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Thanaletchumy 04-01-2020 01:53 PM

My career
Hello, i need astrologer help. Pls i want to know when i will start my career life as I'm struggling a lot to start it. Even though i tried office routine job but I couldn't do it for even one day as it leads me to depression. As my life getting more troubles with family issues all, i am mentally and physically exhausted. Pls do tell me when i Will start my career life. My date of birth 28 November 1992. Time 9.48AM. Place Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Thank you.

creativei 04-02-2020 02:17 AM

Re: My career
Saggittarus asc sagitarus rasi .

5th house of poorva punya 9th house of bhagya aka luck is afflicted . jupiter in 10th is not good for successive profession life . it gives low profile job , many responsibilities but pay check is low . you earn through your intelligence and self efforts . self employed . educating profession is good for you . astrology also interest you , you even master it .

currently you are running rahu dasa which lasts til 2034 rahu is with sun in 12th , rahu no1 enemy sun and moon , also rahu placed in mars house who is 5th and 12th lord , he too debiliated . so until this rahu dasa dont expect any good things , rahu wont allow that , you have to undergo your karma , but next jupiter dasa is highly good and auspicious . it entirely changes your life , all your misfortunes and health problems gets vanished , you get over all happiness . till then you have to bear it . mutual aspects of mars and saturn creates obstacles in profession and financal crisis , so take care of health and savings . but since 7th lord in 11th you get gains from wife , working spouse . comes from forgein land .

8th lord and 6th lord in lagna , physical body has to suffer from humiliation and illness .

i think you become astrologer . my intuition says that .. that too not now in jupiter dasa only .

Your professional life starts in 2025 .

Thanaletchumy 04-02-2020 05:27 AM

Re: My career
Thank you for your explanation Creativei. May i know is there any remedies for it. Thank you.

creativei 04-02-2020 10:44 AM

Re: My career

Originally Posted by Thanaletchumy (Post 1036908)
Thank you for your explanation Creativei. May i know is there any remedies for it. Thank you.

No need of remedies you already undergone it , last phase of rahu dasa . so just bear it . even you remedy rahu does it duty , he wont any good since he is with sun . highly insulted rahu . so just wait , you have good time yet to come .

for your soul satisfaction offer prayers to durga who is deity for rahu, who controls rahu . go to durga shrine on any days on rahu kaal lit a ghee deepa for your age number , do this on every week if possible , ill effects of rahu will be reduced .

Thanaletchumy 04-02-2020 11:03 AM

Re: My career
Thank you for your reply creativei.

mathur_dinesh 04-02-2020 01:42 PM

Re: My career
You have debilitated Rahu in the twelfth house which is not a good placement for it. Its dispositor is debilitated in the eighth house. The dispositor has aspect of Saturn. Mars is in a nakshatra (constellation) of Saturn. Therefore whatever Rahu gives you, you feel a sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction.
An adverse Rahu in the twelfth house will cause trouble to your father and may even place you in a position where you may have to stay at a place much against your wish. You may experience trouble from the government, authority, your father or even your boss. Your difficulties may increase after September/2020.
If you are a Hindu you must read Durga Saptshati everyday or at least pray to Devi Durga daily as has already been advised to you.

Thanaletchumy 04-02-2020 01:53 PM

Re: My career
Mathur_dinesh thank you to guide me.

abhi252 04-03-2020 12:35 AM

Re: My career
I have a general question?
IS Jupiter in 10 house for a Saggitarius ascendant always not good for wealth?

What happens if the jupiter (in Chitra) is conjuct with Sun (In Hastha) in the 10 house in Virgo?

The dominating planet is generally the planet which has the lower degrees right? What if sun has the lower degrees in this conjuction?

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