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astroman1 04-29-2008 09:27 PM

Too many Configurations!!!
Hi, I recently read the different types of configuration that are possible. Such as Grand Trines/Squares etc. I noticed i had many different kinds.
Ok First one is the Grand Trine (water).
I have 2 Kites.(Focusing on Sun or Merc and Nep or Uranus)
It looks like i have a couple of T-Square (moon)
I have Mystic Rectangle. ( I think 1)
I have Wedges (not sure how many)
I also have a Cradle. (The outlike is Mer-Mars-Nep-Pluto and the opposition in the end the the 2 trines crossing in the middle)
I might not be right about all of them. Please let me know if im wrong.
And if they are right, I can't help but notice im swamped.
Any significance to this many configuration?
Thanks for any help.

My Chart:

Arian Maverick 04-30-2008 12:56 AM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
You have to be somewhat careful with Astrodienst because they allow very generous orbs to their aspects; you must consider the orb of the aspects involved in a configuration when you analyze a configuration's strength.

For example, Mars trines Pluto according to Astrodienst's orb settings, yet the orb of this aspect is eight degrees. Jupiters' trine aspect to Pluto is even looser, only one degree away from the maximum Astrodienst orb of ten degrees--although at least Jupiter is applying to Pluto (i.e. moving towards Pluto and gaining in strength) rather than separating (i.e. moving away from Pluto and decreasing in strength).

The loss of these two trine aspects would destroy the Grand Trine configuration as well as the two Kite configurations that are formed from this. I think the orbs for the aspects of the cradle configuration are alright, although I might not consider Uranus to be part of the configuration; Neptune definitely is, though, because Mercury trines Neptune within a degree and sextiles Pluto within two degrees or so. Again, Mars is sort of the "weak link" here because it does not have as tight of an orb with Mercury and Neptune, but everything else is pretty tight, including Mercury's opposition to Pluto.

So, I'd keep the cradle configuration as well as the T-square configuration, which also has relatively tight orbs. I'd also keep one of the wedges--the one with exalted Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Pisces, and Uranus in Caprcricorn--but I would drop the one that comprises the other half of the Mystic Rectangle you described because it involves that wide trine aspect between Jupiter and Pluto I discussed earlier. Therefore, using stricter orbs, you'd no longer have a Mystic Rectangle, either.

I'm sorry I'm destroying most of your configurations; the good news is that you can now focus your energies and studies upon those which are most important in your chart rather than overwhelming yourself with configurations with loose orbs.

EDIT: I thought I'd add this bit for future reference; some astrologers may disagree with me, but when you have two smaller configurations that make up a larger configurations, I'd generally drop the two smaller configurations. In other words, if I disregarded orb settings in this chart, I'd say that you have two Kite configurations (both based upon the same Grand Trine), a Mystic Square (Mystic Squares are comprised of two wedge configurations), and a T-square. Perhaps I'd also mention the cradle, but I believe it is already covered with the two connected Kite configurations...

Arian Maverick

astroman1 04-30-2008 02:23 AM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
Thankx for replying Arian.
Yes i was also sceptical about the orb ranges. Is there a site that offers more tight orb configuration? Also, is Ascendant used in grand trines?

EDIT: I went on another site ( and i made this chart:

Jun 04-30-2008 05:24 AM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
I didn't know your venus could be two signs away! Thats pretty awesome. Are you right on the cusp of Taurus? Sorry, the chart is like.. latin to me, I can't really read and understand it. I just thought it was super interesting that you had a pisces venus with a taurus sun! It was Venus right?

astroman1 04-30-2008 05:42 AM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
Yes, Taurus Sun but not on the cusp , and Pisces Venus :)

Miss Saturn 04-30-2008 06:23 AM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
The astrodienst orbs are set large because Liz Green uses larger orbs when analysing charts. 10 degrees for square/opposition/Trine and 6 for sextile. I have a grand trine, and my Jupiter Uranus trine is 9 degrees but I do use it. If it is good enough for Liz Green it is good enough for me. ;)

Use orbs you feel comfortable with always remembering the tighter the orb the stronger the affect, I have read quite a few books were when a configuration is involved you can take the orb a little wider, I read this recently in Donna Cunninghams book about major configurations. I guess I would give you your configurations back. The real question is whether you feel them operating in your life. :) If your sceptical about orbs use tigher ones. I have personally found my wider aspects relevant in my life.

astroman1 04-30-2008 01:27 PM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
Thanks Miss Saturn for the info.
I dont even know what all the configuration mean. And plus, there are sooo many, I don't even know if im using them. I can relate to all of them because at one point or another, I can agree with all the things in my chart.
This is why i was asking.. Is it positive or negative to have this many configurations?

Jeremy 04-30-2008 02:10 PM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!

Originally Posted by astroman1
Is it positive or negative to have this many configurations?

That's the Jedi mind-trick that is astrology: it is whatever you think it is. More or less everyone I know has a "better" chart than me, I have Su/Mo/Ve/Sa in fall, almost no aspects (actually I have just 6 major aspects between planets) and an unaspected Mercury and an almost unaspected Moon. Funny thing is I wouldn't swap my life for anyone else's in a million years, which is the same thing of course as wanting a different chart.

I think sometimes, when we have to struggle with something then we often learn to master that thing; I feel like my own master and I know all sorts of people with "strong" charts who are in a complete mess.

So, it is what it is. I think yor chart is great as well, because it has so many possibilites, you can talk about this configuration or that one, but really your chart is just one big configuration; individual patterns are simply compartmentalising the energy flow to make it easier to grasp by our feeble human minds. Why is a Yod so tense, because it creates so much difficulty with integration, and grand trines, great! How lovely they are, but nearly in every case people fail to capitalise on them without plenty of bad placements or hard aspects.

On the question of orbs I am mostly in agreement with Arian. I think too wide an aspect attenuates quickly; in fact I would say that a 1 deg. minor aspect is far more influential than a 9 deg. major aspect; I say that both from logic and observation. One interesting further insight; wide aspects seem to be less integrated; that is fine for easy aspects, tight difficult aspects seem more likely to be a done deal in charts I have seen; the person learns to live with them - I guess because they have no choice - but weak hard aspects seem to remain an annoyance for the entire lifetime.

Just a few thoughts. To answer your original question then, positive; how can life possibly be anything else? Even your worst aspects are just an opportunity in disguise :)

Miss Saturn 04-30-2008 07:36 PM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
Hi Astroman,

I don't think it's bad to have so many configurations. You work with what you have natally. I don't think there are any worse charts, even charts that don't have as much action with hardly any configurations and lots of soft aspects have their problems because of this. These charts can sometimes lack drive.

On the orbs question I used to use tighter orbs, and there was an aspect in my chart that I would never own, it was Mars in 6th Aquarius square my 3rd house Uranus it's over 8 degrees and I would never accept it in my chart for years. I know now that through my communication style, I can be an arrogant little brat :o . And I am ashamed of the way I have communicated. Others factors in my chart overrided it like my 7th house planets and Pisces. It took longer to appear in my life, but it is strong. From a direct personal experience the wider orbs can work, also if your planets in wider orb fall on an angle it can become more dominant this way (my Mars and Uranus sit on angles). Most of the time as I said before the tighter aspects are more dominant. Again use the orbs that you personally feel work. Jeremy and Arian use tighter orbs, I use looser orbs. There is no right or wrong just personal choice. :)

astroman1 05-02-2008 03:26 AM

Re: Too many Configurations!!!
I completey believe in chioce and the way you think about things. If anything, i can look at this chart and give myself a boost because the way i see it, I think it shows more possibilities and direction. Not that I wouldnt have it without the configuration, its still re-assureing:38: Im naturally inclined to look at the possitive side of things. I have been told my personality is very versitile. I can be complete opposite whenever i want.
I been sweet and gentle to stubborn and mean to unpredictable and very humerous. I guess the chart agrees. I got a piece of everything lol;) Generally, I wanted to know from an Astrologer's point of view as to what he/she would say about having this many configurations. Astrology, I beleive, has truth to it. So I wanted to know wat it meant to have, for example, the T-Square looking at the planets involved. Moon - Pluto - Sun/Mercury. Or the Cradle and the planets involved.

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