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Moondance 06-28-2008 07:41 PM

Will Gov't Take My money?
I was due a small settlement from a drug company whose drug gave me diabetes. Now it looks like the government will take the money because I receive coverage from them under a special program for working people with disabilities(I am in a wheelchair from arthritis). I asked "Will the government take my money?" It looks like they will, because the ruler of the government (10th house) the moon, is applying to a square with Mars (ruler of my second house) and the moon has all the dignity. The moon will also be under Algol at the time of perfection. Does anyone see this differently? Thanks

Looking to Jupiter 06-28-2008 11:16 PM

Re: Will Gov't Take My money?
I cant offer any astro advice here, but reading this made me cringe.....i hope you get what you are due.......the gov should keep there greedy mitts out......

Susie 07-04-2008 12:26 PM

Re: Will Gov't Take My money?
Hi Moondance

Take heart - I don't think the gov with take your money.

The Moon as ruler of 10th is in a powerful mututal reception with you (Venus) by sign. She is also in your triplicity and Term. Good for you!
She will sextile her own money first (L11= Sun) and then sextile you.

You, as Venus, are combust at the moment, so you can't see very clearly. Maybe that's why you feel so panic stricken.

The square to Mars only comes at the very end of the Moon being in Taurus, so can completely be discounted in view of this question.

So my advice would be : quit worrying.


Moondance 07-05-2008 02:31 AM

Re: Will Gov't Take My money?
Thank you, Susie. I will certainly let you know how it turns out. It is beginning to look less and less like a total disaster, and more that it will work out.

Otay 07-05-2008 07:06 AM

Re: Will Gov't Take My money?
Moondance, I'm thinking common sense. They can't take money from you because the drug-induced diabetes is unrelated to the reason you went on disability, which I assume is the arthritis. Diabetes is not considered a disability in any case.
Who told you this tripe?

Moondance 07-05-2008 04:30 PM

Re: Will Gov't Take My money?
Sorry, but it's not tripe. I wish it were, but there are "recovery" clauses in both Medicare and Medicaid statutes that enables them to recover the costs of care from a recipient's personal injury lawsuit. The problem is, people in the agencies like to interpret the clauses as meaning they can recover a full third of the settlement funds. So, the lawyer would recover close to 40% in this case (18,000 people got diabetes!! riches!) and the agencies want a third each. What 's left for the person who will probably die from complications of diabetes? Not too much. Thankfully, the lawyers are negotiationg. Thanks for your compassionate remarks.

Otay 07-05-2008 05:06 PM

Re: Will Gov't Take My money?
I'm sorry Moondance. What a punitive country we live in (parasitic on it's citizens) so unlike many EU countries who use tax money to support the vulnerable recognizing a society's duty to protect them. Your tale makes me furious!
I have the misfortune of mars in pisces and during mars retrograde too have been damaged by indiscriminate antibiotic prescribing and expect my demise to be related to this. And I paid for it! I too will never be the same.

Was it the Hopis who said people in these times would experience maladies never heard of before?

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