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Therese 07-23-2013 09:42 AM

Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
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I'm just curious what you think of this. Don't ask me why, yesterday I picked the year 2026, it just came like that, and I tried to see how this day would look like. I noticed that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were up to something, so I started to play with the date until their orbs became exact. That's 15 July 2026, on the 16th, the sextile between Uranus and Neptune is already separating.

It just looks curious, Neptune retrograde in aries in exact sextile both with Uranus in gemini (conjunct with Mars) and with Pluto retrograde in aquarius, and, at the same time, Uranus and Pluto in exact trine with each other. Jupiter is also close to exact aspects with all three planets, sextile with Uranus, trine with Neptune and opposite Pluto.

Do things like that happen frequently?

ptolomy 07-24-2013 03:09 PM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
Hi Therese

Aspects like that don't happen very frequently,Especially between the 3 outer planets as it takes hundreds of years for them to recycle the zodiac,But the significance is much more important.It has to be applied to something.And as your in the mundane section of this site it needs to be applied to a world event like a news event or the chart for a country.Otherwise there is no great importance to the aspects.If you want to see something more impressive look at the chart for Monday the 29th of July,There is a star of David which doesn't happen very often,Maybe once every 10 years,But again it needs to be applied to something otherwise individuals with planets at 4 to 10 in the earth and water signs are likely to have beneficial effects from this,and on the mundane side states,countries,governments,organisations,compani es etc are also going to benefit if they have positive natal planets at 4 to 10 earth/water.

Therese 07-25-2013 07:53 PM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
hi Ptolomy,

thanks for the reply... what do you suggest I apply it to? I am new to mundane astrology. If I'm curious about this triangle between the outer planets, what should I do? how do I go about it? I pick a random country, and do a solar return? or a secondary progressed chart?

And thanks for pointing at the star of David, it IS interesting!



ptolomy 08-09-2013 06:59 PM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
Hi Therese

Sorry ive taken so long to reply,Hospitals,illness and life in general have intervened,As i previously said you need to apply the configuration to something to obtain its significance.In your case it needs to be to do with something your interested in.And the method used is dependent on what you are looking at.Sorry i cant be more specific but i have no idea what your mundane interests are.

Therese 08-18-2013 02:00 PM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
hi Ptolomy,

thanks for your answer. I hope you're better! I don't really know my mundane interests myself. I was just curious whether it's going to be something I will "feel". Like, I did "feel" the incident at Fukushima, I had disturbing dreams before and after... but I guess we'll see in time.


poyi 08-18-2013 05:12 PM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
Apparently Neptune sextile Pluto this transit is described as the pattern of Hope.

"Return to Harmony: 2026 Hope for a New Age

So the fact that Neptune and Pluto, although presently separate, will reunite again, albeit 2026, is a sign of Hope for the future. With their exact alliance we can project the cooperation of science and religion, the melding of the emotional and the physical, and the global fusion of cultures and belief systems. However, rather than be reactive, its imperative that we begin working now towards world peace, human rights and a green world inspired, motivated and energized by the coming harmonious relation between Neptune and Pluto."

I try to relate this to my natal chart. Uranus in Gemini will be in Gemini without the 9th house of my natal house. Neptune Rx in 7th house, Pluto Rx in 5th house. The sextile Neptune Rx and Pluto Rx formed The Finger of God toward the Venus in Virgo in 12th house. I think the Finger of God will form better orb Yod before the 15th July 2026.

poyi 08-18-2013 05:26 PM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
To look at the signs itself.

Uranus in Gemini, with Mars in Gemini, both ruled by Mercury and Uranus rules Pluto. Mars rules Neptune in Aries. So it is Mercury we need to look at.

Mercury at the time will be in the sign of Cancer, Sun rules Moon, Moon rules Sun mutual reception. Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter.

Moon trine Netpune, sextile Mars and Uranus but opposition to the Pluto, Pluto trine Mars and Uranus so the adjustment might still be a positive one. But the focal point of the Yod is Venus in Virgo, it squares Mars and Uranus.

The date should be adjusted to get the right orbs.

ptolomy 08-19-2013 06:11 AM

Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026
Thanks for your informed input poyi,Therese i think if you have an interest in Fukushima then you should find out the time that the major earthquakes happened,Landfall of the Tsunami's maybe,More importantly when the Tsunami's hit the reactors and any other areas of interest and the Tsunami impact times on them.Then maybe the times that each one of the four reactors exploded,Also the times of any major incidents and important announcements.
I could go on,But i'm sure you get my drift for Mundane timing of the important incidents.Chances are you can find a lot of them easily on a Google search.
There are so many interpretation methods and i don't intend to tell you which ones to use,All i can suggest is that you use the method/s that you have already found work for you,And maybe dabble in other ones that you find interesting.Otherwise don't be afraid to carry on asking for advice off this site.:)

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