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COMET 05-02-2017 05:21 PM

Why did this happen help guys:
I'm going through a rough time. I'm very strong but now I am experiencing sudden depression i want to know what is causing this will it ever end. I am very anxious about this LA job among other things too. Will this depression and anxiety ever end? I think I'm sinking to the bottom very slowly

Glad you guys on this forum seem helpful so i'm asking for your help or any advice

waybread 05-02-2017 08:30 PM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Sorry that you're going through a rough patch. Can you recast this chart using Regiomontanus houses? While you're at it, you could input the part of fortune. Then you can leave out the transits.

COMET 05-02-2017 09:16 PM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Thnks bud,

it has been updated now

waybread 05-02-2017 10:56 PM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:

I'm having some trouble with this chart, in part because you've already answered your question. You're stressed out, notably about your job (moon in the 10th house of career,) and your circuits are overloading.

I note that Jupiter, ruler of your 6th house of health, and oftentimes the good luck factor, has just gone retrograde into your 12th house. You've lost your mojo. Then you're ruled by Venus in your 6th house of health, in her fall, and just moving off a conjunction with Chiron.

I wonder, are you still pining for someone that you broke up with? I get the feeling of a broken heart around here somewhere.

No, obviously this isn't going to last forever. But if you are truly feeling lethargic, it might be a good time to check with your MD, if you think you suffer from real depression. In the meantime, please look after yourself: healthy diet, vitamins, exercise, water. Don't let your body get run down on top of your emotions.

The moon will sextile Jupiter in a few days, when hopefully you'll get more clarity, and maybe a little more optimism.

dr. farr 05-03-2017 01:32 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Often the "cause" of an event or development can be indicated by the 4th house of the chart. In this chart the 4th house posits Pluto-so I would venture that the deepest "cause" involved here is Plutonian in nature-for an elaboration of what such Plutonian causes involve, check the various astrological textbooks wherein Pluto and its meanings in signs (in this case in Capricorn) and in aspects are described; Pluto's aspects in this chart, indicating modifications of underlying Plutonian causes in this matter, are: Pluto square ascending degree, Jupiter square Pluto, Pluto opposition the MC, Mercury square Pluto, and Uranus square Pluto: obviously Pluto holds the key to the underlying causes in this matter.

dr. farr 05-03-2017 01:34 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
PS: the depression and anxiety will end, and rather soon: Moon flows to conjunction with the lucky strike North Node in the chart, so all will turn out well.

StillOne 05-03-2017 02:01 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
From what I know, "why" is always difficult to describe without knowing intimate information about your situation. "Yes or no" is much easier with Horary.

That being said, I also see a positive outcome since the Querent (Venus) is separating from the Quesited (Saturn). Saturn, IMO, explains endings since it rules the 4th house.

Hoping for a quick resolution.

Best wishes. :joyful:

COMET 05-03-2017 07:29 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Thnk you all very much for your time, your kind words, advice and interpretations

Waybread, you mentioned about me pining over heartbreak , matter of fact you may be right i have gone through so much in recent years i am finding it hard to let go of hold grudges from old wounds my past relationships have left. The most recent one before i met my current woman was the worst. but my current girl saved me , which is how i know i'm definitely going to marry her some day.

Dr farr, I will take a look at those pluto aspects that you mentioned. I really hope i can get to the root of the problem soon

Still One, Thank you for your optimism i hope i can see a positive soon, and next time i will ask a more straight forward question that only requires a yes or no.

Thanks guys

COMET 05-03-2017 07:31 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:

Originally Posted by unique_astrology (Post 782697)
Not horary but significant I think.

It might be helpful if the OP could share the current location for himself and the older woman. The 3 charts he has presented are located in 3 different countries.

Transit Saturn is not aspecting the Sun, Moon, or even Mercury in either of the individuals charts (Fitting to indicate depression) posted by the OP but it has recently transited progressed Venus in both of them and the Saturn interchanges between those natals reads differently to me than what has been posted but perhaps I am not reading them correctly.

There is no mention of an older woman unique_astro, Is it possible you have commented on a wrong post? if not then sorry i must be confused by your response

COMET 05-03-2017 11:28 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Unique astro i see what you mean, by older woman you meant my future mother in law. NY is not her birth location. Her family immigrated here from a different country. i will update her birth chart with her birth location now. do apologise for the confusion , it has been a long week.


COMET 05-04-2017 08:43 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Thank you V, for that very detailed explanation, a lot of it points to everything that is happening presently around me for instance , you mentioned that am considering making a change to my identity, behavior in relationships or facing an identity crisis . you have a point there. like i said in my previous post,my last relationships threw me for a loop, in a very bad way. the last one was the worst most abusive relationship i ever found myself. So after it ended very badly i vowed i was never going to be the same in relationships from then on, i even went as far as making a list of things to do to avoid falling into that pattern ever again in a different situation. on the top of the list was to really get into the person's head long enough to know all their demons first before committing any emotions because with my last relationship we married 9 months after dating i didnt know her all that well, the 2nd on the list is to never take anything at face value, to never trust and never let anyone in at all, never be nice, friendly , or open to anyone not even family never give too much away, or show too much of myself, reveal anything of myself that they do not deserve to know, which mostly likely is nothing i also made a 1 month rule of never showing interest in any one i dont know until after months or years of truly knowing them down to their soul AND never let anyone feel like they know me , or everything about me, that is weakness and my last relationship was abusive because of this. after that relationship i swore i would not leave myself exposed to another woman, because women are evil and i can never let them know my weaknesses, never let them see my true self. i have to protect myself, i built the walll of jerico around my heart, my mind and myself after that woman ruined me. so whenever people ask me questions i lie , i never once told a lie in my life but i am different now. i would even lie about what colour the sky is even if it was obviously blue because now i know truth is weakness i can not be weak. not for any woman. But i later met my current girl about 2 years after this list, and i did everything i said in my list to avoid being wounded again and she surprised me. i am never leaving her she is just like me. she is the exact same as myself before my wall was built. she is the epitome of truth. i can not imagine a life without her. and i regret the fact that she was unlucky enough to have not met the real me, the old me. but i am trying everyday to put down my walls only for her. it can stay up for everyone else but not her i know her now, she has earned my trust, love , loyalty and by god's grace i will one day marry her.


Originally Posted by Vyri (Post 782890)
It is Mars making the square to Neptune which is the melancholy-sadness worry or concern about your ability for resourcefulness connected to the ability to demonstrate your talents, that you find an obstacle. Should you consider going to school to improve these? Mars in Gemini near the 9th of university, makes for consideration to these thoughtful (Gemini) considerations, (Mars is within the hidden 12th to the 9th) hidden, mulling over? It is Mars or actively seeking these considerations, should you have them, that will win the day for you and uplift your spirits eventually with the ability to plan for them. (Aries/Mars as host to the personal 1st energies)

Mercury is retro (rethinking) Saturn is retro (reconsideration of Sag. learning or discovering alternatives to solve situations for solvency) Energies appearing in thought provoking signs, houses.

Take care,

All the best

Mhm when i attain my degree in whtever i choose to study again at university after i am done with my job i will go back and study , complete it because i took a sabaticle so i am very cautious of the fact it is unfinished and it is a constant worry , but i know that once i've made time and i go back to finish it i will not worry as much any more

ALL your points hit home. Thank you v.

I have now responded to your PM

COMET 05-04-2017 08:48 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:

I took what you said about the pluto aspects did some reading on all the transits of all the aspects like jupiter-pluto, mc-pluto, ascendant-pluto especially there both are the biggest problem and cause for my present state of mind. Every other of the aspects are also causes but those 3 really rang true. i used the interpretation for the transits because i found them to be the most i could relate to, the other interpretations like pluto-capricorn was said to be generational so i did not fully understand it.

But i wanted to give this an update. thank you for pointing me to the right direction. i believe you were correct in saying pluto is the biggest cause of my depressive frame of mind all those aspects prove it.

COMET 05-04-2017 11:56 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
Thank you V
She is a capricorn with a taurus moon she is everything god put on this planet to be as a mate, she is my twin, my life, her parents are ill but we will get through that soon as i can kick this depression and go after that job in LA if that fails NY is a big place too i know i can find something else to do here if i can just get out of this rot. i will put up her chart soon if you want to help.

BYTheway, if anybody is looking at that chart of her mom, i thought i mentioned that the time is wrong and my girl is certain that the location is wrong so scratch that, i thought that was the country she told me they were from. I will find out and update soon

PSPS. note how i use the term "relationship" lightly while referring to the last woman, it was not a relationship i dont think it can be classed as such the gemini monster lady tried to kill my entire family after she was diagnosed with bipolar and broke her former husband's windscreen in a domestic fight they had and then she continued to come after me because i would not put up with her violence after that she sent threatening emails and phone calls to all my family and friends (which brings me to why i said not to be open with information with anyone else) because after the first 2 dates she wanted to proceed with things and i rejected her she took great offence and wanted to kill herself and me and my family then i later discovered that she has been telling my family members that i had proposed to marry her (which i did and we did get married) but she after divorce she started destroying me and sent my work collegues emails of all our correspondence, she ruined my life but she was not the only one from past relationship that tried this that is why i said hurt from past relationships, this is a pattern but all the past hurts is not holding me to depression because i am changed now, my sweetheart is making my life so happy , i believe what dr.farr said is the real cause, all that pluto is causing anxiousness for my la job and the problem with my girlfriend and her family. i will like to make a new horary to ask if my girlfriend's family will agree to me asking their daughter to marry me, that one would require just a yes or no , stillone hope you would be able to help

tsmall 05-05-2017 01:57 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:

Originally Posted by waybread (Post 782657)
Sorry that you're going through a rough patch. Can you recast this chart using Regiomontanus houses? While you're at it, you could input the part of fortune. Then you can leave out the transits.

W, just curios as to why you requested regio houses? For all, there is no requirement on the horary boards to cast a chart in any house system other than the one you choose. Yes, transits to horary aren't usually important, but members reading charts will do so with the chart as cast. Recasting is not an imperative.


waybread 05-05-2017 02:20 AM

Re: Why did this happen help guys:
If memory serves, the original chart was heliocentric, and showed transits. Another post, since deleted, requested a change. (Possibly this was some other thread.??) I don't know how you feel about heliocentric charts.

With a posted chart, generally I would "play it as it lays," and wouldn't have requested Regiomontanus if this were a proper horary chart to begin with; but so long as Comet planned to repost the chart anyway, I thought I would request the house system used or recommended by some leading horary astrologers.

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