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Ariadne In Naxos 05-16-2017 07:45 PM

Will I find my life partner?
Hello, guys. :)
This is my first horary reading...I've been experiencing my spirituality in a very deep sense since early age and always felt this "the one" and now I really feel prepared to receive such a man in my life. Could you help me?
Thanks in advance. :)

Bunraku 05-16-2017 08:13 PM

Re: Will I find my life partner?
You can attach the chart to the forum itself, since it has an upload feature in the reply page itself. Just a tip for future reference.

Iíll try to answer the chart once it finishes loading. It says itís still loading the preview!

waybread 05-16-2017 08:40 PM

Re: Will I find my life partner?
I couldn't open the link.

tripleooo 05-17-2017 02:16 PM

Re: Will I find my life partner?
If Iím reading the chart correctly, there is a good chance that youíll meet someone special in a monthís time... :happy:

You are Venus, in detriment, but in her own term and the Moon, peregrine. The other person is Mars, in his own face and Mercury, also in its own face. Mercury is the other personís significator because itís in the 7th house, his 1st. Here the partile square between the Moon and Mercury is very interesting. Although a square is a stressful aspect, there is a very nice reception in your case: Mercury is in triplicity in Aquarius, the Moon is exalted in Taurus. This could mean that you wonít get along very well at first, but in the end both of you will benefit from meeting each other. Both significators are angular too which is good because both of you will have enough power to act and potentially start a new relationship. Because Mercury is in a fixed sign and in an angular house, my guess is that the meeting will happen in one month.

There is some other interesting stuff, particularly the sextile between Venus and Mars, but Iím not sure if itís relevant. Iím only a novice in horary though, so itís better to wait for someone else to reply and not trust me completely. :wink:

Culpeper 05-17-2017 03:02 PM

Re: Will I find my life partner?
Your horary chart looks radical. The question is not very specific. and it is open ended which you really do not want usually. However, this chart can be read, and you can expect it to be reliable. Libra is rising. Your significator is Venus in the seventh whole sign house, and it is in detriment. Mars is in the 9th whole sign house, and is significator of the partner you are looking for. Mars does not have much dignity. Venus is applying to Mars with a sextile aspect. Therefore, the answer to the question is yes. The lack of dignity of the significators indicates that your search will take considerable time. Count the degrees required to perfect the aspect. It could be that many months or that many years

Bunraku 05-17-2017 03:43 PM

Re: Will I find my life partner?

Originally Posted by Culpeper (Post 785533)
Venus is applying to Mars with a sextile aspect. Therefore, the answer to the question is yes.

Aspect does not perfect between the two.

Bunraku 05-17-2017 03:45 PM

Re: Will I find my life partner?
For bringing about the matter being sought, you need TOL or COL or etc.

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