Zodiac high school stereotypes


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I dissagree with Taureans being spoiled. I have two classmates, who suffered alot because their parents didn't take care of them almost at all... I am taurean myself, and I can't stant spoiled people :pinched:

I find gemini guys spoiled. Don't know, but I only meet spoiled geminis... I think they haven't tasted the true taste of cruel life yet...


im a pisces and this is what was true of me in school.

Up until 6th grade i got almost straight A's and was teachers pet because i read every book she had. even in elementary school i was getting suspended and such for bad behavior, rebellious activity.
After that, i was kind of the quiet kid that blended in well with all crowds and eventually made my way into most circles. I always got in trouble for causing mischief though, rebelling against authority and bad attendance.
In highschool i would actually run to the office and try to get my teacher in trouble before she they could do the same to me. Eventually, they all came to either love me or admire the way i twisted the situation perfectly to make me look innocent. i dropped out in 11th grade but every teacher i had knew i was extremely intelligent. I just thought they were all douchebags.
As far as making friends and relationships. i dated a little around my freshman year but once i started smoking pot and hanging out with the partiers and "cool kids" thats all i did. I was always well respected and welcomed among groups but i definetly was more of a follower back then and let my choice of friends and activities lead me astray. However, thats why im such a leader today.
hope that added some insight on pisces stereotypes in highschool!


Based from my high school:

Aries: Varsity champ who gets called to the principal's office for physical injury against other students. Regardless of gender.

Taurus: Last person to get the teacher's joke. Everyone's object of desire. Cheerleader who's always on a diet they can't keep.

Gemini: Ms./Mr. Show-and-Tell, aces oral reports and hogs the PA system. Resident journalist.

Cancer: Brings latest kitchen experiment for everyone to sample. Is called up at night to listen to whining about love life. Resident ATM.

Leo: Everyone's hair stylist during breaks. Class representative for singing contests.

Virgo: Everyone's best friend during group projects. Which become a one-man/woman project.

Libra: Automatically Ms./Mr. [insert class section here] during fairs/events. Has a collection of school pageant sashes.

Scorpio: Violent emo who draws everyone in a comic strip at the back pages of his notebook during class. Will glare at you if you acknowledge their existence.

Sagittarius: Class clown. Sneaks in dogs to school for everyone to take turns secretly feeding inside their bags. Party animal.

Capricorn: Ms./Mr. Student Council. Teacher's pet. Honor student.

Aquarius: Rounds up students for demonstration/rally for every admin announcement.

Pisces: Stage designers or lead role for plays. School pianist for choir practice.


juicey J.

I really like the one with the Aquarius being the drug dealer. I can see them going into some long winded speech on how they are trying to fight the system and the only reason why mary jane is illegal is because of William Randolf Hearst, and how the overly strict laws against pot users is lame and bogus man, and might go and on, and if you roll your eyes at them or tell them you really don't care..... well you probly never seen anyone get so bent out of shape (expect for maybe that Taurus who you took a piece of chocolate from their personal stash without asking).


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For me it went something like this:

Aries: The kid who always had his hand up first, even if they don't get any answers right. They sat middle front in class. (Like above poster mentioned) They were also very into technology and were members of the math and computer clubs. Nobody liked the aries kid.

Taurus: This as the reserved, loyal, and highly stubborn nice guys and girls that were often rejected by their love interests or taken advantage of due to their loyalty. They never had a break in high school. :sad:

Gemini: They always knew what went on with who. They're also the ones to blame for that vicious rumour about you. (Like above poster) They were very mellow and unpredictable.

Cancer: The quiet good girl/boy. Very family oriented stay out home mom/dad types. Also the type to get called up at night to listen to whining about love life. They had a whole world of patience. (My best friend/cousin is a cancer)

Leo: Auditioned and starred in all the school's drama productions. Liked to act larger than life. Very dramatic. Wound up prom king/queen. They were also the athletes and the most well groomed because they enjoyed the glory.

Scorpio: Like the way you described Capricorn they tended to be very intense. They partied hard but had a tendency to remain within a consistent click of friends and didn't really associate with anyone else. Listened to a variety of music, dressed risque, didn't really care. They were often the ones with the longest relationships and were more open (and probably more experienced) with sex. They were also borderline bullies with very confrontational personalities and they were very unpredictable when it came to mood. Always had to walk on egg shells. They didn't let anything go. I found when a group of scorpios got together there was always a power struggle within the click and they always wanted to be head *****. Nonetheless they remained loyal friends until this day. (I wasn't as promiscuous or as sexually open as those other scorpios)

Sagittarius: Voted class clown/ Very talkative, bubbly, friendly. They weren't as judgmental as other classmates and had a very come as you are attitude toward everyone. Without being a hippy, they had a love for everybody. Very much had the attitude of a puppy and wanted to socialize with EVERYONE.

Capricorn: The cut throat *****. Basically as I described a Scorpio except they were less serious and more mellow yet still maintained that unpredictable moodiness except they did more to hide it. Instead of manipulating you through intimidation like a scorpio would, they'd manipulate you by charming you and pretending to be your friend and you'd never see it coming because of that unpredictability. They were paranoid and would turn on you for the smallest things including greeting the wrong person or dressing the wrong way. They gave you a false sense of security. Unlike scorpio friends, they were willing to back stab you for dirt. They always wanted what they didn't have, especially if you had it, and once they had it they didn't want it anymore (which could be said for scorpio as well I suppose).

Aquarius: The emotionless robot or ice queen. Never smiled and always acted too good to talk to anybody. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend but treated them like doormats. Had only one friend, and that was their boyfriend/girlfriend and you never understood why they were together (was it looks? money?). Like scorpio they had the longer relationships.

Pisces: The suffering artist/musician. Often associated with Scorpios and Cancer. They were more idealistic and sensitive like cancer and less innocent like scorpio. All they want is world peace. They were stoners and partiers who succeeded in school and tended to experiment with drugs. (funny how my boyfriend does not fit into my stereotyping of Pisces at all.)


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I will go on my highschool friend signs
Cancer: Always telling me every choice I made was very questionable or wrong (I am also a Cancer Sun)

Libra: Was usually totally insane but liked or pitied (one of my bestfriends), a lot in my family

Leos: Tried to make my life hell or good friends lol
Aquarius: Most of my friends in highschool, bringers of super messed up situations (Virgo, Cancer friends would discourage me from hanging out with)/ Some of the people I looked up to the most if they were very into human or animal rights
(Best-friend cousin sign) Also as a kid I would follow one of the older Aqua girls around in my neighborhood like a creeper, I thought she was the kindest person ever

Geminis: Liked to laugh at me and follow me around just to laugh at things I would say (also friends)

Scorpios: I once had a Scorpio friend that people would throw rocks at, very scary and not in a fun way when intoxicated

Pisces: Kinda freaked me with their 'openness' if women, men generally popular but also massive lairs ahaha

Virgos: I would try to copy off them and one of my Virgo friends would do my french homework, she was the bestfriend to all the guys even the super hot ones (like the Capricorns)

Taurus: If men, I would easily make them freak out at me over being "insensitive on a general bases", also super hot guys

Sagittarius: Usually liked me for some reason, one of my good friends is a Sag and she would call me up at 12 am to tell me about hot guys or spouse related crimes she saw on the news.....

Aries: Some have serious ADD, others are chill maybe a lot of air influences? One of them hates me for yelling at them because they tried to pay me back handed insults about being female,
won't take their ****

Capricorn: Don't know many, had mixed experiences. One of my cousins is one and he was a rebel genius in highschool. Turned out to work in fiance. One of the girls in my high-school was a cap super intimidating but would stand up for me if guys were mean to me lol... I didn't even really know her...

Side notes:
Also Sag girls I knew were super snobby or bullies but never would bother me. I only got bugged by guys in highschool

Cancer me: - I just constantly tried to get people to help me with my work in highschool because I was perpetually

confused. I got suspend for talking to much on a general bases. The teachers would laugh at me and pay me to do their

dishes in the teachers lounge, other students found out about my source of after school income and tried to steal my position as dishwasher! Turns out, I was the most favored dish washer in the end ahha :(... I would draw naked people in art class and most of my art was stolen or people asked me

if they could keep it, even though it wasn't very good just bizzar, kicked out of class a lot for being ADD or asking stupid

questions. Would get in trouble for my twisted short stories lol. At one point, the teacher would just ask me to get her

stuff from the storeduring the class.... like going to the store to get her gum. Always ended up breaking all my belongings,

I once went to school with taped glasses and a tapped together pen. Would suck on gel pens in class that would explode

in my mouth, resulting in me staining my desks. Some things don't change, I bought a 1600 dollar laptop which I mistakenly

dropped and stepped on several times. I now have a cracked screen. I have a hard time seeing what I am typing...
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My school is pretty snobby so here's my version (mostly not taken from actual experience):

Aries - Those people who join everything, especially humanitarian organizations, to try to get recognition, college credit, etc. They're really loners and don't do much social stuff.

Taurus - The spoiled people who are into drugs, sex, etc. or, totally different, that sweet kid at the back of class who is introverted, down-to-earth, loyal, and maybe artistic.

Gemini - People who talk a lot, spread rumors sometimes, and go to lots of social events. They chat while everyone else is playing "dare or dare," which is like truth or dare, but we don't let you pick truth, we just hit the dare button.

Cancer - People (mostly female) who are into home ec., families, and are overly emotional and sometimes appear dramatic despite generally not getting large amounts of public attention.

Leo - Drama people, highly social & popular. Might also be guitar club people.

Virgo - Neat freaks who are into home ec. along with Cancer but are better at math etc.

Libra - Debate people, sort of nerdy but popular-ish and social like Leos.

Scorpio - Those dark-colored loners who are intense and very private but often get into other people's business secretly. If you can get to one they will talk to you about and through anything, otherwise they come off as hating you.

Sagittarius - The people who are in philosophy club. My school seriously has a philosophy club.

Capricorn - Similar but also very different from Aries. They're interested in good grades, hard work, and generally being successful, but are more down-to-earth than Aries in getting their success.

Aquarius - They're either anti-school rebels who have no emotions, or humanitarians who are very involved in the school community that might genuinely smile a lot at their ideas of the future but still have no emotions. They're most likely a mix of both even if they don't show both.

Pisces - Art & art club people. Most of the people who do drugs might be Pisces, but Taurus seems to fall there as well. Likely in guitar club along with Leo.

@Love2Know - If we ever end up in the same place, you don't have to creep on me. I'm happy to be friends with people. Just saying.
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Cancer sign people I know strive to fly under the radar in high school. *hide in gaming computer labs for the males etc

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Do you relate to a lot of Leo traits? Leo and Aquarius are often suckers for each other from my experience. I wrote a short comic/story thingy about a Leo & Aquarius group date at a local theater as planned by an Aquarius. I come up with a lot of random stuff.


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Sounds cool, well I never really thought astrology made sense till I was a little older and found out my rising and moon sign in leo. So, yes I do. Or a really extroverted cancer.

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo is ruled by the Sun so I'd say that since your rising sign is also Leo that you're more Leo than Cancer, although being "a Cancer" means that someone's Sun is in Cancer.


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Cool, I like Aquarius placements in people I find they balance my personality out, sometimes my own intensity or attachment gets me down. Usually these friends remind me to just chill out stop being such a Saturn vibe (Venus square saturn) lol or something.

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Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn. I'm actually not sure what the ruler of Aquarius is, but I find Saturn to be quite effective in and with the sign.

I wanted to put Aquarius in my username, but I didn't because there are already a ton of people here who have it and I can't be the same as anyone else. :p


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I feel Aquarius more refreshing than a Saturn vibe but I guess it can be positive with lessons and advancements on one's self right?

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All planets can have positive and negative influence. I really have no idea where Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto fit into dignities and debilities since I don't know how they were decided traditionally besides the thing with distance from the Sun. Do Aquarians generally seem more Uranian or Saturninian to you?

Edit: We are taking this thread totally off topic :p
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