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Somna7H 07-21-2018 07:08 AM

Eclipse over MC
Upcoming eclipse gonna happen in Aquarius on 27th.
My MC 15° in Aquarius.
Is this the End of my Career ?

Osamenor 07-21-2018 05:21 PM

Re: Eclipse over MC

Originally Posted by Somna7H (Post 904497)
Upcoming eclipse gonna happen in Aquarius on 27th.
My MC 15° in Aquarius.
Is this the End of my Career ?

Only if you're about to retire.

Having an eclipse on your MC/IC highlights that axis. There may be a shift in your home and working life simultaneously. Perhaps you move to take a new job, or move for personal reasons and have to take a new job as a result. If you're planning to marry, divorce, move in with a partner, or become a parent, that would be a shift in your role at home and in public.

Tenth house transits and eclipses can just as easily be about your public identity as about your career.

There was an eclipse near my Uranus/MC conjunction shortly after I joined this forum. In hindsight, I see a shift in public identity there: to the other regulars on this forum, I became known. A couple years later, I became a moderator, which makes me even more visible in the forum. When I became a moderator, Uranus and Jupiter were opposing each other and activating their natal positions in my chart (I have Jupiter on the IC and Uranus on the MC).

Somna7H 07-21-2018 11:12 PM

Re: Eclipse over MC
Thank you.

I want to change my change my current job with better one and need better place to stay. Lets see if eclipse can bring light after darkness in my life.

Osamenor 07-21-2018 11:16 PM

Re: Eclipse over MC
If you're looking for a new job or a new home or both, the eclipse might help your efforts. You still have to make the efforts, though.

JUPITERASC 07-21-2018 11:32 PM

Re: Eclipse over MC

Originally Posted by Somna7H (Post 904497)

Upcoming eclipse gonna happen in Aquarius on 27th.
My MC 15° in Aquarius.
Is this the End of my Career ?

LUNAR ECLIPSES on the same or similar degree
recur at intervals :smile:

Eclipse effects ARE NOT NECESSARILY 'disastrous'
but they are certainly linked with change

such as relocation, change of career, relationship changes
and so on

An eclipse does not necessarily affect everyone,
only those whose natal charts are connected to it
by aspect to their natal planets
aspect to their ASC/DESC/IC/MC

Important to keep in mind
that the eclipse degree may be activated
by any transiting PLANET
within 6 months to a year
even years later

changes indicated may well occur to others
- such as friends, co-workers and not solely to family
when eclipses affect countries
then the entire population is in some way affected


'.....There are eclipses that re-activate other eclipses
from decades earlier and 'repeat',
which MAY have significant impact

due to that eclipse degree remaining a sensitive point for years,
even centuries.
Far longer than anyone had previously thought

A book to revolutionize the study of eclipses at Cycles Research....'

- a pupil of CHARLES JAYNE
has written a book explaining the effects of eclipses in natal astrology
as well as the effect of eclipses on cities and nations aka mundane astrology
and is a well known expert on Financial Astrology and applies eclipses to financial matters as well as to natal


"Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths" by Bill Meridian:

“Eclipse paths are an astrological technique that can pin point important areas on the surface of the earth for you individually.
When you were born there had to be an eclipse near your birth
By a method developed in the 1930's by Lorne Edward Johndhro of California,
which he later passed on to Charles A Jayne Junior of New York,
we can determine which eclipse is your eclipse path
This could be an area that could be very important to you during your life, whether you go there or not.
People from that area, ideas from that area, products from that area, can be very important to you.
If you are like me, you wind up living right under your eclipse path!”

explains that the "birth eclipse" is the eclipse nearest to birth, before or after
- usually a solar eclipse, but is sometimes lunar.

Bill Meridan's book explains that Eclipses on the same area can be studied as eclipse families.
An eclipse can link two places together.

ECLIPSES - a book by Celeste Teal is packed with useful information
and is available on amazon

Somna7H 07-22-2018 12:01 AM

Re: Eclipse over MC
Thank you guys. ☺️

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