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manuu 06-23-2006 05:53 AM

astrology for all
to all,

Astrology is vast and never ending.we can spend a life time in it only to realise that we know nothing.understanding this mysterious science is a lifelong mission,a learning process which never ends.our quest should be for astrological WISDOM and not knowledge.because knowledge makes our ego say'I KNOW'...wisdom says'I KNOW NOTHING'.WISDOM tells us that what we know is nothing and urges us on on the path of learning.universe is limitless,never ending,so is the concept of space.our approach in the study of occult sciences should be open,free from biases and prejudices,our mind should be receptive to all possibilities.never should there be arrogance in knowledge and the feeling'I KNOW',because when this happens ,we loose wisdom.
our quest should be to learn more,to go deeper and deeper in these mysteries and always being humble in our efforts and successess,keeping in mind that we all are students and the cosmos is our master.WE ARE NOT THE MASTER AND WE NEVER WILL BE.

manuu 06-23-2006 06:07 AM

Re: astrology for all
BASIS of astrology is the universal law that each and every thing in this universe,from the minute sub-atomic particles to the largest of galaxies,is affected by and also affects,every other body in the and non-livng matter are included.JUST LIKE WE ARE AFFECTED BY THE UNIVERSE,THE UNIVERSE IS AFFECTED BY US.each one of us is changing the universe,by our actions and thoughts.our enegy and vibrations are continuously modifying the universe.The universe,when u raise ur right hand,is not the same as the universe in which ur left hand is we release is not destroyed,but is expressed in some other way and may be at some other circulates,changing form.each and every moment we are changing and the universe is also changing with us.

manuu 06-23-2006 06:30 AM

Re: astrology for all
how does the universal bodies,our solar system included,affect us?
here we have to give primary importance to our solar system,especially our sun.because they are the closest to the influencing enegy of the solar system is paramount.but the influence of the whole extenal universe has a subtle effect-effect which we still are in no positon to modifies the solar system influence,for sure.and universe is changing,moving and expanding.this explains why there will be subtle changes in the planetary influences across is never stable,but is dynamic and changing.

universal influences,enters the solar system,merges with the influences of the sun and others,enters the earth atmosphere,merges with the earths energy field,it reaches our surroundings and is modified by the energies prevailing arround us...our social circle,friends,neighbourhood,land ,house,family....and finaly it reaches us and reacts with our own personal energy field,our aura and the result decides our is important to understand that we areaffected by our surroundings,by our environment-living and non living and most importantly,our own energy field plays the paramount is the genetic factor which plays a vital role in forming our energy field.

manuu 06-23-2006 06:54 AM

Re: astrology for all
genetic factor is most important in deciding what we are.but it is not alone.our circumstances,environment,upbringing,attitudes,tho ughts...all modify and form our energy is this factor which finally decides what we are and what we become.this is why people with identical charts can be opposites,a king and a beggar,a sinner and a saint.twins brought up sepparately,become opposites,one becomes a law abiding,respectfull citizen and the other a crook.this is why,what applies to asians,will not work for affricans and white races ,even if born in same place.this explains why certain combinations are expressed in one society and culture but not in some other culture ,society or country.this is why planetary expressions change with human progress and development.this is why,that which was good for the ancient man is seen as afflictions in the modern times and the vice ancient times man was more animal like and mars afflictions would have been a boon to him,giving that additional aggression and fighting skills and thus increasing his survival chances.but now man has become civilised and todays world generally frowns upon raw martian expressions and so martian energy does not get a safe outlet and hence it becomes affliction.but even in these days ,mars afflictions are a boon for those with careers in which they oppose and are opposed by others.moon afflicted by mars is very good for those who engage in verbal duels ,like lawyers and politicians,

manuu 06-23-2006 07:16 AM

Re: astrology for all
mercury afflicted by mars is very good for martial arts people and rappid action gives them high speed reflexes and reactions and the ability to deal wth sudden emergencies.but this same affliction,in case of a person whose work is sedentary(office,computer),will cause lot of stress and anxiety(because the excess energy does not get safe outlet),and the person becomes very touchy and irritable.for people involved in aggressive sports like boxing,wrestling judo,kungfu...etc,MARTIAN AFFLICTIONS ARE A MUST,THEY MAKE CHAMPIONS.Afflictions indicate excess energy in one direction.on its own it is not bad it becomes harmful because in most cases this energy does not get a safe out let for expression.what was good for the warrior races of the past,the fighters,hunters,conquerors ....becomes affliction for an average common man.
in case of women,martian afflictions cause more havoc,than in men because men express martian energies more freely than women.the problem becomes more difficult in conservative society where women have to remain docile and obedient.similarly,men have more problem with venus affliction.
in case of animals,especially the predators,excess martian energy is very good,so also for the prey ,which needs quick reactions to survive.

manuu 06-23-2006 07:40 AM

Re: astrology for all
as u see,astrological factors alone ,don't decide what u are and what u will be.genetic factors,social, cultural,environmental factors play the major role in our destiny.they determine,how the planetary influences are expressed and to what extent.
Most astrologers fail miserabily,because they base their study on the chart of the client alone,without taking into consideration,the other crucial factors like race ,age ,family details,social & economic factors,the other environmental factors,cultural ,traditional and religious factors ,related to the client.they ignore these factors and jump directly to the chart and fail miserabily.It is very essential that we ask the full details and understand the background of the client before moving on to the chart.we have to apply the planetary influences shown in his chart,on his backround.only then will we get satisfactory results.only this approach ensures our success as an astrologer and the accuracy of our predictions.we must always keep in mind that expression of astral in fluences differs from person to person,according to his situation.

manuu 06-23-2006 07:59 AM

Re: astrology for all

Astrology is a very interesting and absorbing is gaining acceptance,recognition and gives a ray of hope to all of us,and let us hope that astrology gets its due place in the modern world.

More and more people are getting involved in astrology and it needs to be encouraged.
But we have to be careful comers in astrology tend to get lost in this vast science.they get overwhelmed very easily.they get involved too much in the technical aspects of astrologogy and miss out on the whole picture.he rushes into all the advanced natal and predictive tools and other highly complicated branches,WITHOUT GRASPING AND ABSORBING the very basics of astrology.many systems and tools are coming out,more and more asto authors are coming out with their works and systems,nowdays ,than ever before.and majority rush enthuthiastically and blindly into them and end up confused and lost.they end up as vast reserviour of bits and pieces of astro knowledge,without having any idea what to do with them and how to use them.they end up having large colloction of astro tools and techniqes without developing a system of their own,to practically implement their knowledge.

manuu 06-23-2006 08:18 AM

Re: astrology for all
to have astrology knowledge,no matter how large,IS NO GUARENTEE that we are good astrologers.people with far less knowledge ,but having the knack to practicaly use whatever they know, will be far better astrologers than those who know a lot but fail in practical become a good astrologer,it is very important that we have a very firm grasp of the basics,a thourough knowledge of basics is a must.this is not enough.we must recognise our strong points.we must develope a unique style of interpretations and synthesis,of our own,keeping in mind our strong points.we must develope a style with which we are comfortable and which works for us and gives us satisfactory results.what works for others ,may not work for us!.
In developing our unique style,we must integerate the systems,tools and techniques,with which we are comfortable and ignore those that don't work well for us.

manuu 06-23-2006 08:47 AM

Re: astrology for all
Developing a unique style is a must.but for that ,a thorough grasp of basics,is is very important that the new comers should grasp,the basics first,before going to advanced tools.the basics must become a part of us,like the blood flowing in our veins.
for this ,there is a need of mature guidance.guidance of seniors must be made avilable(AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS OF the forum),but peple like TIM(wilson tc) and RADU,people with years of practical experience and research.
TIM..RADU.. U have a very important role in this forum...TO GUIDE..u have to guide them,u have to help them to avoid the PITFALLS,u have to giude them in a step by step manner,to a lay a strong foundation for each of them.
TIM,RADU...u have to take the initiative to transform this forum ,into a launch pad for astrologers who are really good in this art.
there are many in this forum ,with rare talents,special talents.....draco....arian....howl.....but talent is a double edge sword and needs to be handled is very easy to loose focus and scatter the precious talents.the more the talent ,the more is the need of guidance.without guidance ,those with star potentials end up being shooting starS,A MOMENTARY FLASH AND THEN GONE!.
A LOT DEPENDS ON U RADU AND U TIM.U have to take the initiative.

manuu 06-24-2006 06:39 AM

Re: astrology for all

astrology is both an art and a science.
as a science,it is the initial learning phase,in which we have to learn the basics and the advanced tools and techniques.we have to understand and absorb the theoritical part,the mathmetical part and the other practical tools,IN A STEP BY STEP MANNER,THOROUGHLY.THIS PHASE IS VERY IMPORTANT AND IS UNAVOIDABLE.only after this stage,can we move to the next stage of ASTROLOGY-AN ART.

AFTER THE first phase,comes the second-the is very important that we progress from the first phase to this ART PHASE.BUT MANY ASTRO STUDENTS END UP INSIDE THE FIRST PHASE AND SO THEY FAIL.

ASTROLOGY is an art.we have to learn to use the different tools learnt in the first phase.and how to use, is an ART.A CHART CONSISTS of many many influences,in different parts,the planets,cusps,aspects,houses....,it is very easy to understand the influences of each,independently.BUT that is not enough,we have to mould,merge,combine and modify the different influences,TO ARRIVE AT THE NATAL PROMISE.then we have to apply the predictive tools on the natal promise to arrive at satisfactory results.this process of moulding and merging IS AN ART.and it is here that majority of astro students fail.

manuu 06-24-2006 07:02 AM

Re: astrology for all

astrology is an art.THE ART OF SYNTHESIS.

SYNTHESISING,the different influences is a lengthy and difficult process.much depends on the astrologers gut feeling,instincts ,creativity and above all, PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE.
learning,to synthesise charts effectively,is a long process and involves many trial and errors,sucess and is important that we work on as many reliable charts as helps greatly,if we have the knowledge about the lives(past & pesent) of the people of the charts.studying the charts of people personaly known to us,is very advantageous for astro students,to try and test their synthesising and predictive helps a lot if we study their pasts, to find astrological explanations for the different events in their past.only by developing the skill to spot past events can we be good in predictions of always test ur skills in the past ,before moving to future.
methods of synthesis differ from astrologer to astrologer.
we have to start somwhere,and take some point as the centre and go on to build arround it.most astrologers take ascendant as the centre point,and synthesise the chart, arround it.but their are also those who take sun,moon or the ruling planet,for this purpose.personaly,i use,the ascendant,sun and moon and combine different indications.but it is important that each one of us ,develope a style of his is vital that we work with what we are comfortable.
to be continued-

manuu 06-24-2006 11:41 AM

Re: astrology for all

we use different predictive tools.vedic astrology uses DASA SYSTEM AND TRANSITS.western system uses progressions,transits,returns,eclipses..etc.
here,let us focus on the western system and its tools.
first we have to be clear about the relative importance of progressions and transits, with each other and their relationship with the natal promise.

natal indications are paramount.progressions and transits can not over ride in importance are the progressions and then come the transits.
indications in the natal chart are most important.if the natal indications are benific and good,then harmful progressions will not cause trouble.yes there will be some minor problems,but the native will easily overcome them and use them for advantage.if the natal indications are harmful,then no benific progressions and transits can give positive results and they fail.
similarily,with regard to progressions and transits,progressions carry more weight.if at a given time ,progression is negative,then ,the good transits operating at that time fail in giving positive results.
without taking into consideration,the natal factors,..the predictive tools fail.this is the main reason,why our predictve tools fail.we rush directely into,progressions,transits,returns...overlooking the natal factors and give predictions and FAIL MISERABILY.

manuu 06-24-2006 12:06 PM

Re: astrology for all
NATAL FACTORS is the foundation on which we have to apply the predictive tools.this is a must.on the natal promise,we apply progressions,then the transits and then triggers like eclipses.
always keep in mind that transits ,not supported by progression and natal factors,WILL FAIL.
SIMILARILY,PROGRESSIONS,which are contrary to the natal factor,will not give the expected results.
care should be taken,in selecting the progressions and transits.each moment of our lives we are under one progression and transit,or some other.we will have many transits and progressions,most, of not much practical value.we have to develope the knack of spoting and selecting only the SIGNIFICANT ONES AND IGNORE THE REST.other wise we will end up chasing each and every progression and transit,getting more and more confused,and disenchanted at their failure.the art of selecting the significant progressions is a must,for successfull predictions.BUT HOW TO SELECT?-well there is no short cut,for this we need practice and experience.But to start with,we can select those progressions and transits which are in tune with natal factors.and how to interpret them with regard to natal something we have to work out.
to be continued-

manuu 06-25-2006 09:54 AM

Re: astrology for all

there is a law governing physical births.nativity is governed by this unbreakable law,that there is a time to be born and to die.from birth to death,man is under this stellar law.
births depend on the moon.occult teaching is that ,the moon is the mother of earth and it is from the moon that all life came to earth.moon governs the ETHERIC MOULD upon which the physical body is built.the moon's position at the time of conception determines the type of physical body that is to be born,with its peculiar traits,temperament and qualities.this lunar position ,determines the ascending degree of the rising sign at the moment of physical birth.this law is used in chart rectification.
at the time of conception ,by some mysterious forces,a magnetic or energy field,having a particular shape,mould and pattern,is created.this mould is the ETHERIC BODY and all the physical particles that go on to make the physical body, are arranged and built into this mould.the physical body is built upon the etheric mould.AND ETHERIC MOULD IS GOVERNED BY physical body can be built without the etheric body and no one can die until it has been withdrawn from the physical body.

manuu 06-25-2006 10:19 AM

Re: astrology for all

this etheric body,absorbs the solar influences-the vital energy,and other planetary energies and passes it into the physical body at the time of birth,with the first breath of is through the etheric body ,that the physical body and organs recieve the life energies and vitality.the impression of the etheric lunar body ,upon the physical body,is brought out by the ascendant at birth.
etheric body contains all the fatalistic tendencies,good and bad KARMA,sins of past lives,possibilities of the future unfolding of the personality,it contains the seeds of destiny for the present life,it contains the sum total of all previous lives,it contains the past and the future ,the past is linked to the future,each man reaping what he has sown.everyone is born at the time and place selected by his own actions in the past.soul moves from one body to another,it chooses the physical body to undergo and face certain experiences and lessons,good bad,which are needed for its evolution to the next higher plane,and this cycle of births go on till the sole reaches the level of NIRVANA,AND BECOMES FREE FROM REBIRTH.
man is neither fully fated ,nor is he fully free.he is both.
he is fated because he is born,he is born into circumstances good or bad and he has no control on this....HIS he is fated.
BUT,how he uses this present life,is up to him.he can either use the life and circumstances in the best possible way and evolve OR HE can make it worse than it this he is free to make his own way.

manuu 06-25-2006 10:37 AM

Re: astrology for all

coming back to the ETHERIC BODY,the seeds of destiny,the traits and the temperament are all contained in the etheric body(FROM CONCEPTION).
planetary bodies at birth merely serve as the sign posts which guides us to the truths-truths which are too mysterious to be directly understood by common man.only the sages and saints and seers,have the ability to see these truths.they can see the past and the future AND THEY DON'T NEED CHARTS.

manuu 06-25-2006 11:00 AM

Re: astrology for all

so we have three centers of the nativity.THE SUN,MOON AND ASCENDANT.
SUN-sun is the father,it gives the vital energy--THE PRANA..THE LIFE FORCE.this vital energy is passed into the physical body through the etheric lunar body .
MOON-moon is the mother,it governs the etheric mould out of which the physical body is formed.

ASCENDENT-it represents the projection of moon's image at the time of shows the physical limitations which the soul has to experience in this life.ascendant symbolises the image and pattern in which the physical body has been built and also the other traits and the temperament.
to these three centers we can add a fourth...JUPITER.

JUPITER -IT GOVERNS cell division and expansion.jupiter stands for expansion.hence it is given due credit in celldivision and hence in the process of growth of the single cell embryo into a full formed living being.
these are the four vital centeres in the nativity.
all these are deeper occult and astro matter.a begginer may get confused.but it is important that we grasp the deeper astrology and through this, the deep mysteries.the wisdom gained is worth the effort.
to be continued-

manuu 06-26-2006 06:01 AM

Re: astrology for all

astrology has three layers or circles.THE HOUSES,THE SIGNS AND THE CONSTELLATIONS.
HOUSES-the natal houses can be described as the zodiac of personality,they are localised and are related to the particular place of birth only and they are related to the physical body born in that place.

ZODIAC SIGNS-the zodiac used in astrology nowdays is actually the zodiac of our earth only.the twelve divisions seem like emanating from our earth,outwards in all directions.the divisions are the signs ARIES TO PISCES.
these twelve zodiac signs,their rulers and the planets in them(as seen from the earth),when considered without relation to any particular place on earth,has a similar general effect on the whole earth.our ZODIAC is the horoscope of earth.

CONSTELLATIONS-the twelve constellations,from CONSTELLATION ARIES TO CONST PISCES-FORM THE CONSTELLATION ZODIAC.AND THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM ZODIAC SIGNS.constellations is the zodiac of the whole solar system and is the horoscope in which the fate of the solar system,from beginning to end is shown.

manuu 06-26-2006 06:24 AM

Re: astrology for all

just as the zodiac signs rise and set,due to earths rotation as a result of which the natal ascendant moves through the 12 signs at rate of 2 hrs in each sign...IN THE SAME WAY ,THE FAR GREATER CIRCLE OF CONSTELLATION ZODIAC,PASSES ACROSS THE EARTH'S ASCENDANT ASCENDANT-WHICH IS THE EQUINOTICAL POINT-THE VERNAL EQUINOX,WHICH IS THE STARTING POINT OF EARTH'S ZODIAC(our zodiac).
this passage is due to the 'PRECESSION',IN WHICH THE EARTHS ASCENDANT-THE VERNAL EQUINOX,MOVES THROUGH THE TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS AND COMPLETES ONE FULL CYCLE IN 25000 yrs,taking arround 2000 yrs in each constellation.during these 25000 yrs all the 12 constellations ,from constellation aries to const pisces ,RISE AND SET ONCE,WITH RESPECT TO THE EARTH'S ASCENDANT.
PRESENTLY the constellation PISCES in on the earth's ascendant.THE VERNAL EQUINOX had entered the constellation pisces in somewhere arround 4'th or 5'th AD,AND WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN IN IT FOR ANOTHER FEW CENTURIES ,AND THE ENTER THE AQUARIUS CONSTELLATION .
the difference between earth's zodiac and the constellation zodiac is now arround 23 degrees.
the constellation astrology is the sidreal astrology and the zodiac astrology is the tropical astrology.somwhere in the 4'th or 5'th century AD,BOTH THE ZODIACS COINCIDED AND THEY WILL DO SO AGAIN IN ANOTHER 23000 yrs from now.

manuu 06-26-2006 06:52 AM

Re: astrology for all
these three circles of astrology-HOUSES,SIGNS AND CONSTELLATIOS,relate to three parts of man's being-PHYSICAL BODY,SOUL AND THE SPIRIT respectively.the houses relate to the body and the material,the constellation relates to the spirit and the zodiac signs which relate to the soul,come in between the other two extremes.

majority of the mankind ,is an average common man,is dominated by the the house influences,the energies of the house positions and the planets involved in them.the sense of SELF is overwhelming in him.and he thinks like 'I LOVE','I HATE ''I AM ANGRY''I AM SAD'.HE thinks that these feelings and thoughts originate within him and are his own.WHEN IN TRUTH IT IS THE MYSTERIOUS OUTER FORCES THAT ARE ACTING ON HIM
TO CREATE SUCH THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.even when he realises that the thoughts and feelings are not his own but are largely influenced by external forces,he has not the sufficient will power to control them.majority of us fall in this group and are bound by the house influences, which are most important here.the sign influences have only subtle deep effects ,for majority of mankind and their effects may or may not be expressed ,depending on the sign influences.

As the soul evolves ,matures and strengthens and becomes more clearly outlined,then man is less dominated by the houses and he starts vibrating more to the sign influences.the more evolved the soul is ,the more strong will be the sign influence and the house influence will recede very highly evolved persons ,those who have overcome their animalistic and materialistic tendencies,the sign influences will be paramount and the house influences will be very weak and even negligible.this is why in the charts of evolved souls like saints and seers,the house indications will not be reliable ,but it is the signs that are expressed.the stage of our evolution decides wether the signs or the houses dominate.

manuu 06-26-2006 07:18 AM

Re: astrology for all
In the next stage of evolution of the soul,the soul becomes near to the divine and touches the SPIRIT.CONSTELLATIONS RELATE TO THE SPIRIT.the present majority of the human race will never reach this stage and so the effect of constellations is not felt nowadays, for the humanity ,in general.
BUT RARE SOULS DO TAKE PHYSICAL BIRTH.THEY ARE THE 'BUDHAS' AND THE THE 'CHRISTS' AND IN SUCH HOLY BIRTHS-REACHING NEAR 'THE DIVINE',IT IS THE INFLUENCE OF THE CONSTELLATIONS THAT LEAVE THEIR MARK ON SUCH LIVES.such great souls rise above the house and even the sign influences and relate to the constellations ,for they have reached the stage of the SPIRIT, which is the highest form a soul can attain ,before finally becoming free from the cycle of rebirths by merging into the DIVINE.

manuu 06-26-2006 07:48 AM

Re: astrology for all
Mankind can be divided into following groups-

1)CRUDE AND BARBARIC -these types are utterly unevolved.they are overwhelmed by animalistic tendencies,traits and behaviour.they are totally controlled by passion.they totally lack control over themselves and are driven by the animal in them.such types are completely dominated by the HOUSES AND ARE 100 PERCENT FATED,THEIR IS NO SCOPE FOR FREE WILL.

2)THE AVERAGE COMMON MODERN MAN-he comes in between the evolved man and the animalistic man.he is neither evolved nor is he dominated by the animal instincts.he is materialistic to some extent,but he can also keep his passions under control by using his logic and reasoning.
in such types the houses are still most important,but the signs also leave an effect,though subtle.such person is not totally fated as the former.he can use his will power ,to progress and evolve and to refine doing so he starts using the sign influences more and more,andthe house influence weaken.but it is must that the individual makes the effort to rise.such person who though dominated by the houses, at birth and child hood and even early youth, can evolve as he grows and start using the sign energies more and more and at some point in his life he will relate more to signs than to ascendant and houses and in doing so he makes his destiny.but this is a difficult task and needs all moral courage and will power.many succeed in doing so,BUT MAJORITY FAIL.But this group is the future hope of astrology ,it is here that astrological guidance and support can be used to make lives better .

manuu 06-26-2006 08:23 AM

Re: astrology for all

3)THE EVOLVED MAN-he is the one the one who has gained mastery over the animal in him,over his passions,over his materialistic and physical desires.he is the one who has elevated his mind and intellect above material and physical and has tuned his mind to recieve the higher vibrations, which a common man can't percieve.he is the sage,seer ....
such evolved people are not governed by houses,they mainly relate to sign energies, still some negligible house influences can remain.these people are not fated, to a large is to be noted that a common man can ,attain this stage in his life,through proper use of will and moral courage,through righteous thoughts and actions.history has many sinners who transformed into genuine SAINTS.

4)THE SPIRITUAL MAN-he is the epitome of evolutions and very near to the supreme divine.houses have no effect .sign effect is also very weak and even negligible.he vibrates to the constellations,to the whole universe.he is the man god -the budha-the christ,his life is guided purely by the higher influences,natal astrology is meaningless here.only constellations matter.
such souls,even decide their own death time,they conciously leave their body,in what we call SAMADHI.
the LAST STAGE OF SOUL IS NIRVANA.when the soul becomes pure and merges with the supreme,that which we call god,Never to be born again.

let us note here,that though these concepts have their roots in hindu astrology and relegion,it is nowdays heavily used in western occult.KARMA ,REINCARNATIONS,PREVIOUS LIVES,SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY...ALL HAVE BEEN ABSORBED BY WESTERN ASTROLOGY AND IS NOW A COMMON FEATURE OF WESTERN ASTRO,ESPECIALLY THE ESOTERIC BRANCH.

manuu 06-29-2006 07:29 AM

Re: astrology for all

Can astrology explain the enequalities of human lives ?
why is one man born with the golden spoon,born into wealth, prosperity and all the comforts for a refined and moral upbringing AND ON THE OTHER SIDE ,another man is born into wretched circumstances of misery,poverty,immorality with no hope for a healthy moral upbringing ?
why is a vast humanity born into this wretched misery ...a hell on the earth ?
is this a mere conincidence? NO. IN THIS UNIVERSE EVERY THING,FROM THE
astrology we generally use is THE EXOTERIC ASTRO,which studies the material and physical manifestations in a human life.but even millions of exoteric facts can not explain this question.
for this we have to use the esoteric approach.esoteric deals with the subtle and latent energies which lie deep,but which can't be seen by the exoteric.
why people are born unequal can be only explained by esoteric wisdom,involving reincarnations and karma,which is based on the universal law that every thing has its cause and also its effect and that there is no accidental coincidences.birth is not in a mans control.he has no choice.why he is born into certain conditions ,good or bad ,can be only explained by karmic forces involved in the rebirths,in which the soul has to undego certain experiences,inorder to grow.
but we can completely ignore the esoteric and focus on the material manifestations in the present life,by using the exoteric astro.just as we can study the physical body alone,without studying the deeper self ..the soul ..the spirit.but the deeper occult researchers know that ,to see the whole picture of mans evolution,his purpose in the present life and future, the ESOTERIC WISDOM IS NEEDED.
to be continued-

manuu 06-30-2006 06:33 AM

Re: astrology for all

an endless debate has been going on,on this topic,among the astrologers.
on the one side we have the fatalist astrologers who believe that man is fated from the birth to the death and each moment of his life is as preplaned by the higher powers and there is no scope for free will.they belive in total fatality.but here we can ask a question.if everything happens as it is fated what is the point in knowing in advance,when we can do nothing about it.wether we know or we don't know in advance,they will happen.isn't it then better to not know and live as it comes?
on the other side of the extreme,we have those who enthuthiastically propogate the scope of free will,completely ignoring the element of fate and believe that man is the sole maker of his destiny.they overlook the fact that man is fated because he is born.born into circumstances over which he has no control.
both these extremes,by themself don't give the whole picture for man is neither totally fated nor is he totally free.he is both.he is fated by birth,because his birth is not in his control.the circumstances into which he is born ,good or bad,is decided by karma of past lives.
but what he does with this life,how he uses the circumstances into which he has been placed,to some extent, is in his control.he can better them and evolve or he can make them worse.this fact is overlooked by the fatsalists.this scope for the free will is what which differentiate between man and animals .animals are fated but man has some scope to use his free will.he is given a chance to learn lessons(based on past karma) and improve himself and help the soul in evolving to the next plane.
so what is needed is a balanced approach,taking into accccccount that men are fated to some extent and also giving free will ,a reasonable scope.
while studying charts ,we should study the karmic bondages ,indicated dy debilitated planets,planets in fall,those badly aspected... and also those indicaters which show grit ,moral strength and courage, and will power .all these show the powers ,visible or latent,in the person,which help him to rise above circumstances.these indicators are the good karmic influences.the role of the astrologer should be to make make the person aware of these positive powers and guide him to develope and use them,in bettering his life.
but the astrloger should make sure that the latent power is there in the chart waiting for expression before giving the scope of free will.if chart has no such positive indicators then there is no point in giving advice.the individual is fated to a large extent.what he should do here is to prepare the individual to accept the realities.the natal chart has all the past and future,the scope of willpower is also much?..depends on person to person.evolved and refined person has morer scope for free will than an unevolved person who is fated to a large extent.the astrologer must treat each case differently and should never impose his expectations regarding use of free will on the client if the chart does't give much promise in that direction.
as said before ,it is a delicate balance between fate and free will.this balance works differently in different people.the extent of fate and scope of free will has to be arrived at,in each chart,before giving astro advice.
to be continued-

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