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Made my own signature but I can't upload the image for it so I had to make do with something else so here is the one I madee that I unfortunately cannot useUntitled158_20220729005835.png
Kabel (Sepharal) & Horary Questions, some Natal, & Extenuation theory, midpoints. Questions, questions, questions....use of Astro. Cubes
if someone wants to practice on my birth chart, go ahead and feel free to pm. i'd like to see different perspectives and readings on it.
Hello. For a transpersonal experience, please visit the pages, ‘Doom and Gloom, ‘Tantra,’ and ‘5D Inspiration!!,’ which each relate to the 3D, 4D and 5D respectively. Or for a celebrity topic, please refer to my ‘Marilyn Monroe’ thread. 🤍
Hey Jupiter, the leading poster of the AW, happy astrology day weekend (under the pisces sun, the traditional ruler of Jupiter). +
Hello, sorry to bother you, I read your old comment on this forum. Please tell me, if Venus becomes retrograde in the progressive map, does it mean that its external expression is now blocked? Thank you very much.
Greetings Everyone! Out of curiosity, does anyone have any thoughts on a married couple who both have stelliums in Scorpio? Please and Thank you
Thank you for your reply!"I think you'd want to look at transits and progressions in relation to your natal chart, not so much in terms of what is happening in the sky-- whether or not much of it affects you."
What am I actually looking for in a progression or transit? Conjunction, or trine or... between which planets? I would gladly research this! Thank you!
I don't know if you'll ever see this, as you've been absent now more than four years...and you are missed, by he way... but that quotation about the audience isn't Voltaire's, a very common mistake, apparently... and I only just read it for the first time. it is from H.L. Mencken... according to "Checkyourfact dot com" that is.
Hope you're alive and well somewhere.