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moonmoney 11-22-2020 10:08 PM

Will we get married?
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Hello, all!

I am considering asking my long-term partner about marriage for insurance purposes. It would make things much easier for me be able to contribute financially to our household. We are on the fence about getting married even if we are together forever, but this question popped into my head so I decided to cast a chart.

Significator (me): Merc in the 6th house. Lol. The house of health and service. Seems very appropriate for the question.

Sun in the 7th house of partnership.

Partner is Jupiter in the 9th house between Saturn and Pluto (hmm... not sure I like that.)

Moon and Neptune hanging out in 8th house pisces... delusions? Substance abuse issues?

Not really sure how to interpret the aspects, hoping for some help.

Thank you!

tikana 11-23-2020 02:34 AM

Re: Will we get married?
i wouldnt hold my breath on it

1. sextile without receptions and weak planets plus fixed
2. cadent/succeedent houses
3. moon is not doing anyone any favoris

ElenaJ 11-23-2020 10:34 AM

Re: Will we get married?
Before considering the chart, just a general note.
The difference between living together in a relationship and a legal marriage is quite a difference.
Have you ever heard of the couples who are together for 20 years, decide to marry, and then divorce after a couple of years?
The reason for this is that a legal marriage changes the dynamics of the relationship, it moves into the 7th house.
So, you should carefully look at both of your natal charts, evaluate the 7th houses to see if they are well aspected in each chart, and between the two of you.
Moving on to the horary, you are mercury, as you wrote in the 6th house of service, sickness and work. This could refer to your role in the relationship, for example you work together, or you help him in his healing, you know best what this might be. Mercury is in its own natural house here, the 6th, so in its own realm.
Mercury is in scorpio, but it is intercepted in the 6th so not having a direct voice to express itself.
He is Jupiter of the 7th, and is appropriately situated in the 9th of legal affairs, which is also the natural house of Jupiter, so although he is at a disadvantage in Capricorn, the house place strengthens him.
Mercury approaches a sextile to Jupiter, which is a very positive aspect towards a Yes.
Jupiter separates from the pluto conjunction and will not reach Saturn until they both change signs.
Mercury will sextile slow moving pluto before it reaches Jupiter, and pluto is the co-significator of scorpio, so relates again to the 6th house.
Moon is in the 11th of wishes and the future, and approaches mercury, you, by trine. Another indication for a Yes.
You entered the North node but not the south node, which we would see is located in the 7th house. This is an indication that the relationship itself will not necessarily benefit from the marriage, but it may be a karmic outcome, which is what south node represents.
Of course if you are marrying for money, basically, the 2nd and 8th be considered and these are both ruled by the same planets as the 1st and 7th, mercury and Jupiter, so we can an integration here of motivation. The 8th is also your insurance, the 2nd is his, so this ties in as well.
Mars is the other co-significator of scorpio, on the cusp of the 12th of hidden matters, and looks as though it is approaching a square to Jupiter, but this will not take place, because Jupiter and Saturn change signs before mars reaches them. Although mars is direct and strong by sign it will not reach pluto before mercury does.
Moon in pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and by Neptune. Before moon reaches Neptune, it will complete the trine to mercury.
The Part of Fortune is at 9 virgo, exactly opposite the moon, on the cusp of the 5th of children and investments.
The Part of Marriage is located at 1 cancer, in the 2nd house, showing the motive for the marriage, and it is trine Venus of love in the 6th.

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