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jimmywoolly 04-22-2019 03:19 PM

Strange personal chart- wanting interpretation
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Hi all,

So I have just come across astrology within the past year or so, and decided to check my personal chart.

So I have my Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio.
Also they are all in the 12th house, including my Mars and my Ascendant.

So to clarify- my sun, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, pluto and ascendant are all in the 12th house.

From all I've read this seems to be an unusual amount of planets grouped together in one sign (scorpio) and in one house (12th).

My question is- can you clarify what this might mean for me. I have read a bit about stelliums, but haven't heard of anyone having such a concentration.

I'll link a snapshot of the chart too.

My thanks in advance for any clarification you may have.

Cheers! :)

three M symbols 04-23-2019 08:58 PM

Re: Strange personal chart- wanting interpretation
Can you post your normal chart (wheel) ? it's easier to read

Ascendant is the point which shows in every chart where do the 1st house start,
so it can't be in your 12th house..

And these screenshot show your ascendant is Sagittarius, not Scorpio

jimmywoolly 04-23-2019 10:56 PM

Re: Strange personal chart- wanting interpretation
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I've got a few screen shots of the wheel- it's a bit fuzzy but hope this helps.

And yep I see that the ascendant isn't scorpio, but was in the 12th house (from what it said in the box anyway)

Hope this helps,


jimmywoolly 04-23-2019 11:09 PM

Re: Strange personal chart- wanting interpretation
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Here are two more that might be a bit easier to see..

Alimal 04-24-2019 12:45 AM

Re: Strange personal chart- wanting interpretation
Have to point this out about Stelliums

When your Sun is in a certain sign, Mercury can only be in the same sign or the adjacent signs So it's likely to have 2 planets in the same sign. Now Venus is similar I'm not sure how many signs it can be apart from the Sun but not many.

Mercury and Venus are the inner planets, so it's likely that they will appear close to each other with the Sun in the chart.

Now Pluto spends about 20 years in the same sign. And Jupiter about 3 years there.

So really, a Stellium is not such a rare or weird thing.

Look at Katy Perry, she has her Ascendant as well as an Stellium of planets in Scorpio.

three M symbols 04-24-2019 07:02 PM

Re: Strange personal chart- wanting interpretation
You made a little mistake, Alimal.
Jupiter spends approximately 1 year per sign. (not 3.. 3 is Saturn)

Mars is in the 12th house. But, we are used to say that a planet less than 5 before an house cusp is a part of this next house. (Or maybe can play on both).

So, you have Mars in 1st house

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