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marygrace 11-17-2019 03:20 AM

I suffer terribly with how I look
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I was wondering if somebody could point out if somewhere in my chart I'm dealing with very serious body-image problems and an eating disorder, and if it will improve soon with any transits etc. I am very depressed and anxious and I don't really know how to help myself through it. I'm 27 and I've been dealing with this for over 15 years. If anyone can peek into my chart and show me what's going on, what is responsible, and if there are things coming up for me that will ease it, I would appreciate that.

waybread 11-17-2019 05:20 AM

Re: I suffer terribly with how I look
I'm sure you look fine, but some chart factors are making it difficult for you to believe that there is nothing wrong with your appearance. Hopefully you can focus on the difference.

The ascendant indicates your body and outward personality. People with Cancer rising can have a problem with being shy. When they fear other people being disrespectful toward them, they tend to hide behind their shell. If they can put the focus on the other person, rather than on themselves, they have the ability to be very caring and emotionally attuned to other people.

Cancer is ruled by the moon. Among other things, the moon indicates one's emotional nature, the mother, food, and one's home. With moon-Pluto square Saturn, you have a recipe for living with a lot of shame. Possibly your mother never tried to support your self-confidence, but was very critical of you. Possibly, she was simply dealing with her own demons, to the point where she was emotionally unavailable.

Venus gives your sense of femininity. It's in Aries, so were you a tomboy? Your Venus squares Uranus-Neptune, making it hard for you to develop a clear, consistent sense of who you are as a woman.

Given their involvement with the moon, the relationship with Saturn-- in an extreme case-- could result in anorexia; while Pluto would tend more towards purging. These illnesses are serious if you suffer from them. I hope you are in therapy because these illnesses are hard to control on your own.

Just now is an especially troubling time for you, with transiting Pluto and Saturn in your 7th house of relationships; and Mars opposing your sun. This too shall pass!

People often ask, "When is my problem going to get better?" as though the stars would somehow fix a problem that is intrinsic to the person. The problem is that beneficial and difficult transits follow one another in succession. So it's always better to strengthen your coping skills so that you can deal with the difficult times, rather than hoping you can escape them.

If you are in therapy now and are not seeing benefits, please consider changing therapists. In my experience they are not equally skillful but a good one could make a big difference to you. You deserve to be happy, and hopefully some professional support will help to get you there.

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