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love-thinking 11-09-2018 04:41 PM

How to find love in one's chart
I feel like this is very important and for a while I've been researching this, and looking at my chart and my best friends charts to support these theories.

So I use vedic techniques with tropical astrology and I have my reasons behind this but this is not the topic for this thread.

I reccomend anyone that wants to use these techniques to down load this software for free.

Then go to preferences, related to calculations, ayanamsha, put tropical astrology in the box, and click the box that says to keep sidereal nakshatras.

So what do I use to look at the lover of the person is the lowest degree planet in one's chart along with the 7th house ruler, and whatever is in your 7th house. This denotes how the final lover that will have the most effect on you/spouse will look like and what profession they will have.

I have tried this out on my parents chart, my bestfriends' chart and my own.

I have found this more often than not, that the nakshatra/lunar mansion of your lowest degree planet(excluding neptune, pluto, and uranus) will denote to the type of profession your partner will have. Whereas the lowest degree planet, and conjunctions to it, the 7th house ruler, conjuncts to the 7th house ruler and planets in the 7th house is how the spouse will look like.

So what you do is find the lowest degree planet in one's chart, and match the degrees here:

Look for the tropical degrees.

When you find the nakshatra/lunar mansion, google the professions associated with such lunar mansion. Or watch it on youtube which I would reccomend even more.

Now I'll get into the looks portion in my next thread. But here's the thing, not all important people you'll attract will stay/you'll have a great r/s with, but keep in mind this is the person that will have the greatest impact in your life.

So when you are dating someone, you want to check three things. And most of the times if they are the one(and by one I mean the one that will have the most impact in your life), you have to check for:

1. Looks-should correspond to all that I stated earlier(this will be talked about in my next thread)
2. Whether their highest degree planet in their chart is your lowest degree planet or vice versa. Which means is their highest degree planet in the lunar mansion/nakshatra that your lowest degree planet is in (excluding the nodes, chiron, lilith, pluto, neptune and uranus) or IS your highest degree planet in the lunar mansion/nakshatra their lowest degree planet in their chart?
3. Whether they are truly in the profession of the nakshatra/lunar mansion that your lowest degree planet is in.

And bonus is if in synastry the north node is conjunct the other person's personal planets(sun, moon, venus, asc)

Usually if a person shows at least 2-4 the above, this person is the one or you will keep on attracting people with the above descriptions. Now if someone has all four of these, just know this person is going to be there for life no matter how hard you try and run. Or at the very least, this person is going to be in your head at all times.

So when are you going to meet this person. I will get more in depth about this in my predictions thread. But in general, when you have a dasha(vedic dasha) denoting to the planet that rules your partner, you can expect this "one" to arrive. This planet is not the 7th house ruler, it's a different planet which I will get further into in my predictions thread.

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