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SeaLion 10-15-2012 04:25 PM

North node in aquarius in the 12th house
I Understand how the North Node in Aquarius works, and also how the 12th House North Node works but I'm not too sure as to how they blend. Does anybody have thoughts on this?? Also would the north node 8 degrees away from the ascendant in the 12th house be considered a Conjunction??

Poupoupidou 05-08-2016 02:22 PM

Re: North node in aquarius in the 12th house
North node in aquarius means you can face reality better than others, but your expectations that others should handle as well as you can trigger some tensions. You have to accept that others may have some illusions and unrealistic dreams and learn to live with it.

Jadi 05-08-2016 04:25 PM

Re: North node in aquarius in the 12th house
It's called a loose conjunction, it has no significant impact on your ascendant.

Jadi 05-08-2016 04:29 PM

Re: North node in aquarius in the 12th house
This goes for any conjunction that's wider than a 4 degree orb imo.

noraleader 05-08-2016 05:41 PM

Re: North node in aquarius in the 12th house
undead thread but heck i'm postin'

12th house of spirituality... a lot of writers call it the "12th house of self-undoing" and many people interpret this as malefic, or inauspicious.

some perspective..

life is not here forever. life is temporary. to succeed at life, is not to cling to it, but to appreciate that it is temporary, instead of clinging to it. then, you succeed at being, at universality.

regardless of your religion or belief, death is generally seen as an ultimate point of transformation.. even literally for materialists..

to understand, accept, and appreciate your own undoing, your self-undoing, is real success. it is better than fearing it and living in denial of the ultimate point in life.

if eg. we use the "karmic" thought about astrology, each of us incarnate with given north node objectives and south node precedents, then each life is a section of a more-whole journey, divided so we can have a deeper appreciation of that component of being, of reality, of a journey.

like when you go on any trip, you prepare to go, you travel, you spend time at the destination, then, you pack up and leave. if you deny the last stage and insist on not packing or denying leaving, you are wasting energy confronting the inevitable.

aquarius, #11, is the first of the last sixth :) if you will.. some people divide the signs into sets of twos, +, -, male, female, day, night, et c.. so that pisces is the reciprocal to aquarius.

aquarius, as we know, is the "friendship" sign, which is how we can all understand, aquarius, being the first half of the last set, begins to see life and existence as more than a subjective ego experience, and starts to act with integrated awareness that they are inseperably part of a whole, and works to benefit the whole, thus benefitting themselves, instead of striving only for selfish, individual gains, like only caring for the people immediately connected to them.

pisces is a step beyond that, trying to deeply integrate this global awareness, realising that even struggling to help people, is too involved, too egoistic, too much an act of individuality instead of true unification. pisces is stepping out of the game... self-undoing.. the 12th, final step.

just like life to death is a physical to spiritual process, the 12th house, is spirituality, exiting the physical, material.

this obviously scares the dickens out of people who are tightly attached to their ego and being.. they don't understand people who accept their own destruction. you *must* eventually accept your own destruction, because *you are not this* you are *everything*. even yoda teaches this.

the story of angulimala is told in many ways. this murderer meets the buddha, and says:

don't you know who i am? i am angulimala, i can kill you without blinking an eye!

the buddha replies:

don't you know who i am? i am the buddha, who can be killed without blinking an eye.

i hope this helps you understand, or at least appreciate. some people are tightly bound to their ego, because they have an aspiration, ambition, or other connection to identifying with a process, lesson, becoming, however you want to consider it. whether you deny reincarnation, or spirituality, or anything, death is inevitable. what may be imperceptible to you may be more apparent to others,

and this is how, no matter how fast angulimala walked, he was always one step behind the buddha.

to put this in tangible terms for the materialist, consider that the perspective of someone who identifies with the entirety, has a strategic vantage in contrast to a tactical vantage where only part of the terrain is visible, simply by virtue of extended application to the system instead of the part.

those without strong 11th and 12ths need to pursue and resolve their relative ambitions, need the experiential climax of relativistic processes to learn. those who are gradually becoming more aligned with what persists instead of the ephermal, will appreciate this..

"take this for what it's worth, tread lightly on the earth"

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