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cherrybelle 02-02-2013 03:18 AM

Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC

Transit Pluto and Uranus have been around my IC and DC. I noticed that the last several years many bad things that somewhat brought few lights in my life have happened in such a sudden. I wonder what will be happen next when the Pluto exactly hits my IC and Uranus hits my DC?
I kinda scared if I will lose my family when both of the outer planets transit hit my angles.

Currently returning Saturn is conjunct my natal pluto and natal mercury as well. And in a few months, transit Jupiter will hit my MC.


Thanks in advance.

astro_novice 02-03-2013 02:35 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
You should be careful definitely. Are you married currently?

Pluto thru 4th won't necessarily mean death. It's a symbolic revolution, or death AND rebirth symbolically.

If Pluto/Uranus don't make a lot of stressful angles to your natal planets, it's probably okay.

Best luck.

cherrybelle 02-03-2013 02:56 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
No, I'm not married, but I plan to next year.

Only one square from Tr Pluto to natal Venus.

Here the list :
Tr Sun square n. Moon and n.Uranus
Tr Mercury conjunct n.Mars
Tr Venus conjunct n.Sun and n.Ascendant
Tr Mars square n.Mercury and n.Pluto
Tr Jupiter square n.Sun and n.Ascendant
Tr Saturn conjunct n.Mercury, and square n.Jupiter
Tr Uranus opposition n.Ascendant
Tr Neptune square n.Moon and n.Saturn
Tr Pluto square n.venus and conjunct n.Neptune

astro_novice 02-03-2013 04:07 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
This is not how you would read your transits. I always use transit calendar. The timing & interactions between transits is extremely important. A good astrologer can foretell the stories, but nothing will ever be certain.

I think you're giving a snapshot of today's transits. I would look at when those house transits (Pluto thru your 4th, and Uranus thru your 7th) happen, whether you have difficult transits as well to your natal planets or not.

If you get married during your Uranus transit thru 7th, you may be the person who seeks "more freedom" in your marriage. In the extreme case, it could lead to divorce. Actually, I think if you don't seek "more freedom", your partner may. Again, "more freedom" is just symbolic, and as long as the symbolism is fulfilled, it would qualify.

Anyway, Love/marriage astrology is not my forte. Money is. If you could, I advise you to seek others' opinions.

girlcat 02-16-2014 09:55 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
I am also concerned about this. I am 12 degrees libra asc and 14 degrees Capricorn ic and I see in late April of this year all at the same time I will be having pluto squaring asc just a degree shy of conjoining my ic, uranus exactly on my dc, Jupiter exactly on my Mc and mars retrograding exactly on my ascendant!!!
What can possibly happen? I was planning a trip to south america alone for that time and am now rethinking it. I actually went to an astrologer but all she kept saying is that I'll be in deep plutonian seas, blah blah.
Any interpretations?

Neptune Rising 02-16-2014 10:05 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
How are things going for you with these transits?

I have transit Uranus at my IC now, and Pluto squaring the IC/MC. I have had the upheaval already happen though I have may other harsh transits - 8th house progressed Moon, prog Sun conjunct natal Moon, transit Neptune conjunct the natal Moon/prog Sun and Saturn soon to enter my 12th house. My Mum is in hospital and it looks like I have to relocate, I will be homeless for a time, plus due to this, everything I have built up workwise will end.

There is a new Moon in April which conjuncts the transting Uranus and may well trigger some of the things that the planet is hitting in the natal chart.

I've never been though anything as hard as this. If I didn't have my meditation/yoga practice and knowledge of astrology and looking for the deeper meaning of these situations, I would surely have gone crazy by now.

girlcat 02-16-2014 10:31 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
I'm sorry to hear NR. So far things have been ok in terms of my life structure and stability. I'm gainfully employed, I feel healthy, although I do have to note that my obgyn found some precancerous cells in my cervix that they are going to freeze off in what we all expect to be a simple and successful procedure, fingers crossed.
Although I do feel mildly depressed and lonely, this is nothing really new as it seems to kind of be the baseline tone in my life/temperament. But I am still highly functional and socialable when I want to be. Uranus has been hovering around my dc for the past year and I recently ended a year long relationship about a month ago and have been handling it pretty well emotionally.
There has been someone from my past that recently came back into my life this past December as pluto was effectively making a square to my asc to deliver some rather disturbing personal news. And that shook me up quite a bit, so that's the only other jolting event that has happened so far. But with reading other's stories I guess I'm expecting (not hoping) for something unmistakably catastrophic. It seems that when the transiting planet in question hits the ic is when the proverbial sh!t hits the fan, as that is the structure of home and roots.
I too am going through some other transits, namely saturn square my venus/mars conjunction and my progressed sun conjunct my natal pluto.
I'm really am sorry you're going through a though time NR. I hope things start looking up for you soon.

Neptune Rising 02-16-2014 11:41 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Thanks Girlcat. I'm sorry to hear of your situation too, I hope they manage to freeze off those cells and you find the power to heal from that. Give yourself the nurturing you need. I think in terms of chakras and cervix may be 1st or 2nd chakra. Feeling rooted and expressing yourself creatively, finding that inner child energy again.

Maybe look to where your progressed Moon is, the house and aspects its making to natal planets. Also aspects the Pluto/Uranus maybe making to natal planets. With Saturn transit to your Venus, what houses does Venus rule in your chart?

The transits don't necessarily mean the world will fall apart, for me, I've known that this would happen for some time as my mum had a stroke in 2012, the TIA warning 'mini' stroke. They enable us to break out of situations that can be holding us back and set us on a new path. I wonder, with Uranus on your DC, you meet some new and interesting people who have something to do with a new direction in your life. Maybe it relates to you home/roots, establishing more secure roots or changing locations.

With Uranus at my IC, its been a sudden and certainly shocking upheaval and I feel the power struggle with my mum's partner who has always wanted to take control of my mum with me out of the way. Pluto square my IC/MC. I also see I am heading in a new direction but have no clue where, I was feeling stuck where I was before all this happened. and I am certain the energies of the planets eventually lead to self empowerment, though I have no grasp of that at the moment, in fact feel totally powerless. It seems, the retrograde cycles are where the #### really hits the fan, as you say. The following direct motion is where things set straight or on the new path.

girlcat 02-17-2014 09:05 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
1 Attachment(s)
Yes you're right NR, it's important to remember that difficult experiences are just as important as easy, joyous ones. Doesn't make it any less unsettling however!

If we are going by the whole house system, my progressed moon is entering my 8th house just separating from an opposition from my progressed sun. Pluto/uranus are making no other aspects to any of my planets. With saturn square my venus/mars, venus being the ruler of my 8th house as well as my 1st... :unsure:

As the astrologer that I sought counsel with said, I am in deep plutonian seas...

astro_novice 02-17-2014 06:21 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
I truly wish the best of outcome for both of you, NR & girlcat.

Just my two cents here which are based on my personal experiences with outer & progressed planets.

Progressed moon transiting through houses only tell you what area of life will be activated for the next 2.5 years, and that's about it. It gives you a clue about what other transits may entail.

For triple transits, the retrograde or the second hit usually has the max intensity. However, the intensity actually appears to be determined by the speed of the transiting planet. And for retrograded transits, it's almost always the slowest periods, but NOT necessary so.

For transits that counts more than 3 (for Neptune & Pluto), they're a lot more complex, and I'm fairly sure that highest intensity may not be during retrograde. It's usually on the same thread of event, but not necessarily so either. They could be two separate distinct threads, as long as they satisfy the symbolism.

In respect to IC and 4th house, it will be about your "roots" & your home life. Pluto through 4th may bring complete restructuring. Uranus will be about surprises and eccentricity. I really hate to say this, but sometimes death could be involved, especially with Pluto. However, your "roots" would include anyone from your past/upbringing, and not necessarily people in your closest family.

Based on my observation in respect to timing of the event, it appears that house cusps are the most sensitive points. If your particular house is empty, then that's probably all for you. If the transiting planet makes other angles to other natal planets (EXcluding MC/AC/IC/DC) during the house transits, there may be more house-related activities.

One can further gather more clues to future based on other charts for the people who may be involved. MAJOR events will always encircle all the transits energy for all of the party involved. That was true for me and my family. In a way, the birth of two of my children has already foretold what may have happened to me 5+ years later. I don't know how much free wills we can exercise, but that's just how it it.

I'm going through one of my most difficult time as well. But I wish the best luck and most propitious outcome for both you.


girlcat 02-17-2014 09:20 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Thanks astro novice for your wishes, i too hope whatever you're going through looks up.
I was afraid to hear about a death prediction, although with everything that's going on in my chart I'm feeling that might happen. I wonder if it's me that will pass or one of my aging family memebers.
Or a fall from grace/status. Do you see jail at all?
My axises will fall directly in the middle of the cardinal grand cross between pluto/jupiter/uranus/mars that's to occur in April of this year. I'm thinking maybe an accident or something. I think I will definitely postpone my trip to south america which was slated during that time. :/

astro_novice 02-17-2014 11:20 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
You didn't post any chart, and it's difficult to read anything without it.
4th house is about your upbringing or home, and not about yourself.

The only problem is that the grand cross is probably hitting on your 4 points of AC/IC/DC/MC. I have two family members who will have this configuration. I don't think anything good can come out of it, and I've given them advanced warnings. For my relatives/family, it appears to me that the best outcome is a big verbal fight with somebody. The worst may be real accidents.

It's obviously impossible for me to predict anything for anybody, especially when Uranus is involved. All I can say is that you MUST be careful if that's what you have. The surprise will come from the Uranus conjunction area. But there are still 3 other astro points, and those transits will probably be related.

If I would have such grand cross transit (in late April), I will reduce travel to minimum, stay at home and take a break for a week if possible. Maybe still cut myself or have a tumble eventually. But that may be better than other scenarios. Maybe watch a shocking and scary DVD or something. The only problem is that the grand cross sky configuration is a slow moving transit. I'm not sure if 1 week is enough.

Do what you can though. If you can't help on anything, make sure to watch out the positions of Mars & Uranus transits which are the two most probable causes for sudden and bad/harsh stuffs.

I guess it is always possible to have something good coming out of the grand cross for some people. The fact that I can't think of any doesn't mean that it's not possible.

For sure however, you will see riots and possibly war from about March to May. Ukraine, middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.. It's just time. The entire world is going thru the cleansing phase of Pluto transit in Capricorn. The next step of the era of Pluto thru Aquarius is probably political revolution (& tech revolution as well). We will be all in it, and making the history for generations to come.

astro_novice 02-17-2014 11:27 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Oh, girlcat, another tip for you.

To make better predictions, don't look at those transits stand-alone. Based on your current status, plus the unknown transit effects, plus any other transits AFTER those transits. Set them up in the background of the house transits, and then imagine.

You could guess better that way.

Life appears random, but actually everything has already been sequenced (in transits).

girlcat 02-18-2014 11:37 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Thank you for your response...I attached my chart in the post from a couple days ago if you'd like to take a look. The fear and anxiety around this upcoming transit is really mounting. So if I take a week off as you suggest, do you think I should just kind of hide away for that week of the 20th? I really don't want to put my life on hold for any longer than that. I'm thinking how I would be careful if it's the shock of uranus that'll do it for me. I live and work in a heavily populated and dense area in San Francisco were I feel anything can potentially happen to me just walking down the street. Not to mention my commute is through a rough neighborhood downtown to get to work.

I have been examining future transits and i have some trines to my moon from saturn and jupiter. A nn conjunct my asc later in the year. My solar return for 2014/15 looks good except Sr pluto on my Sr mc. To be honest I don't think I'm very good at transit interpretations, my fear and anxiety get too much in the way of a clear analysis. Which is why I went to an astrologer last week. She didn't even mention the grand cross. She did talk about the pluto/jupiter/uranus but didn't give any indication of upset or worry. She was an optimist, or maybe evading the delivery of bad news?

In any case I think I may get another reading, any recommendations for good astrolgers?

girlcat 02-18-2014 11:43 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Oh and nn will be conjunct my progressed sun and natal pluto at the time of the grand cross...god, I'm in trouble aren't I :/

astro_novice 02-18-2014 02:35 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
I have 4 meetings today at work. If I have time, I will check back much later.

I check the planet positions (not down to the last degree), and apparently, your chart looked very similar to my two other family members, with AC/IC/DC/MC at about 90 degree angles, and will have grand cross landed on it. Just by chance, their four points are in the same positions as yours. But they don't have a job that they need to show up for.

Specifically to yours, I would be concerned about Mars on AC, together with Saturn square your Mars and Venus at the same time. Saturn square Mars will "thwart your action". Mars on AC means "fight (for yourself)". There is no way that I can tell what kind of fight that will be. I don't want to type the descriptions from Robert Hand's book. You should read it yourself. There are always positives & negatives.

I forgot that one of the corner for Grand Cross is Jupiter. So that's going to be good for your career. Uranus on DC, going through your 7th, is not so good for your boyfriend/husband, if you're married already.

And Pluto through 4th, I've said that D word before, and won't elaborate it again. You could tear down your entire house, and rebuild it, and that will totally qualify for a Pluto through 4th. But then, there are other scenarios.

By the way, if one day you get a lottery winning, please remember that you hear it from me, and donate some percentage to charity. Your natal chart is fairly good. I "specialize" myself in financial aspects of astrology. Didn't check anything else, but money-wise, it looks good to me.

Best luck.

mdinaz 02-18-2014 02:59 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Pluto on the IC can just denote major changes in the home, which could include people moving in and out, relocating to a new home, moving out of a parents home or they moving in, or yes even a death. The Uranus on the DSC can be more problematic and in conjunction with the Pluto on the IC, can denote the home change is due to a relationship status change. Because they are conjunctions the changes could be positive or negative, but because of the nature of Uranus the changes can be sudden or upsetting. Other transits as well as progressions can help tell you if the changes will be good or bad.

Vista 02-18-2014 03:22 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Anyone have thoughts specifically about the T Cardinal Cross hitting Progressed ASC/DESC at the Same time it's hitting Progressed Moon? All are at 12 degrees Cardinal. Do you think it would have any significance? I have not read much information specifically about this transiting configuration hitting progressed angles and progressed Moon, it's mostly centered around natal angles and natal Moon. I know of a couple people who will have this going on yet their natal chart is relatively free of challenges from the Cardinal Cross transits.

astro_novice 02-19-2014 04:20 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
I've not found any significance on transiting planets making angles to progressed planet positions. I can almost always explain everything with transits alone (including Chiron).

And so, I would say that nothing will probably happen in such cases.

girlcat, I've not understood north node transits yet, and found very little stuffs on them. I don't know whether they're significant. But if the transit calendar at is any guide, they appear to be quite significant based on the thickness of the transit lines.

Everything that mdinaz said makes total sense, and you will need to guess the most likely outcome based on your current status (+ the transits after that).

Neptune Rising 02-19-2014 02:04 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Thank you astro_novice for the tips! I hope you also are finding strength to get through these tough times. For me, the Uranus conjunction will be at my nadir, Mars at the MC. Natal Pluto is at 9 Libra and the transit of Pluto is on my 2nd house cusp. I have a sense that there is further turmoil yet to come in my situation. I understand these transits, as well as the eclipses through the 4th/10th house axis can mean 'endings' of all sorts. I am already packed up in my house in London because I feel I may be moving suddenly due to a need to fund my trips 5 hours drive up north to my Mum where she is in hospital. I'm trying to hold everything together in what feels like frayed threads.

I just realised, the grand cross Mars will square my natal Saturn at 14 Cancer. Saturn is on cusp on 8th house, and rules my 2nd house. Reading through your description for Girlcat who has the SAturn square MArs transit, I wonder if MArs square to Saturn would thwart action or enhance action? I am worried that there may be some argument with my mum's partner who likes to have control, he is already suggesting that he is in control of any money that may be involved while my mum's in hospital.

For me, there is a Jupiter conjunct Saturn, while MArs squares that. During that period though, the lunation new moon conjunct the transit Uranus is also active, activating the grand cross. It sure looks like a challenging month to say the least! It wasn't for a knowledge of astrology and looking beneath the surface of events, I would surely be going insane by now.

astro_novice 02-19-2014 03:07 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Neptune Rising,

I glanced quickly on your transits for a few minutes. I am not a professional astrologer (pretty obvious from my username), and I only have very limited time to check & go thru them.

Anyway, here is what I observed, (may not be in the right time order, but just near term transits):
1. Neptune conjunct Moon: very emotionally sensitive period, and I'm extremely sorry to say that you need all the prayers for your mom. Neptune (Dissolve) conjunct Moon (Mom/Family). I just went through a Neptune conjunct transit, and I personally witness its incredibly dissolving power. Following that, you have Saturn conjunct AC, conjunct Neptune, and squaring Moon coming up. I send all of my best wishes to you.

2. The Grand Cross "landing" on your 2th/8th, 4th/10th axis. That clearly explains your current situation with man with your mom, and this is a slowly moving Grand Cross, and it will last for awhile. You have Jupiter going into 8th, and that will help you win the fight. However, you have Mars square Saturn. Saturn represents structure. You MUST tread carefully. When dealing with inheritance, a notarized will with multiple copies is the BEST. I will always respect that. Mars square Saturn (from Robert Hand's book): "if you are careless, it has very little hope of success". Since you have Mars through 10th, symbolically it means fire burning (or action) through your career. Uranus thru 4th is sudden upset in 4th house matter. What I would be most concerned about is Pluto through 2nd house. Pluto is revolution. The changes that it brings are EXTREME. If you are poor before entering, it could bring you lots of good luck. If you are wealthy before entering, it could bring lots of disaster. Regardless, it's always multiples of HUGE up and HUGE down, at least to your personal scale, if not in real terms. Nobody knows whether the last wave is up or down (but you could guess from other transits). Pluto also means inheritance, and in this case, is favoring to you.

Back on the Grand Cross, except Jupiter, Mars/Uranus/Pluto are all making adverse angles to your Saturn (which represent structure in life). I don't need to say more, and based on your posts, that's what's happening. Furthermore, you also have Uranus conjunct Chiron. You won't find much on the internet on them, but Uranus conjunct/opposing Chiron are very TENSE (speaking from my personal experience). I have other people's explanation for Chiron transits. If you need it, PM me.

NR, your life challenge is here now. I send my best wishes to you, and hope that Jupiter luck carry you through. Jupiter is fast, and you only have about 1.5 years of its luck in 8th house. Take advantage of that, because Pluto is not going away soon, and you have adverse Saturn transits coming up as well.

If you guys don't have a copy of "Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand, rush out and buy one. I will also rely on google search to find out explanations by many others. More explanations always help, because planets are symbolic, and in no possible way can anyone fit the life story of 7 billion people on Earth into a single book.

Take care.

astro_novice 02-19-2014 03:20 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Sorry to utter the D word again. I want to emphasize that there are infinite possibilities for all transit outcomes. The natal chart itself actually does not mark an end point. One should keep an open mind always.

I have been just observing and contemplating about D, because my aging parents live in a different country, and I want to be with them and hold their hands when they leave the world for better. Because of the distance, and due to my career and children's education, I need to know way ahead of time.

Best wishes to all.

girlcat 02-19-2014 11:19 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
Thank you all for your feedback. I guess there is no knowing what will happen, all I can do is be careful during the week of the 20th and see what unfolds.

Thanks again,

cherrybelle 02-23-2014 04:41 PM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
1 Attachment(s)
Hi, many things happened. I move to a different country.
I'm not married yet, in fact I broke up with my boyfriend.
My dad is unhealthy.

I have Saturn return as well.
Please someone tell me that no more bad thing will happen...
Thank you. :sad:

Attached is my chart.

KillerKaribou 02-24-2014 10:49 AM

Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC
I can't really help right now except share my own experiences during those transits.

During saturn on my IC, i broke up with my partner and lived in 4 different temporary addresses, until finally 2 degrees past the transit met my now husband and moved to the other side of the world. (This was 7 years ago and Pluto obviously still in the 4th house, i still have no permanet home.... maybe soon who knows.) Also during that, i had Uranus on my Venus. It visited, 5 degrees from it, when i broke up with my long-term partner (there may be some other factors too) and it was on my venus when i releaved myself from a new, weird and different relationship and found my husband (which is why i moved overseas).

When about a year and a half later Uranus reached my IC, my partner took a 5 day road trip to think about our relationship due to my overwhelming depression and the problems that it caused, but we eventually got over it.

So i guess, those transits are always going to bring a conflict in one form or another, my brotewhr currently has Uranus on his IC and his wife told him, completely our of the blue, that she wants a divorce. She was also diagnosed with depression.

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