Your Rising Sign and Your Mother's Moon


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Has anyone checked on Dad's moon and child's rising..... I have it and I have heard of others too. My sis has my mothers moon as rsing sign. And my venus is in my mothers sun sign.


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I can honestly say that this has proven untrue for 100% of the charts I do and have done.

I do know that your rising sign is the sign the moon was in the day your mother conceived.


Hmm this is a fun study.
I have two children #1 has no planets near any of mine, in fact the places where I have no planets she has Jupiter, Moon, and Taurus and Saturn. She does have Venus close to my rising sign and her MC is conjunct my mars.
Kid #2, we share sun in sagi, moon in aquarius,and venus in capricorn and her Uranus is very close to my mars. Her rising sign -7th house is within degrees of my 10th-4th.


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I think the idea that your mother's Moon is your ascendant is bunk. My mother's given birth 7 times, naturally every time (except the last one which had complications). My Mother's Moon is in Pisces.

1st child: Libra Asc
2nd: Pisces
3rd: Libra
4th: Libra
5th: Cancer
6th: Pisces
7th: Cancer

It's interesting that there are only 3 ascendants between us kids (and because our parents are both Pisces Ascendant, our whole family shares just 3 ascendants). But the idea of any correlation seems absolutely redonkyulous. To me, I mean. Not trying to rain on anybody's parade.


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I think there is some kind of conection but it doesnt have to be AC and moon. ex: my mother is pisces sun my father libra sun-i am pisces sun libra moon, my 2 brothers are both scorpio,looking at my mothers chart she has pluto in the first house. i am a tourus rising 3 of my kids are tourus sun!

Lion o ness

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I went back 3 generations

My mom her mom
Pisces Asc.... Cap Moon

My mom to me
Im a Pisces Asc my mom is a Sag moon.

Me to my kids.
My daughter is an Aries Asc my moon is Leo
My son is an Leo Asc my moon is in leo..

So this was only the case from me to my son.


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heh. Interesting!

My ascendant is Capricorn, and my mum's moon is Capricorn.

I'm positive that this isn't always, or usually, the case with the rest of my siblings, however.


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Hey all,

I confirm the a certain extent.

My mom's Sun conjuncts my Moon (which is in the same sign as my Ascendant) and my mom's Moon conjuncts perfectly my brother's Ascendant. Yeah, both conjunctions are less than 1 minute :)


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don't know if this is just a really weird coincidence, but my mother I have my mother's sun sign (Cancer) as my ascendant and my daughter has my sun sign (Leo) as her ascendant. We all three have moon in Taurus (4,5 and 6 degrees)! And we suspect that my mother has her mother's sun sign (Aries) as her ascendat...but her time of birth could have been +/- an hour so can't be sure.

But looking at my family's charts, there are diffinitely a lot of exact connections between us.


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My Asc is the 18th of Scorpio, my mothers moon [we know the birth time was between 9 and 10 in the AM so based on 9:30] is in the 16th degree of Sag. [and conj Her Saturn in the 15th deg.] which is exactly trine my Venus in the 16th of Aries, in trine aspect to my Pluto in the 21st of Leo, and inconjunct my Desc. and my Sun at the 17th of Taurus.
Luckily her Venus in the 17th of Virgo and Her Merc. in the 10th of Virgo...soothe the inconjunct. She had Sun in the 2nd of Virgo trine my Merc, 29th of Aries, and square my Mars at 4th of Gemini, Her M.C & Pluto conj. my Uranus 18th-16th of Cancer, Her Jupiter in the 11th of Taurus conj. my Sun, Her Nt. Node exactly conj. my Mars in the 5th of Gemini. Her Neptune in the 30th of Leo trine my Merc. and square my Jupiter in the 30th of Taurus.
Her Uranus in the 7th of Aries sextile my Mars. My Venus conj. her Desc. and opp. Her Asc. at the [apprx] 16th of Libra.
...Whew...Happy Mothers Day Mom...the first I've known without you...May you rest in the Light.


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I do know that your rising sign is the sign the moon was in the day your mother conceived.

This is true for me. I was a week premature and when I look at the Moon's placement nine months before my projected due date, the Moon is in Leo, which is my Asc.

I was adopted and I have some interesting chart connections between my birth mother's chart and also my adopted father's chart. For example, my Moon is exactly conjunct (to the minute!) my birth mother's MC. My (adopted) father's Ascendant is my IC exactly and his Saturn is exactly conjunct my Sun. I don't have my adoptive Mother's birth time, but there's a woman in my life who is very much like a mother to me and her Asc. is in the exact same sign and degree as mine and her Moon is exactly conjunt my MC. It's interesting to see astrological linkages between "families" (blood related or otherwise).


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My rising sign is Gemini and my mother's moon is in Libra. HOWEVER... her rising sign is in Taurus and my moon is in Taurus, so I don't know if that makes a difference. PLUS, we are both Aries. I find it hard to converse with her at times, do those placements mean we're too alike (yes, I know "aspects, aspects, ASPECTS!" but with those aside, what do you think?)


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My mother's moon is in Scorpio, and I am a Scorpio Rising (or Libra if I go back a few minutes)..... although that may seem cool, doubt the rest of my siblings are all Scorpio Risings.


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My mother has an Aqua Moon and I am a Taurus Rising. My sister doesn't have Aqua Rising either nor my half-brother but he is an Aqua Sun.

We were all natural births.

I really do not have much in common chart-wise to either of my parents.


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Well, my mother's moon is Taurus and my rising is Capricorn...they're both Earth signs. But I don't think there is much truth to this. Interesting idea, though.

My North Node is Taurus...