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Magical Fairy 08-22-2007 08:56 PM

Relationships....and bills..
Hi there Im new and was wondering if someone could help me. my boyfriend and I just broke up..basically b/c of his ex.
I was wondering if someone could possibly read my chart and see if theres anything goin to happen in the relationship category (friends, family, boyfriends, etc..) and possibly bills if u have enough time. I would really appreciate it. thanks :(

lillyjgc 08-24-2007 02:23 PM

Re: Relationships....and bills..
Magical Fairy-your chart has expired...can we have the data please? lillyjgc

lillyjgc 08-26-2007 02:22 PM

Re: Relationships....and bills..
Magical fairy:
I have got a list of your forthcoming transits here, just over the next little while...(from my astrology 22 program and edited by me)....I hope this gives you some idea of good and not so good times to initiate changes....Saturn is moving toward a square to your natal saturn....This usually means changes are imminent- a restructuring process....You will need to watch your health and actions as Mars will be coming toward your mars....Any way here goes; it's a bit
TRANSIT SEARCH... 28/08/2007 10:27 T SATURN SQUARE ASCENDANT N ( Strong 18Aug07 - 07Sep07 )
This is not a good aspect; all affairs appear to go wrong, low vitality, poor health, a pessimistic mental outlook, inhibited emotions, coldness to others and irrational fears create serious difficulties in your professional and domestic life. There is also a liability to accidents or a tendency to take chill easily, and other health problems of a lingering character. Expect trouble in connection with elderly persons and superiors; relationships may be strained or severed. This is a period of individual commitment, responsibility, self-discipline and hard work in order to meet new conditions of personal development - a lonely, frustrating and difficult task. Progress demands mature and accomplished self-expression.

01/09/2007 02:45 T MARS SEXTILE JUPITER N ( Strong 30Aug07 - 02Sep07 )
The aspect is favourable in its nature, but as Mars is never very suitably combined with Jupiter it cannot give all the benefit that might be expected from it. It will have the effect of making you very generous and liberal, perhaps extravagant also and inclined to go to extremes. It will make you enterprising and fearless, rather too inclined to take risks, especially where money is concerned. It gives social advantages and brings associations into your life that have an expanding influence, and in all enterprises you will not hesitate to push forward and use your energies to increase and improve your condition. To those who are devotional inclined it gives an extra impetus to religious thought; for it is the aspect that often brings 'conversion' or a great uplifting of the emotions, the feelings being excited to enthusiasm. If impulsiveness is avoided, the influence will bring useful activity, but if the emotions are not under restraint rash actions will ensue, ending unfavourably.

03/09/2007 16:28 T JUPITER SQUARE M.C. N ( Strong 28Aug07 - 09Sep07 )
This adverse aspect brings a danger of lawsuits and heralds a period of professional and domestic tension. There is likely to be losses in business, financial disputes, difficulties in social life, monetary losses and troubles in connection with persons having power and influence. Feeling over-confident, impulsive and careless you take too much for granted. Your judgement is not dependable at this time and your social standing may be low due mainly to your indifferent and arrogant attitude towards others making it difficult to rally support from any quarter. Problems concerning moral, educational, religious or legal affairs may be a feature. If you exercise self-restraint, responsibility and discipline during this period the opportunity for a new phase of career and domestic progress is possible.

03/09/2007 12:49 R T NEPTUNE SEXTILE SATURN N ( Strong 31Jul07 - 07Oct07 )
This is a period of calm after the storm, when you come to a new understanding of your present situation and appreciate that past confusion, uncertainty and doubt have been part of the learning process. Feeling relaxed, meditative, idealistic and intuitive and you may find a practical way of applying your artistic or hidden latent talents. Any form of spiritual discipline is favoured and periods of seclusion may be helpful for inspiration and for contacting the deeper levels of self. You may have the urge during this interval to study profound subjects or seek religious guidance. You are humane and caring, time or money may be donated to provide practical help for those less fortunate than yourself. Help at this time comes from inspirational sources - serious literature, lectures, education, books, older more experienced people, religious or spiritual teachers or even from deep mystical levels of self. A sound moral sense brings good fortune in business and social life.

04/09/2007 08:12 T MARS SEXTILE VENUS N ( Strong 03Sep07 - 06Sep07 )
This is a favourable aspect so far as harmony between the Soul and the Senses is concerned; but a great deal will depend upon you yourself as to whether Mars or Venus becomes the stronger influence. If the former, you will now enter upon a liberal and rather free experience of sensation, where personal feeling and desire will play a prominent part; but if the Venus influence is the stronger, then your mind will become more artistic and the force of this aspect will give you great mental energy, and raise your feelings to a higher expression in which the soul will express a purer and a fuller love, enabling you to form good relationships that lead to a successful and fruitful love life. You now find the influence of another affecting your life and you will be linked in a friendship that is binding in nature and very pleasant in its course.

07/09/2007 06:27 T MARS CONJUNCT CHIRON N ( Strong 05Sep07 - 08Sep07 )
09/09/2007 04:54 T MARS OPPOSITION SATURN N ( Strong 07Sep07 - 10Sep07 )
This is a very stressful aspect, for there is a liability to accidents and to some very severe physical experiences. You should act with great caution and do nothing impulsively, for this aspect brings some very rash tendencies in which action may be guided by a sudden and unpremeditated desire to do some deed of either great bravery, or perhaps foolhardiness, or even crime, which may have fatal results. You may find yourself easily irritated and prone to anger, and may commit some violent act if not sufficiently self-controlled; keep your desire nature well in hand during this period. If the lunar aspects are stressful at this time it will be a very bad period, especially if the other directions operating are also adverse. If the lunar directions are good, this mutual aspect will not act fully at this time, but will wait till other influences set it in motion. In any case it is a stressful time, and much opposition is to be feared; separations and marked estrangements are usually the chief features of this aspect. This is a dangerous period in which great self-control should be practised.

10/09/2007 12:08 T MARS CONJUNCT MARS N ( Strong 09Sep07 - 12Sep07 )
This is a good aspect for energy and health. You have confidence, motivation and ambition. Use this period of personal drive for success in competitive pursuits, sport or business.

20/09/2007 19:31 T MARS OPPOSITION URANUS N ( Strong 19Sep07 - 22Sep07 )
It is difficult to say whether this or the square is the most disastrous aspect between these two planets; probably this is the more far-reaching in its consequences. You will undergo a complete break-up of existing conditions, involving the change to an entirely new environment, moral, mental or physical probably all three. A disastrous termination to any love affair, or marriage is possible, and some acute suffering either as the result of accident, violence or extreme passion or grief is highly probable. This is a most trying period, and you should summon all your strength and fortitude to go through with it courageously, bringing your will to bear upon the ideal of maintaining your own centre; for all the forces now acting on you will seek to draw you from it. This is a period of extreme tension, requiring the utmost self-control.

21/09/2007 09:17 T MARS SEXTILE MOON N ( Strong 20Sep07 - 23Sep07 )
This aspect will bring great activity and increase all mental efforts making you very free and liberal, brave generally, and courageous. If you can avoid going to any extremes you will find that you now have a great influx of mental energy, enabling you to affect your surroundings and environment by your own personal efforts. It is a good aspect for travel and changes generally and if you wish to add fire to your personal efforts this is the aspect to give all the 'go' and energy you could wish for. Yet to many it will only mean adding fuel to the passionate side of the nature, as it will stimulate it into much greater activity than usual. To advance by utilising this force to the best advantage, you should let it work through your ambitions, and through the mind rather than the senses, thus bringing good health and plenty of enterprise, and so producing lasting benefit.

28/09/2007 03:58 R T URANUS SEXTILE SUN N ( Strong 06Sep07 - 20Oct07 )
Sudden benefits and unexpected gains can be expected with this aspect. Your magnet personality ensures social popularity and many new friends. Long exciting journeys may be a feature - or a new romance. This aspect will greatly benefit your mind, and cause you to be inventive, ingenious, and full of original ideas. Your mind will expand, becoming, interested in the higher dimensions of thought, and in metaphysical subjects, and you may start some mystical studies. This is a very favourable aspect in many ways, but particularly as regards the mental conditions, and under this influence you will form new friendships and fresh acquaintances, or join some society or body of persons interested in higher thought, aesthetic culture or original studies. It is a good tine to study astrology.

28/09/2007 T Mars ENTERS House 08
03/10/2007 12:26 T PLUTO TRINE MOON N ( Strong 28Aug07 - 08Nov07 )
A period of important radical change in your home and environment is probable; you have a new intense emotional outlook on life with the urge to get things done and make a fresh start if necessary - the old must now make way for the new. Marriage or the birth of a child is possible. You may also have a financial windfall of some kind.

09/10/2007 02:41 T JUPITER TRINE JUPITER N ( Strong 03Oct07 - 15Oct07 )
During this period good luck, financial gain, personal contentment and a harmonious social life can be expected. You are outgoing, optimistic and have enthusiasm for life. This is a time when you are able to recognise and respond to opportunities that will bring future gains. An excellent time to deal with litigation, education, philosophical and religious matters and foreign affairs; or do nothing at all and just enjoy feeling good.

11/10/2007 02:31 R T URANUS SEXTILE MERCURY N ( Strong 19Sep07 - 02Nov07 )
This is a very good aspect, making the mind original, thoughtful and ingenious. You may now find yourself very inventive and with a fertile imagination, with original plans, good ideas, and the ability to put them into practice. You will form some romantic mental relationships, and come in contact with those who attract you mentally; while your own magnetic aura will be powerful, and able to affect others. These influences will give you the power to impress others, also to turn the mind to the study of metaphysical and other profound studies. The mind will expand and progress, with a desire to reform and improve existing methods, also to take a broader and more comprehensive view of life and its expression. This good aspect will bring success in travel and will enable you to get on favourably with family and relatives; it also favours the forming of relationships of a unique and uncommon nature.

18/10/2007 16:15 T MARS OPPOSITION NEPTUNE N ( Strong 17Oct07 - 20Oct07 )
This is a very trying and, to impulsive people, dangerous influence: though it is likely to mark a memorable period. The whole of the desire nature will be in arms, as it were, against a sea of troubles, and unless your faith is well grounded, you are likely to give way to despair, or to commit some rash act that will only add to your sufferings. Only through a firm reliance on your spiritual centre can you hope to come unscathed through this ordeal, which may be compared to that passage through the' underworld' of which we read so often in the ancient myths. Women under this influence should take care not to place themselves in any situation where advantage might be taken of their defenceless condition. It is perhaps a fit to add that no one can hope to escape the effect of this aspect by a mere reliance on precautions or defences of a purely physical kind, since these planets are concerned with the spiritual nature, and therefore only spiritual remedies can prevail against them.

19/10/2007 22:08 T JUPITER TRINE VENUS N ( Strong 14Oct07 - 26Oct07 )
This will bring general gain, and many financial benefits, for all things tend to go well while this aspect operates. You will experience many social advantages through this influence, will make lasting relationships, and will attach yourself to others by a bond that will be permanent, very helpful and profitable: you will gain by travel under this aspect and much pleasure will come into your life. Your affections and sympathies will expand, and you will feel generously and kindly disposed to all. You should make the most of this period, for the more you expand and allow yourself to enjoy life, the more will you benefit by its very good influence. This aspect sometimes brings others into the your life who help and assist to make it happy and prosperous. It is a good time for spiritual and higher thought meditations, for it tends to expand the sympathies and the religious sentiments.

20/10/2007 12:47 T MARS TRINE PLUTO N ( Strong 19Oct07 - 22Oct07 )
Vigorous, determined, efficient and powerfully applied assertive action could bring you success and achievement, especially so if your desires also coincide with the needs of your community or society. You have new brave plans for the future with the energy, strength, determination, efficiency and will power to see them through to completion. There could be possible help from, politicians, scientists or high military officers. There is a real opportunity with this transit to have a revealing insight into your motivations, which could lead to new growth and maturity.

25/10/2007 20:53 T MARS SQUARE N.NODE N ( Strong 24Oct07 - 27Oct07 )
This is not a good period for social life: Generally, you are out of harmony with yourself and those around you - you tend to be argumentative, short-tempered and quarrelsome. Strain is put on existing social relationships, to the point of separation, and any new associations will prove disharmonious, tending to bring unwanted problems.

26/10/2007 03:20 T MARS TRINE FORTUNA N ( Strong 24Oct07 - 27Oct07 )
This is a time for constructive, expansive action and a lucky period for advancement, recognition and gaining the support of others. You are energetic, confident, optimistic, enterprising and enthusiastic.

28/10/2007 18:14 T JUPITER OPPOSITION CHIRON N ( Strong 22Oct07 - 03Nov07 )

Sorry it took me so long....(I been busy...) cheers, lillyjgc

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