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piercethevale 12-09-2019 10:16 PM

Edgar Cayce on Global Warming, the Cause and the Cure.
Greetings fellow members and guests, alike.
Many of you already know me to have been a lifelong student of the readings given by the late, great, 20th century American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, [since I was 8 years old in 1961] and also know that I have been a practitioner of yoga [in many forms] since 1968.

I've been reading some of the Edgar Cayce material I've got stockpiled. Inherited a bunch from my folks and used to buy anything Cayce I found in used book stores. I was never that "up" on his readings concerning earth changes and found in Jess Sterns last published work on Edgar, "Edgar Cayce On The Millennium", which was a surprise to e when I found it in a used bookstore about nine years ago...published in 1998.

Mr. Stern wrote that Cayce said a shifting of the poles was going to affect the magnetic field and its ozone layer. [Quote] "The magnetic field which shields the earth from solar and cosmic radiation had been weakened to the extent that it has become a vanishing shield, posing an increasing threat of mutations of plant and animal life and wide-spread climatic changes contributing to global warming and malignant skin problems". [Unquote]. Cayce also indicated that there would be no major cataclysmic event as a result and just before his death in 1945 said that the errant poles would gradually return to their correct coordinates and the ozone problem would fade away. That isn't all though, Cayce said it was a result of our [humankinds'] lack of spiritual attunement and that the Sun spots are a result of our lack of application of Spiritual laws in our daily lives and how we treat one another.. I read long ago in another source of the Cayce readings that He was asked what caused Sun spots and his reply was , "the activities of the Sons of Light upon the earth" As Jess Stern wrote; "As for the Sun, Cayce was very much aware of its communication with stubborn, irreconcilable man. To whom He spoke in a biblical language." He followed that up with a lengthy quote which was taken from the readings.

"Be honest with thyself, as ye would ask even the ruler of this earth - the Sun - to hearken to the voice of that which created it and gives its light irrespective of how ye act. For, as given, the Sun shineth upon the just and the unjust alike, yet it is oft reflected in what happens to thee in thy journey through life.
The more ye become aware of thy relationship to the Universe and those influences that control man, the greater thy ability to help, to aid, the greater to rely upon the force within. But still greater, thy responsibility to thy fellow man. For as ye do unto the least, ye do it unto the Maker. Even as to the Sun which reflects the turmoils that arise within thee. Even as the earthquake, and the wars and hates, even as the influences in thy life day by day.
So what you ask, are the Sun spots? What do they have to do with us? Simply told, they are a natural consequence of that turmoil which the sons of man in the earth darken the heavens. Thus they bring confusion to those who become aware of the Suns' closeness to God. Let not your heart be troubled. Yet believe in God. Then act like it - to others. He has given thee a mind, a body, and a land in which to dwell. He has set the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the stars about thee to remind thee, even as the psalmist gave; 'Day unto day uttereth speech, night unto night sheweth knowledge". As what does thy soul appear? A spot, a blot upon thy Sun? Or as that which giveth light unto those who sit in darkness, to those who cry aloud for hope? Hast thou created hope in thy association with thy fellow man? Ye fear and cringe when ye find that the spots upon thy Sun cause confusion of any nature.
How must thy Savior feel, look, appear, when ye treat ye fellow man as though he were as dross and trash before thee?
Shape up and know thyself"

I have been doing Vedic Sun rituals since the Summer of 2001. In April of 2007, my friend, and fellow yogi, Suryakant, sent me two shlokas to the Sun written in Sanskrit and I began reciting them to the rising Sun each day beginning in May of that year. By 2012 I realized I had memorized them and no longer need to read them from his letter.I also started adding a mantra to the Sun about that time. I use an abbreviated form of it, which is allowable, It is a mantra of namahs to the 72 names of the Sun in Sanskrit. The abbreviated form uses 12 of those names.
In a verse of one of those shlokas, translated it says [to the Sun] " are my nourisher, but I, in turn, am the nourisher within thee" and I believe it is implying that by reciting the shloka one is giving nourishment to the Sun. Yet, it could also mean as well, and when you understand what all Edgar Cayce said about our actions, how we treat our fellow man and our mother, Earth, that we are nourishers of the Sun... reciting Surya shlokas, making japa to the Sun they are surely somewhat as like a vitamin shot.
I should point out that a "shloka" is not a mantra but rather a salutation and thus, being as such, perfect pronunciation of Sanskrit is not critical to it being well received. Mantras, however, must always be pronounced as perfectly as possible so as for "the magic to happen", so to speak.

Edgar Cayce placed as much importance on the behavior of mankind towards one another as he did upon the earths' poles returning to their proper locations in order for the earths' magnetic shield and ozone layer to be restored fully.

Sigmund Freud, in his last published work, "Moses and Monotheism" identified the ancient Hebrews of Egypt, as being the brethren of the religion that worshiped the Aten [or Aton] and that Moses was the high priest of that faith and the Levites were the lesser priests and their families...driven out of Egypt by the jealous and vindictive priests of the cult of Amen [or Amoun].
The faith of the Aten has the Solar disk representative of God, the creator and sustainer of life. A dung beetle with outspread wings standing upright before the Sun with it's foremost appendages upraised to it.

Alexander the [not so] Great's first edict upon conquering any nation, people,or civilization was, "Abolish the Sun cults and kill all its priests" Alexander, it is written, worshiped the Egyptian deity, Amen [or Amoun. The exact pronunciation is debatable as the words were written in hieroglyphs] Amen, according to the writer of Caballahistic knowledge, Ophiel, is the "dark horned God that rules over death, the dead, the darkness, and all forms of usury. Amen rules over the usury sends the energy of money back into the past. Amen, he wrote, is known by the name Zeus, in ancient Greece and Jupiter to the Romans.
I find it very interesting that the Church of St. Peter in the Vatican is built from the ruins of the Roman temple to Jupiter and on the exact spot where it stood.

Alleged Sanskrit expert, and author, Robert K.G. Temple wrote in his book, "The Sirius Mystery" that the Hebrew language has but one word that is derived from ancient Sanskrit [ nearly every modern European language has Sanskrit, and the older Vedic, language as its root source...all but the language of the Basque and the Tallic tongues of the Finns and the Estonians] Mr Temple will have you believe that the Hebrew word "Amen" was derived from the Sanskrit AUM [or OM, it's the pronunciation that is important, not so much the spelling].

Rather odd, wouldn't you say, that the ancient Hebrews took but one word from Sanskrit to become a part of their own language?
First of all, I am a sisya of the bij, the seed word, AUM, it is my guru, my satguru, my archetype, and the only one I was intended to have, [as explained by Swami Sivananda in his book "Japa Yoga, Himalayan Press. I've had darshan with Sri Sivananda, in two most vivid dreams. The first was in 1975 and I had no idea of whom He was... I found out by seeing his photograph on the back of Swami Satchitananda's book a year later. Sri Sivananda was Swami Satchitananda's guru and predecessor as Swami of the Japa Order of Yoga of india. Japa yoga, by the way, is the use of mantra as a yoga. Sri Sivananda went into mahasamadhi in 1962, or 1963, I've forgotten. He was a man of distinct physical characteristics... there was no mistaking who visited me] As a sisya of the Bij, AUM, that is to say I accomplished in making samadhi with the bij, [became one with in meditation] I will attest that the pronunciation of any bij [AUM is not the only one, but it is the greatest of them all. It is the bij from which all other bij originated from] cannot be altered. Any other pronunciation is altogether something else. A yogi could do japa with the word Amen from now through the rest of eternity and "the magic" just won't happen...not the right kind of "magic", anyways. The bij, AUM is universal, it should be said at the beginning of all prayers to God, to your satguru, your archetype, and then said three times at the end of that prayer in order to "seal" it. Keep it from being undone.

At some point in time, perhaps during the captivity in Babylon?, that practice became corrupted...that is my belief and is in my humble opinion, of course.
When Yeshu'a/Jesus saw the money changers in the Temple [the act of charging a fee for changing currency is a form of usury] He knew whom and what he was dealing with...and He didn't ask them politely to leave, either.

As Edgar Cayce admonished, "Shape up and know thyself."... that's my advice to all.

...and, learn the Sun shlokas in Sanskrit. Be a nourisher of our Sun... and don't some of you find it intriguing that the Sun is also known as Sol to many?
It is very much a part of our collective Soul... when we don't do right we become a blot of darkness on the Sun, our misdeeds create those Sunspots... just try to get scientists to believe that though.

piercethevale 12-09-2019 10:37 PM

Re: Edgar Cayce on Global Warming, the Cause and the Cure.
"Sunspots Baby" ~ Bob Segar


piercethevale 01-15-2020 09:25 PM

Re: Edgar Cayce on Global Warming, the Cause and the Cure.
The Surya Gayatri mantra. With words so as to perfect the pronunciation.:biggrin:

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