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druex 04-13-2017 05:05 PM

Issues with being emotionally open
When it comes to my feelings, especially intimate emotions, I'm extremely cautious and defensive. I'm trying my best to work on this but it's difficult. A constant back and forth between how much to reveal and what to keep hidden. It's becoming a problem for my relationships because I'm so serious and demanding of my emotional security, I pretty much scare people away. As a Leo, I'm a sucker for romance but being emotionally vulnerable is tough and I know this comes from my Moon/Saturn aspect. Advice please?

sylph 04-13-2017 05:41 PM

Re: Issues with being emotionally open
For me, your Scorpio ascendant and Pluto in the 1st seems to be more indicative of what you're talking about than the Moon/Saturn conjunction. I feel that, with Moon/Saturn, there is less of a need for emotional comfort or emotional indulgence -- or less of a draw toward things that others would consider emotionally comforting.

This phrase you used -- "demanding of my emotional security" -- sounds like you perhaps withhold at least a part of yourself, in order to maybe keep it 'sacred' and pure, untouched or unpossessed by anyone else. I could be completely wrong about this and/or your motivations, but if I'm not, then I think it's very much influenced by Pluto/Scorpio.

plutonic thunder 04-14-2017 04:12 AM

Re: Issues with being emotionally open
I have both my moon and venus square saturn so :pinched: You also have an Aquarius moon which aren't known for being emotionally open. but i think its gonna be ok. lots of people have trust issues. it just takes the right person to understand your need for emotional security

RaRohini 04-14-2017 12:38 PM

Re: Issues with being emotionally open
Hi !
I recast your chart in the vedic format and i can say these things ( the placements will vary from the western chart, so don't get confused).
Ascendant Libra Swati the star of the wind , who pines for liberty to do what he wants to do. It is the chart of the wild child. Supported by the wind God. This star is ruled by Rahu and it is placed in the 3rd house of communication, siblings and friends in Sagittarius Purvashada the mermaid of the ocean. Purvashada is very auspicious for marriage..they love the process of 'wooing ' the mate.It is the energy of 'Just do it'. Quite an adventurer. The thing about this star is that it is unpredictable. That is because this star gives the fruits of previous one knows what it is.
The emotional holding back may be due to your moon sign- Capricorn Uttarashada the complete victory.

RaRohini 04-14-2017 02:23 PM

This moon sign shows fatherly type of love. Which is strict love. So they have problems showing warm love. This gets better with age.You may do very well in sailing or Navy professions, seaside is good for you.
Do as your spirit wills! God bless !

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