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Kaiousei no Senshi 04-22-2007 04:00 AM

That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Just as the title would suggest, here - for your entertainment - is another set of mystery charts. This one is with a twist though. So, out of these four charts, we're looking for a powerful figure (if I say what kind it might give it away) who survived an assassination attempt, a vegetarian astrology student ,a (as some people have suggested) cursed military leader, and - the kicker - an event chart for a bombing. Got all of that? Good. (If the charts don't show up, tell me and I'll fix it.) [The reason one is without a title and the others has one is because I was originally just going to keep the titles on the charts, but when I got to the fourth I decided to just go ahead and clear the whole box, but it was too late and PhotoBucket recognized the first three and kept them like that even after I changed them. All that to say: don't take it as a sublte clue. It's just an unfortunate series of events following a last minute change of mind.]

Chart Number One!

Chart Number Two!

Chart Number Three!

Chart Number Four!

If you need natal data for whatever reason, please PM me and I'll send it your way. I thought this experiment would be interesting because, not only are there natal charts, but there is one event chart hidden somewhere in here, a very big event, so perhaps it can be selected out of the natal charts by knowing the "identity" and "personality" of the event.

Remember now, powerful figure who survived an assassination attempt, a vegetarian astrology student, a cursed military leader, and a bombing event chart. Good luck all! I look forward to reading responses and interpretations. Oh, also, if you would like to know the position of some astrological body I have omitted, please ask and I'll post it for you, or send it to you in a PM.

-祈祷師 の 星

astromony 04-22-2007 08:36 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
I guess i'll be the first to take a shot at these mystery charts. Thanks for the thread.
#1-Pluto, venus, mercury stellium in capricorn on midheaven says to me military leader. Grand trine in earth and stellium in virgo in 5th. This person is considered a man for his people. If he "cursed" it is because he stepped on someone's toes to gain his ends but he is rewarded for this action.
#2 Sun, mercury, and venus stellium in 7th house(taurus) and sun conjunct algol. This person sees the ugliness. He/she has jupiter and neptune conjunct the midheaven which points to a sort of spiritual leader and squaring venus and mercury would indicate celibacy as a viable choice for him/her. Sun and moon conjunct in 8th house, this person was not afraid of the depths of the underworld. Mars in libra(12th house), he/she is a warrior for the underdog. Pluto in cancer(9th house) gaines power through travel and "mothering" of the masses and is probably well educated and very intelligent. True node in scorpio(1st house) life purpose- self transformation through death of personal desires. This is a major religious figure most likely although i didn't see anything to indicate assasination attempts.
#3 This person is in service-6th house stellium in virgo. I also noticed that the houses contain the correct signs or their rulership. Sun and jupiter in 7th house, descendant indicates desire for and benefits through partnership or marriage with another. True node in 12th house indicates finding purpose through self transformation in solitude but is in conflict with service to others and needs to turn inward(true node opposing moon and venus). Node opposed to pluto leads me to believe that this person experienced death early in life. Port of fortune here indicates that opportunities to go inward will be fourth coming. This is the student and vegetarian i think.
#4 With the stellium(mars, pluto, venus and true node) in the 12th house of death in sign of cancer, this is "mothering" through death and would be the bombing event i'd say. With jupiter square moon and saturn in 5th house, i'd say the targets were children, ouch and the issue was financial. Neptune in the 2nd house in staunch leo further indicates this.
This is my thinking on the new mystery charts. I enjoyed the experience.

Kaiousei no Senshi 04-23-2007 04:03 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Some very interesting thoughts. You caught things I didn't notice. I especially liked the interpretation of the third chart. Quite interesting. :)

-祈祷師 の 星

Lissa 04-23-2007 06:37 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Would you please send me the data or re-post the charts with the planets,Chiron and the Part of Fortune only?I would really like to give this a go but I can't work with all those asteroids...:(

Draco 04-23-2007 06:41 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
:) Hi Kaiousei.

Yay! Now I can join in on this one.

Sorry to come over all Virgoan on you, but I must ask, what were the sources of the data for the charts? I don't want the data, just the sources.

I wanted to ask also, in what way was the military leader 'cursed'?

I'm still exploring the site, but I'll be back to have a go at this.

You read my mind by the way, when I did another I was going to include an event chart. ;)

I'm already getting that chart three in all likelihood belongs to the astrology student, although I won't say why.

Kaiousei no Senshi 04-23-2007 10:39 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
I'm sorry if the consortium of bodies I used disoriented you. I tried to include the big stuff that people are more apt to use in interpretations, but maybe I'm the only one who includes the asteriods anymore. ^.^'

Two of the charts I got from Astrotheme, another from Wikipedia, and the last from an unknown source. <.< >.> Unknown meaning I cannot say because they are a big meanie face and they know who they are, even though they may never read this.

If I answer the question concerning the might give too much away, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to possibly rephrase your question.

-祈祷師 の 星

Draco 04-24-2007 02:07 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

Two of the charts I got from Astrotheme
Eek!! :eek: I was hoping you wouldn't say that. At Astrotheme, they seem to make even birth dates up, and times are notoriously unreliable, that site would improve 100% if they employed someone to source their data.

With Astrotheme, I try and find at least three or four other sources on the internet that will confirm the date and time that they provide, but alas, they seem to put birth times to people that can be confirmed nowhere else at all, and on occasion, get the birth date wrong. :confused:


the last from an unknown source.
Argh! :eek:

I only trust the event chart then, which will have been timed precisely, but I think it would be incredibly difficult to differentiate, but I'll have a go, later when I'm more cosy.

See you soon. ;)

Kaiousei no Senshi 04-24-2007 04:17 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Okay, I apologize, I had no idea as to the evils of Astrotheme! I know the birth dates for those two charts are correct, Wikipedia gives the dates of the people, so the only thing odd is the time, but I will indeed double and perhaps triple check the times for those two chart obtained there.

The event chart and the chart for the astrology student are 100% accurate, so you only have to worry about half of them.

Double-checking....okay, I did find enough evidence to support that another chart is indeed correct, however, I can find no other source for the final chart. I'm very sorry. :( I only hope it is accurate and not one of those made up ones Astrotheme seems to be infamous for.

-祈祷師 の 星

Lissa 05-01-2007 04:52 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Sorry for the waiting,but I finally came to a conclusion...Let's hope I don't mess it all up this time like did with Bob't first mystery chart,and Draco's "Who's who"thread as well:p lol.

First chart:I'm thiking this belongs to the cursed military leader.First off,I don't like to see an intercepted sign in the12th,plus the12th house cusp at the fate degree of the sign that naturally rules it...The12th house ruler in it's fall looks very suspiscious to me,and that combined with the Part of Fortune in the malefic8th..Altough the Part of Fortune is disposed by a dignified Jupiter in Pisces,and the11th house is not a bad position for such a cheerful planet as Jupiter,so I think the person got some luck overall..Once again,I find it suspicious that the8th ruler is opposite the12th house ruler.The first house Uranus may denote an unusual existence,or a strongly individualist(altough I have the same1st house Uranus in an Earth sign and I don't consider myself a particularly exciting person:rolleyes: :D ).Mars is in it's fall,and the Mars-Pluto combo can be an explosive,Mars is conjunct the IC,and I always see the IC as a very "quiet" angle,related to the most unconscious,deep things in us,so he probably kept his anger bottled up,or seemed more quite than he actually was(Taurus rising,being the Ascendnat disposed by Venus in Capricorn).The9th house is related to foreign lands,which makes me think about military service once again.Plus,the Kite formation is pointing right at the Mars-Pluto opposition,putting more emphasis on it.

Second chart:I think this chart belongs to the powerful figure who survived the assassinations attempt.Ruler of the7th(open enemies)is in the12th(hidden enemies),and also in it's debility.The Part of Fortune is in the1st,showing a person who makes their own luck,and well,if someone tried to kill him/her,he/she probably did something to deserve it...Plus,there's a Sun/Moon out-of-sign conjunction in the8th(death).New Moon people are usually very opinionated and sure of themselves.The8th house is ruled by Venus,and Venus is so strong,being angular,in it's dignity and in it's home sign,meaning the person was protected and survived.

Third chart:I believe it's the vegetarian astrology student.The fist thing that caught my eye was the crowded6th house,ruled by it's natural sign,puting lots of emphasis on health.The12th house has the North Node in it,so this life path is focused on spiritual matters(astrology),perhaps with the intend of healing themselves(Chiron).The Part of Fortune in the12th puts even more emphasis on spirituality.Just by looking at the12th house,I think this person's life is very dveoted to methaphysical subjects.Plus,Neptune in the8th adds more interest in metaphysical phenomenons.The Ascendant's ruler is full of strenght,exalted,angular and in it's home sign,so the person was probably very visible to the public eye,someone with a firm authority and a strong voice.

Fourth chart:This leaves out the bombist attack.Mars(fire works)is in it's fall and hidden in the12th,which sounds very nasty and,once again,we have the same Mars-Pluto combination...this time,with the conjunction.Jupiter in the9th with Uranus may mean that the attack took place in a foreign land to the bombists,altough Jupiter is in it's home house and it's house so I hope the damage was minimised...I hope.Once again,the Part of Fortune in the malefic8th looks weird to me.

Well this are just my musings,I think I probably mistaked the cursed miliatry leader for the powerful figure who survived the attack but well I'll see how this turns out later.

Take care

Kaiousei no Senshi 05-16-2007 05:17 AM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Lissa, I didn't realize it had a response until coffee responded moments ago. For some reason, I didn't notice it or receive an alert from your response. :(


Well this are just my musings,I think I probably mistaked the cursed miliatry leader for the powerful figure who survived the attack but well I'll see how this turns out later
Hm, this is a good point. Perhaps they are too similar? Hm, well, there is one thing that makes them different, a big thing, in my opinion.

Good guesses everyone, apparently, the fourth chart has so far been voted by everyone to be the event bombing. It's going to be funny if you're all wrong. :p Now I guess I'm just waiting for Draco, who has probably forgotten, but this should prove the perfect reminder for him, as long as he overlooks the one chart that has a possible incorrect time.


First off,I don't like to see an intercepted sign in the12th,plus the12th house cusp at the fate degree of the sign that naturally rules it...
Ooooh, you sound very astrologically inclined in this statement. :)

-祈祷師 の 星

tsquare 05-16-2007 03:29 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Quick guess,
chart number 3 cursed military leader with mars in capricorn in the 10th square sun in the seventh, open enemies and also serving others .
saturn in the first, serious fella, it trines his 1oth H mars which tells me things started out good as far as his military carrier, but..........

First chart, I would say this is the Powerfull figure that escaped the assasination attempt.
Uranus in first house in taurus, this guy comes off as practical yet revolutionary in a sence, its trines to mercury and venus in the 10th near the MC tell me he was charismatic.
The uranus moon venus grand trine tells me charesmatic leader.

the only thing i can see as the assaination attempt is the finger of god pointing at the sun, and the square to his first house Uranus.
extremely wild, wild, wild, guess.

chart 2. Uranus in the 4th this person does not like to lead a regular home life, or its been odd anyhow, compared to the "regular"
those two tsquares say alot more then I can put together with sun moon conjunction.
Choirion in the 6H may signify the vegitarian...
A part of me wants to say that this is the bombing as well. with neptune conjunct jupiter on the midheaven. and mars in the 12th.
religious bombing possibly.
and isnt algol at 26 degrees Taurus, thats one degree off of the sun.

thats as far as I can get.
I did this quick, like 10 minutes, half asleep, typing with my drooping eyelids.

Kaiousei no Senshi 05-16-2007 04:12 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

thats as far as I can get.
I did this quick, like 10 minutes, half asleep, typing with my drooping eyelids.
Take a nap and come back to it. :) Sweet dreams.

-祈祷師 の 星

Lissa 06-03-2007 03:30 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Another Aries Moon here(and Mercury,and Venus;)),waiting for you to reveal the final answer!

Kaiousei no Senshi 06-03-2007 09:27 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Oh, right! I'm sorry. I was going to post the answers to this some time last week, but the forums were down and when they got back up I guess it had slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder Lissa!

Okay, the first chart belongs to William Henry Harrison. This is our cursed military leader. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this, he was the first victim of the Curse of Tehcumsa which claimed the lives of several more presidents who were elected in 20 year periods. This curse was broken by Ronald Reagan who was shot, but did not die.

The second chart belongs to the late Pope John Paul II. Actually, you can also find his chart on the AstrologyWeekly website, which is a fact I didn't know until after I posted this thread. I was hoping no one else would notice it either. He was shot on May 13th, 1981 by Mehmet Ali Agca and he was stabbed on May 12th, 1982 by Juan Maria Fernandez y Krohn. Twice in just under a year. Our Lady of Fatima indeed.

The third chart belongs to our very own Libra20 who was a great sport in letting me use her natal information for this thread. However, if I suddenly disappear from the site for know who to ask questions of. :D

The fourth chart is our event chart which relates to the time the first bomb exploded at the Bath Township school house. You can follow the full story here.

tsquare 06-03-2007 10:10 PM

Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!
Im always right SO!!!.......
which one are you libra20, a bomb or the Pope.(joke)
No....I guess I got all these wrong.:)
I was just reading a little on mars in house 12 that the pope seems to have,
and from what I read It said that the 12thHmars leads to mars being turned inwards, and A person with this placement frequently becomes a seeker of spiritual truth, working hard to transcend the limitations of the ego perspective.

Wish I would have read that earlier.:D
Learn something new every day.
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