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spiritwoman 03-05-2019 05:39 PM

what is he feeling?
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Well, I have been dating this men for 2 months now, we both live and work abroad and he is married (I know it's wrong). He seemed to had fallen in love with me, me too, but we had fights over the fact that he cannot offer a committed relationship to me.
He went on leave at home, and before he left he hurt me by saying that I would be free to look for the love of my life while he is away and that he would not stop me from doing so. Couple of days before he left, he seemed detached but also sad, I guess realizing that he became emotionally too involved with me, and as if he was anticipating a break up, asking me if I would still keep in touch with him. He said we were star-crossed lovers, like doomed.
Anyway, he left, and has not contacted me for 4 days now.
I know that the relationship has no future, I doubt he is ready to leave his wife, but I just want to know what he is feeling. Was this just a game for him?
I am too much hurt and not able to read this chart properly.

ElenaJ 03-05-2019 06:24 PM

Re: what is he feeling?
He's in taurus, deposed by your significator Venus so yes he did care, but he is still in his own house, keeping to himself. Moon in pisces in the 5th semi-sextiles you, Venus.
Uranus sitting in the 7th, prepare yourself for a surprise. It's ruler of the 5th of love affairs and is also square to moon's nodes.
Ruler of the 12th, hidden bed pleasures, is mercury conjunct Chiron the wounded healer, showing the pain you will have to experience before healing.

besitos 03-06-2019 01:43 AM

Re: what is he feeling?
what is a game to you? feeling nothing? there would be no payoff for him to have it be a game because he is ending the relationship with you and allowing you to date others, and its not as likely that he would be playing for as long as you were involved - it would be more likely in my opinion to keep you guessing if it was just a game.

as elena said, mars is in taurus which is ruled by venus, your significator, so i believe this means he likes you.

you might have also wondered what will happen to you both in the future - there is no future aspects that appear to be in the time frame of this chart - so no action - i also don't see his wife, so no predicting what will happen to them, unless you count the moon which will sextile.

I think if you noticed it enough to mention in your description, that you think he had feelings for you and felt detached a few days before and left, i think you already at least partially are ok with believing there were genuine feelings and in the reality of his breaking off the relationship and statement to keep in touch. He didn't say he will leave his wife, so you were right not to consider that (not saying you'd be right if he did say that, but you had no reason in your case from what you said).

Hope you heal well and be ok with whatever happens. if he does leave his wife then reconsider where his feelings are then too. Just be ok with it.

And congratulations for realizing that you can find closeness with someone after that soldier you kept posting about too. (not a sarcastic comment, just saying it could be helpful to draw on that knowledge now that the current man is departing).

spiritwoman 03-06-2019 03:04 AM

Re: what is he feeling?
Thanks much. The things is he did not break up with me. He mentioned he was feeling guilty for going home on holidays to his wife and apologizing for making me wait for him and acting liberal by saying I can look for love. He will back in a couple of weeks.
And yes, we have a deep connection and a very sensual relationship. To me it seems I am not ready to let him go. He left the decision for a break up to me by giving me the freedom to choose. I don't know what to do

spiritwoman 03-11-2019 03:55 PM

Re: what is he feeling?
So I finally broke up with him over the email. The reason behind it was I suspect that in addition to the wife, he might be having a mistress who is a friend of his wife back at home.
The mistress works as a consultant, and she came over for a filed mission and was staying in his apartment while he was on leave (he is still on leave at home).
I am not sure that they are lovers, but she is his wife's friend (I saw on the internet). I did not tell him that I suspect. He did mention back in November that he had a crush on his wife's friend and there are too many random coincidences around this other woman.
He did not take the break up lightly and is still texting me.
I don't intend to continue seeing him upon his return from leave, but out of curiosity to close this chapter, do you see another woman in this chart? Could she be the moon?

ElenaJ 03-11-2019 07:01 PM

Re: what is he feeling?
Don't think so. Mars approaches a trine to Saturn, in his 8th of sexual affairs, so this would be the other woman.
Actually, sun also represents him, and is near Neptune, which nicely describes someone who is unfaithful to his wife, and to his mistress, or two mistresses, as well! Neptune is charming and deceptive.
You as Venus are in the 4th of "end of matters", so well done. You deserve better.

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