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yoyostar 01-10-2020 11:43 AM

Will I make a relationship in 2020?
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Hey, everyone, happy new year and all the best. Being lonely and troubled by problematic affairs for many years, I was wondering whether there is some light for me in 2020.

I am not knowledgeable in this field, so i would appreciate your opinion.
Thanks a lot.

So, I am the Moon, as the querent, and Sun, from 1st house.
The 7th house is ruled by Saturn and there is also a lonely Venus there.

Sun and Saturn are about to aspect, same Moon and Saturn. Does this mean I am going to meet someone?

Also, Moon is in exalt in Cancer, so as Saturn in Capricorn, but Saturn is in detriment in Cancer and Moon is in detriment in Capricorn. Does this mean that, although I will meet someone, it will not be sth good/serious/longterm?

On the other hand, Venus doesn't aspect with Sun nor Moon and I dont know what is she doing there in 7th house by herself.

Looking forward to reading what you think-thanks!

yoyostar 01-11-2020 01:14 AM

Can someone pls help/share an opinion? 🙏❤️

Chrysalis 01-11-2020 01:29 AM

Re: Will I make a relationship in 2020?
Looking at this chart it looks like a friend with benefits type of situation that is either already taking place or will take place. I'm not seeing no full-on r'ship.

Because? Well, you got fixed angles, L11 mercury is already conjunct (combust/hidden) sun, the moon will then oppose from the 12th house of secrets. Moon is currently trine Neptune in the 8th house(?).and will then oppose venus/sun/Saturn/pluto from the 12th of secrets and undoing.

All this to me without knowing no details says that you are in the dark about something, and you are expecting a full-on proper r' ship but he isn't. Also to add venus sits in his house.

yoyostar 01-11-2020 02:09 AM

Re: Will I make a relationship in 2020?
Chrysalis, you are inbelievable. Itís exactly like that. Exactly one year ago I met someone through work, married with children, that said that was in separation progress with his wife. He came to my city to work for 6 months and prepare the situation at home. We fell in love although I struggled a lot to avoid it. I didnít want to be with him as long as he hadnít cleared the situation with his marriage and gave him an ultimatum to make decisions. He seemed that he couldnít make any decisions and he never replied to my ultimatum apart from asking more time. I told him that I donít want to see or talk to him ever again as long as he is not ready to commit. He returned to his wife and children and never came back to me. I am still in love with him and very angry at the same time as I find his behaviour irresponsible. He tried so hard to come close to me and he then dumped me. Idiot enough I have been to fall in love with him but seeing him every day at work was also somehow inevitable. Havenít spoken to him for 7 months but canít stop thinking about him. Also, havenít been in relationship for 5 yrs and struggling with career family and health issues and stupid affairs, I feel so much drained. But 2020 doesnít look promising either. What can I say. Thanks a lot Chrysalis. Your interpretation was very accurate and to the point. Be well,
Happy 2020

Chrysalis 01-11-2020 02:18 AM

Re: Will I make a relationship in 2020?
Venus in his house is L10 which would be his wife, she's still there sitting in his house, so I doubt he's even separated from her. Some guys are too weak to go after there own happiness, you've had a lucky escape, keep moving forward.

yoyostar 01-11-2020 03:04 AM

Re: Will I make a relationship in 2020?
They haven't separated. They took the kids on Christmas holidays and posted a family picture where they were each of them on each side of the picture frame struggling to stay as away as possible from each other and the kids in between. But still in the frame. I wish I could erase my memory or meet someone else. It's a matter of time for him to come in touch with me. And then I will speak to him in a strict way, I might even slap him if he comes to my country again, then he will go again back to his wife and I will be here alone seeing their next Christmas family picture and posting in astrology weekly if I will make a relationship in 2021. Life as a result of bad/hard decisions and lack of good opportunities.

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