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cloud33 02-27-2019 08:51 PM

Why oh why ?
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Can anyone shed any light on why I can not get this person out of my head, this is a long time crush and I get very little in terms of interaction from this person, which is why my near obsession is driving me a bit mad.

I know his date of birth, but I've guessed him as a sag rising.

Is it the pluto contacts my mine to his moon and his to my sun ?

I'm ok when I'm not around him, but my heart starts racing (like a school girl) when I see him - he must think I have an anxiety disorder :unsure: and I gave him a hug last week (the first and only time) and the intensity of the feeling was unbelievable. I have never been this bonkers over someone. I'm just curious really and keen to understand more than anything, because despite the attraction he can also be an annoying egotistical beep beep...which I don't find very attractive at all.

Thanks in advance for anyone that responds x

Sweet Pea 02-28-2019 10:33 AM

Re: Why oh why ?
Annoyingly egotistical is his Leo Sun and Venus, made worse by the trine to his Chiron in Aries and the opposition to his Mars.

You have Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Pisces which is the fantasizing sign and also the one in which boundaries between your aura and other people's auras can be weak. His Pluto is certainly 'gripping' your Sun and Venus. Imagine an actual line of etheric energy stretching from his body (and with Pluto, the lower parts!) straight into one or more of your chakras. You're caught. Moon-Pluto in men can be quite vampiristic and even more so with Moon in Pisces. They oooze out a sweet sticky web to catch females in. 'Come into my parlour', said the spider to the fly. It's how a narcissist would operate in order to get his 'fix' of love supply which Leo is always hungry for.

There's also an exact conjunction of his Vesta to your Mars, and your Moon to his Uranus. And a trine from his Mars to your Uranus. These can all create an exchange of excitement for both of you. Mars sets adrenalin coursing round your body and creates sexual desire. Best not to hug him if you don't want things moving to a more physical level. Sexual chemistry can be very potent and regretted later.

cloud33 02-28-2019 07:36 PM

Re: Why oh why ?
Thank you sweet pea.

I think the most frustrating about this connection is that this person has never outwardly let onto me that he's is attracted to me, which has made me feel like I'm going a bit mad.

I know that he is (or he is at least liking the attention) but I end up doubting myself because I am aware that I can be a bit prone to wishful thinking and self deception, with all that Piscean energy.

He was a long time work colleague that has now left my place of employment, the hug was just to say goodbye and I was also wanting it to serve as a bit of closure for myself, but oh my god !

I'm in my mid forties now and I have never felt chemistry/obsession like this before and most of my exes are Scorpios, so that's saying something!

rahu 03-01-2019 02:30 AM

Re: Why oh why ?
hi cloud33

there are a couple of aspects that pertinent your predicament.
looking at your composite with him, pluto is conjunct to psyche and square to the moon conjunct to jupiter, with these two on the vertex axis. pluto brings the obsessions into the matter not to slight the insane romantic fixation that psyche adds, but with Jupiter and moon on the vertex ,there is a otherworldly feeling connection that is crazy feeling.

then the sun is conjunct to venus and opposed to neptune which is very Romantic and loving feeling with Neptune the planet illusion ...or delusion.and with pholous square to this opposition your mind is preoccupied wth these "imaginary "impulses.

the asteroid aura is on the composite ascendant so your feel each other etheric energies, though this is subtle since this is not a physical connection.

an there is an element of danger here also that may be part of the glue.
ixion is conjunct to liith and square to you are so lost in would kill to be with him.

cloud33 03-01-2019 10:43 AM

Re: Why oh why ?
Thank you Rahu

My intuition is telling me to run for the hills, but my Neptunian fuzziness is romanticising the situation. I desperately want it to work out, but his personality (big ego, enjoys causing arguments by playing devils advocate) alone would drive me mad. He's not totally obnoxious when you actually get beyond the surface BS, which is like pulling teeth, but that's his default setting.

Its easier now that I am not working around him to move on, but he dropped into work last week for something, I only had to catch sight of him for the nervy energy to come rushing back - its quite ridiculous really.

I am very sensitive to energy and I've done a lot of spiritual work, so I can pick up on the psychic link, he's often in my dreams - no escaping the buggar!

Anyway this is all very useful writing this down and the feedback I am getting, its helping me to put it into context and see it for what it is.

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