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Caladir 07-06-2018 12:38 AM

In Which I Ponder My Psychic Abilities
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I was wondering what my level of psychic potential is. Attached are two versions of my natal chart.

rahu 07-06-2018 03:32 AM

Re: In Which I Ponder My Psychic Abilities
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hi cladir

you have Uranus and psyche conjunct the south node. Uranus is associated with astral.vivid dreams and other phenomena such as sleep paralysis and out of the body experiences .
in addition you have the mercury/Uranus midpoint conjunct your asteroid aura and opposed to the vertex .
quite a plateful.

your Uranus position can show prophetic dreams ad flying dreams. with the south node involved, you may have a bad temper at times and could have dreams that are threating. but generally it shows a inherent ability to understand other people intentions and thought
psyche with the south node increases you sensitivity to other peoples emotions. this aspect does give a attractive energy to you but with Uranus you don't seem to like to be with one person.

your mercury/Uranus midpoint conjunct to aura is very interesting as this implies that you can see other peoples auras, the etheric electrical energy field around living beings. you might study auras and the colors that have, as one can judge much about a person from the color of their aura. ad with the vertex opposed to these, you might be overwhelmed by the intensity of the auras that you see

you have another pattern that does not exactly indicate a psychic ability but it does reflect a deep emotional sensitivity you have. your Chiron is conjunct to Lilith and to Pluto with the Eros/psyche midpoint also conjunct to Lilith.
this most likely is problematic because it shows you are deeply sensitive to others emotions and that you elict strong feeling of love from others. Again this is a emotionally attractive aspect because you just radiate a certain feeling of attraction. but it is problematic because with chrion part of the mix, you are quite picky, so to speak. you are very judgmental of those attracted to you and can be quite rude at times as you don't have much tact when pointing out short comings of others. pluto conjunct also can show a very selfish orientation which takes advantage of those who are attracted to you rather than reciprocating their affection.
pluto can, in relationship to your astral abilities, show that you can see problems or even death. It can also give the possibilities that the spirit of departed souls visit you in your dreams.

you have strong aspects of selfishness which may retard your use of your astral abilities.
your moon is square to nessus and the midpoint is conjunct to Uranus. while this could be interpreted as increasing the probability of departed souls visiting you, it can also show that you have a selfish emotional nature that might hiner your openness to these abilities.

you also have the Uranus/Saturn midpoint conjunct to the moon, which might not apply to your psychic abilities ,but it could imply that you have an insecurity as it seems there were problems between your parents. it is probable that they have split up.


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