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piercethevale 02-15-2019 05:53 PM

Lucky in Gambling This Week
On Wednesday, February 13th, I was at a local casino and played six numbers on an 2/4/6 Keno game on a machine and on the second bet hit all six for $460. I had bet all seven ways at 25 cents apiece.
I also hit another slot machine just before I exited the casino and won an addition $75.00 having bet $1.50 twice.

Last night, Thursday the 14th, I played one set of numbers, that I picked, and an additional two "quick picks" on the Daily Four game, that the State of Calif. operates, for a total bet of $3.00. The winning numbers were 6593 and one of the two quick picks I played was 6935. It earned me $83. Had the 5 been over two places it would have won me $2161. I play in the "Straight/Box" manner which means I can get them in any order. To play in the "Straight" only manner doubles the winning amounts but the numbers have to come up in the exact order that you play them.

Presently Uranus is in the 30th degree of Aries and my natal Mercury is in the 29th degree of Aries. Neptune is in the 16th degree of Pisces and is making a "Grand Trine" aspect to my natal Uranus in the 16th degree of Cancer and my Asc. in the 18th degree of Scorpio. Transiting Mars was exactly conjunct Uranus on Wednesday and at apprx. 00* Taurus 27' last night at the time the numbers were drawn for the Daily Four. [7 P.M. PST] In addition, Jupiter in the 21st degree of Sag. is trine my natal Pluto in the 21st degree of Leo. Saturn in the 17th degree of Cap. is trine my natal Sun in the 17th degree of Taurus and my natal Desc. in the 18th of Taurus, sextile my Asc. and transiting Neptune while in opposition to my natal Uranus.

At as close in apprx. as I can conclude to as to when I hit that six spot on the Keno machine... within five minutes, plus or minus... 6:30 P.M., the Sun was at 25* Aquar. 06' and my natal Moon is at 24* Aquar. 03'. A chart cast for the location of the casino at the time shows a Part of Fortune to be at 20* Sag. 16' and transiting Jupiter at the time was at 19* Sag 53'.

It was a most profitable two days of gambling.

Additional of notice. Pluto, on Wednesday was at 22* Cap. 02' and conj. my Hermetic Lot of Eros at 22* Cap. 54' Part of Faith/Trust is at 21* Cap. 01'. Transiting Mercury on Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. was at 06* Pisces 36' and Vesta at 06* Pisces 17' and thus both were conj., within a one degree orb, with my Hermetic Lot of Victory at 07* Pisces 13'.
However, Saturn on Wednesday was at 16* Cap. 20' and was conj. my natal Part of Catastrophe which is at 16* Cap. 11' and will remain in conj. until late on the 22nd or early on the 23rd of this month.:annoyed:

As the casino offered me $40 in free play for today I am going to go and try my luck again, but I plan to risk no more than $40 of my own.
I'll let you all know how I do.
Wish me luck!:biggrin:

piercethevale 04-05-2019 04:29 AM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
On Monday, April 1st, I and a friend played the Daily Four lottery game here in Calif. We've been playing $120 once a month for the last 3 months and the first time out we got all four numbers, in a mixed order, and as we play the picks in the "Straight/Box" manner we won the "Box Only" prize of $344 ... I think it was. It was around that amount, anyways, and not a bad return for what we invested. The next time we hit nothing and on Monday we hit nothing.

My friend Jim, from down the street, came over about 9 p.m. and after hearing of my loss, He suggested we go to the Indian casino in nearby I had a $45 promo waiting for me.

Being that it was the "True Christmas Eve" Monday night [see my thread "Birth Chart of Jesus?" in the Degree Symbols sub-forum] I remarked that maybe I should as Xmas Eve has proven to be a profitable time for me to gamble in the past. I was referring to Dec. 24th as I had hit four out of five on the Fantasy Five lottery game about four years ago, which paid me a little under $500, and I had hit a Daily Three once for a ticket bought on Xmas Eve as well, whuch brought me about $400. But, being that it was the "True Xmas Eve" I thought that I'd give it a go.

Jim stopped to pick up his "old lady", [live-in girl friend] and off we went.
We arrived inside the casino at about a little before 10:30 p.m. and Jim said lets all meet back by the entrance at 11:30 pm. I asked if we could make that time 11:40 and they agreed. So, off I went.

In the first minute I hit a jackpot on a slot machine for a little over $100 I remembered another slot machine I had thought was a good one and went to it. there was guy sitting at it while his wife played the one next to it. So, I asked politely if I could play the machine and He got up, graciously, and allowed me to have at it. In five minutes time I won another jackpot of nearly $650. I gave the fellow $20 and went on my way. I went to another machine I like and in a few minutes time I won another, nearly, $200. I moved over two machines and won another $150, apprx. By the time I returned to the entrance at 11:40 I was up just over $1100.00... and I hadn't even used that $45 promotional.

Jim and his girl friend had gone bust, so I handed them each $20 and asked for another 15 minutes... which actually became more like 40 minutes and at which time I was up nearly $1700.00.

I cast a chart last night for the moment I parted with the two of them and began gambling and what I found is QUITE INTERESTING... INTERESTING INDEED...!

Here's the chart... disregard the title on the chart itself as I used the same template I have been using for that casino for a few previous casts. I just changed the date and time.

piercethevale 04-05-2019 04:32 AM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
I meant to click preview there, but as it is already posted, I'll let it stand... You all will just have to wait until I finish writing the rest of the story, here...and what I observed that isn't apparent on the chart...not immediately, anyways.

So stay with me may be an hour or so for me to finish writing this.

piercethevale 04-05-2019 05:29 AM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
You will all likely notice that the Moon was conjunct Venus right at the time and that Mercury was conjunct Neptune, as well.

...let me digress here for a bit. Venus was in the exact same Sign and degree [by Tropical Zodiacal reckoning] that it is in the chart I contend is the true birth chart of Yeshu'a/Jesus of Nazareth. Mercury and Neptune were conjunct in the same Sign and degree [again, by Tropical Zodiacal reckoning] as the Part of Catastrophe and the Part of Skill that the USA natal chart that I contend is the true natal chart of the USA but they were also in the degree previous to which the Part of Fortune derived from the Yeshu'a natal chart...but that is all neither here nor there, just observations particularly because it was the "True Christmas Eve".

Here's what I really found interesting. You see, my natal chart's, my own birth chart that is, has its "Part of Increase & Benefits" [Asc. + Jupiter - Sun] at 00* Sag. 20' 24"... [and that is from a 7:41 pm birth time which I long ago rectified by subtracting 16 seconds, but I can't find the notebook for the rectified Parts right now and, besides, 16 seconds isn't going to make a whole lot of difference to what I'm getting at here.] Notice where that Sign and degree are in the event chart above.
I calculated for the Part of Increase and Benefits for the event chart and found it to be at... oh, drat... looks like I messed up
I thought that it was at 01* Virgo 05' 54" but I now realize that the Sign was Leo... hmmm? I kind of "jumped the gun" here, so to speak...

Well, at the time I quit gambling, just past 11:30 pm, so as to make it back to the entrance, the Asc. of the event chart is at 01* Sag 11' 45".

But I also want to add that, in the chart for the beginning of the evening that the M.C., in the 30th degree of Leo is conjunct my "Part of Astrology" [that is now under a bit of contention as it is also known as the "Part of Omens & Signs"...see my recent thread in the "Astrological Parts" sub-forum that is about the subject] and that the I.C. is in the 30th degree of Aquarius, which by Dane Rudhyar's book on the Sabian Symbols, "An Astrological Mandala", is a description of the "White Lodge", aka the "Great White Brotherhood", aka the abode of the "Ascended Masters" and is also the location of the Part of Service and the Part of Bondage derived from my natal chart for Yeshu'a/Jesus and know that the entire time I was going from one slot machine to another that I felt as if I was being "guided".

Highly speculative? Yes, it is. I should note that my natal Jupiter is in the 30th degree of Taurus and Mars at the time was in a pretty tight orb of conjunction. My natal Mercury is in the 28th degree of Aries and still in a rather effective conjunction with transiting Uranus. My natal Asc. is in the 18th of Scorpio and my Sun in the 17th of Taurus. My natal Uranus in the 16th of Cancer...[look to the vertex] My natal Mars in the 5th of Gemini... and there are a number of other Astrological Parts that were in play as well.

What I thought I had that was so interesting was that if the event charts Part of Increase and Benefits had been in Virgo where I thought it was, then it was just before it conj. the M.C. and at the events end it was just after my own Part of Increase and Benefits had conjuncted the Asc.

I'll just post the chart for the end of the event here and follow it with my own natal chart and you all can pick the whole apart...or put it together...see what you think...It was the most lucrative one hour I've ever had gambling, I will say that, and how.

I did cast a chart for the other remaining time spent in the casino and found that chart at the end of that time to be of interest too, but I didn't download a copy of it last night.
I'll do that tomorrow sometime.

Meanwhile, I just leave this subject be for now...and a bit "sheepishly" say good night.
Should of checked all my work before I added these posts... let that be a lesson to and maybe you too?...some of you... maybe... or maybe just me...?

Well it wasn't the biggest let down. The finish to this story is that I got separated from Jim and his girl, couldn't find them and they weren't answering the phone. I had to spend another 8 hours at the casino and wait till the morning for the shuttle bus to take me downtown, transfer to the light rail and then walk another two miles to get home at about noon the following day...exhausted, and I had lost the $1700, and another $250 from my savings account, along with the money I went in with...

Oh well , it's only money, right?

.... @#%&*#@$&%*....!!! :sad:

My natal chart. :pouty:

piercethevale 04-05-2019 03:11 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
What I realized this morning is that the Part of Increase & Benefits was likely "spot on" the 1st deg. of Leo when we arrived at the Casino and being as such it was in "perfect trine" aspect to my own Part of Increase in the 1st deg. of Sag. Vesta was pretty dang close to making it a trifecta, that is to say, a Grand Trine.

....hmmmm? .... do ya think?

piercethevale 04-05-2019 03:48 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
Well, I cast some charts and find that an event Part of Increase & Benefits will be in the 1st deg. of Aries today between 12:28 and 12:32 p.m. at the location of the casino.

That's in trine aspect to my own said Part.

I've got another $45 in promo coming today, I'm going to see if I can get a ride there. If I do and arrive at the appointed time... I'll let you all know later on how things went.

Here's the chart I cast for 12:32 p.m. so you can all see for yourselves... and I kind of like the fact that the Asc. will be conj. the N. Node at the time, too.

piercethevale 04-05-2019 11:13 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
Well, I didn't go... not yet.

Casting a few more charts I found something interesting... again...

As my rectified natal chart above will prove, my own Part of Increase and Benefits is @ 00* Sag. 17' 06"
If I walk in the casino at 10:24:31 p.m. the chart for that moment produces and event Part of Increase at 29* Cancer 24' 01" which is trine that of my own Part by being within a one deg. orb.

The reason I'm choosing this time is that the Part of Fortune for the event chat will then be at 01* Sag. 03' 12" which is also conjunct my Part of Increase by being within a one deg. orb.

Now I just have to find a ride...!

Here's the chart cast

piercethevale 04-06-2019 12:20 AM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
I apologize for the error. The event chart produces a Part of Increase and Benefits in a TRINE aspect by a one degree orb to that of my own Part of Increase as it is in Cancer and not Scorpio

piercethevale 04-07-2019 10:38 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
I'm sorry to report that I was unable to get a ride to the casino and so I never got the chance to test this theory out.

I will try to find another similar set of astrological circumstances for a future date but I'm going to wait until my truck is out of the shop so I won't have to depend on anyone to get me there on time or get me home when its time to roll.

I did say that there was evidence of why I did so well until just past !2:30 am and here's the chart for the Q.E.D.
There is a Part, unproven to me as to what the titles given to it are, called that of "Sudden Luck" aka "Part of Bequest", Asc. + Jupiter - Uranus, and the one derived from my natal chart is at 01* Libra 12' 42"... now look at the M.C. on the chart below.

Savagettarius 05-17-2019 02:03 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
I'm interested. Was going to try a similar concept. Since the moon it's a psychic center I was going to wait until the season that sign rules and also other factors, and play lottery then.

piercethevale 05-22-2019 04:26 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
I'm not usre of what I wrote in post #8 as it doesn't makes sense to me this morning but I haven't visited this thread of mine since3 I last posted.
I did got to the casino on the 22nd of April, and arrived around just past 8 p.m. I lost about $100, I went in with $170 and was going to call it quits when I noticed that a slot machine I had wanted to play all evening was finally vacated. This was around 10:45 p.m. I decide to go for it all and play as I usually did on that machine, incremental bets, but goo all the way to the highest bet. You can play one reel to five and bet one, two, five, ten, or twenty times one cent, So a five reel bet at 20 cents is a five dollar bet. I start however, with a three reel bet, past experience has taught me that it's futile playing anything less.
When I got to the maximum bet, wouldn't you know it?. I got the bonus play. In the bonus play you can choose from five extra spins of the reels up to twenty extra spins and if the wild card comes up then the winnings, if any, are multiplied accordingly. I chose fifteen extra spins. I think the max increase is 8xs the winnings. On about the ninth spin I hit the best possible spin one can make and got a jackpot of $1375.
I did keep playing for a couple f hours afterward but I managed to walk out of there, that time, with just over $1000. So I made over $800 that night.

The thing is, is that I started winning at about exactly the same time I had on that previous Monday night....and cooled off at about exactly the same time.
Go figure....

piercethevale 05-22-2019 04:51 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
Here's the chart for that Monday night, April 22nd at just about the time that was probably exactly when I got that massive jackpot. The M.C. was conj. my Part of Sudden Luck.

Again, but going by the Verdugo City location for my birth as it is closer to the hospital I was born at, in fact very much closer, I have the Part of Sudden Luck aka Part of Bequest [Asc. + Jupiter - Uranus] at 01* Libra 12' 02".
I have often pointed out that of all the planets it is Uranus that has the most assured and dramatic effect upon my life. Time and time again, Uranus has proven itself to be my charts greatest influence.

piercethevale 05-22-2019 05:11 PM

Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week
The above chart goes to show just how important the chart axis points are in event astrology.
I just recently helped a fellow member with understanding his move to Berlin through the use of astro-cartogarphy...which is a marvelous technique btw...quite genuine. Astrodienst as the app to use freely. They call it astro-travel, however.
If you do use the app you will notice that all the lines use the chart axis points of your natal chart and while helping the aforementioned fellow member I became acutely aware of that fact that day. As I already knew of the effectiveness of astro-cartography I then became assured of how important the chart axis is in event astrology.

The above also proves the validity of that particular Parts formula as being what it is so titled. But keep in mind that Uranus is such a great influence on my natal chart and may not be as such on your own. Also, to consider is, that Uranus is in my natal 8th House, the House of Other Peoples' Money....

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