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lisahearts 08-31-2018 10:08 PM

Chiron in 7th cause bad relationships & loneliness?
It seems in all of my relationships and friendships, Iím always putting in 100% and getting nothing in return. Iím getting older and have never had a boyfriend. Iíve been seeing a guy for almost a year now and he still refers to me as his friend, he never calls me to talk on the phone,sometimes I really need someone to talk to. I only get a random text from him every now and than but he usually takes hours to respond to my text. I donít even think he loves me or thinks about me or even cares. I feel the same way with the people I consider friends, they only talk to me if I reach out to them. Also when I want to make plans with them, each time itís a fail, I donít think they actually consider me a friend. not one person wants to spend time with me. I get so lonely and have literally no one to talk to. It hurts a lot. Iím really nice and caring to everyone I meet but I donít get the same in return. People just seem to use me for what they want or only come around me when itís convenient for them. Iíve tried joining churches and different clubs and classes to meet new people but same result each time. I donít want to be alone forever, but itís starting to look like thatís my destiny. I have dreams of getting married and being a mother but I donít think it will ever happen.

mle6321 09-01-2018 11:08 AM

Re: Chiron in 7th cause bad relationships & loneliness?
From what I understand about Chiron is that itís our deepest wound- and at the same time- our strongest secret weapon. I have Chiron in Virgo as well, but in the 5th house. I feel this is why my artistic abilities are sometimes used to express pain but also to nourish, cleanse, and heal myself. (The 5th house of creativity/pleasure).

Chiron in Virgo itself makes us critical of ourselves, sensitive to other peopleís judgements, feel useless and unloved, anxious, and perfectionist. With those qualities in the 7th house of relationships, it makes sense why you might feel like no matter what you do, you donít feel appreciated by others.

I definitely understand the kinds of feelings youíre having. I recently moved to a new state and itís taken a long time for me to make friends. Once I started to understand that I was my own biggest critic, I realized that a few people wanted to get closer to me all along. I let my guard down some, and also lowered my social expectations of other people, which I was overanalzying.
Virgo is a very critical and overanalyzing sign.

People with Virgo influence are intelligent, humble, wise, practical, and a need to help others. Virgos make true friends because they are loyal, strong, and punctual! Anyone who does not appreciate you does not deserve your time, not the other way around.

Other people can sometimes be weird about starting new friendships. I think once you stop criticizing yourself and thinking that something is wrong with you, the people in your life who truly respect and admire you will come to light! :)

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