is gone.

this may be emotional painful, especially because eris is conjunct to ceres which shows that the "love" you fell makes you want to cherish and devote yourself to him.

eris is extremely sexual but at the expense of sincere emotional intimacy and love. so with eris opposed to venus I would think that you may have felt this pull between just hot sex and real emotional commitment or love.

likely you think otherwise because there is a stellium of mars/jupiter/juno/orcus square to sedan. this pattern suggests that you both have portrayed yourselves as truthful and that you both seem to be wanting a committed relationship. with both juno and Jupiter conjoined ,it is possibly that even now, the idea of marriage may have arisen.

the eros/psyche midpoint is square to the nodal axis so in addition to the intense physical attraction ,there is a almost spiritual feeling to the attraction your feel for each other. with a strong eros/psyche connection such as this ,often the love you feel is like the love of a first kiss or the child like feelings of a first is both physical but also brings feelings of higher planes .

aura is conjunct to pluto so ,you might even have feelings that this is a relationship from another plane and maybe even feel you were together in a previous life.

Uranus is square the vertex which intensifies the astral/psychic connection I have already mentioned with this aspect you likely have had common dreams with each other and maybe communicate in dreams.
but again Uranus makes for a very unstable relationship and it likely will only be for a limited time. but there no question that you feel each other from the depths of your"soul".

this sense of instability is also show because Saturn is conjunct the north node opposed to Chiron conjunct the south node. this adds a kind of magic to the relationship but psychologically it shows that he is very into himself and very selfish to the degree that he would want everything his way. this is an aspect of no compromise.

when there is a strong Saturn and a strong Uranus such as this chart has, the relationship is usually up and down, that is total joy and total despondency.
often these extemely opposite moods make a "normal
" relationship unlikely.


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